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u/onlykindagreen · 1 pointr/BeAmazed

Yep. I've been looking to buy one of these for my new cats who we yoinked off the street so we can keep them sociable and outgoing and happy to be travelling/outdoors. I believe it's this model, which is made to either be open with the cat hooked in (like the video), or with the top zipped it acts more like a cat carrier where you don't have to hook them in, but they can feel a little more freedom with the extra windows. Texens makes a few carriers like this and I'm honestly super undecided between them, they seem to be well-reviewed, nice look and quality, etc. I know this one has popped up on reddit a few times. I'm planning on asking for/splurging on one for Christmas this year!

u/Ghost_Animator · 1 pointr/BeAmazed

>If anyone's interested I found this book on Amazon
>This book
>The actual Japanese book

Thank to /u/HiepNotik for providing these links.
If anyone is interested in learning this, they can buy the book.

u/attack_bronson · 2 pointsr/BeAmazed

Or for way less here

InGwest. Morning Coffee Mug. 11 ounce. Changing Color Mug For You And Your Friend. Ceramic Heat Sensitive Color Changing Coffee Mug. Novelty Heat Sensitive Mug With Funny Smile

u/Azombieatemybrains · 1 pointr/BeAmazed

For those like me, who came here looking for the warming pan cheese melter thingy
It looks like a raclette warmer:

Amazon UK link

Amazon USA

u/reachvenky · 1 pointr/BeAmazed

Cheaper on amazon

Tawcal Creative car Toy - Kids Rail Car Race Track Parking Lot Kit - Parent-Child Interactive Racing Toy - Urban Rail Car Toy Macarons Train Set for Toddlers Kids City Cars Learning Play Set

u/ZenLizard · 21 pointsr/BeAmazed

If you’re in the US, raclette is available in some places. I can get it at some slightly fancier stores. And you can get the little pan to melt it from Amazon. It’s so good! Someone gave me one of the pans, and I’ve figured out that if you slice the cheese up first, the timing works just about exactly if each person pours the melted cheese out of the pan onto something, and then puts the next slice on. By the time that person has finished eating that round, the other one has poured out the cheese the first person put in, added the next slice, and it’s had time to get all melty. It’s a delicious cycle.

u/snakeplizzken · 2 pointsr/BeAmazed

Whoops, forgot to edit the item description and gave full credit to who you're ripping off. lol

u/mng1985 · 11 pointsr/BeAmazed

Is this it?? The low-beams on your car are around 700 lumens... this is 100,000 lol

Amazon Link

u/theyoungthaddeus · 14 pointsr/BeAmazed

Here's the one from OP's pic. It's $6 more than 20 so you can def trust it

u/creathir · 24 pointsr/BeAmazed

So it looks like it’s similar to the Imalent MS18 which produces 100,000 lumens...

u/equalskills · 1 pointr/BeAmazed

Looks more like it's a lightbeam book.

Moonlight Animals (Lightbeam Books)

u/f_n_a_ · 9 pointsr/BeAmazed

It's just over $12 on amazon

Link here

u/ValyrianSteelYoGirl · 611 pointsr/BeAmazed

The Amazon description says it has a built in cooling system.

And it's almost $700.

Someone linked it below

u/_-Cosmic-_ · 4 pointsr/BeAmazed

I've searched and can't find the original news story, this happened before they sold them online. (Presumably what made the idea take off)
This is the one you can get off Amazon:
If you notice in this clip, the kid made the wooden part out of something that used to be something else. Also, syringes basically all look the same, you can't really go off that and tubes.

u/cahutchins · 12 pointsr/BeAmazed

The ones being linked to are out of print, so re-sellers can charge whatever they want.

There are other, similar books that are in print, and are much cheaper.

u/USMCWarpigs · 1 pointr/BeAmazed

Purchased. Unemployed Philosophers Guild Star Trek Transporter Heat Changing Mug

u/MisWil · 6 pointsr/BeAmazed

Here it is for half the price of the other post.

u/Gaenya · 857 pointsr/BeAmazed

This is how almond milk is made, it has to be compressed from the smoke in the early production stages

edit: Here's the link to it, $35. It's called "Cone Incense"

u/quest_for_happiness · 14 pointsr/BeAmazed

Texsens Canvas Transparent and Breathable Capsule Portable Pet Backpack for Spring Outing(Dark gray)

u/MrSpiffenhimer · 3 pointsr/BeAmazed

They used to sell them on ThinkGeek, I got one a few years ago. They also sell them on Amazon , or the company’s website

u/just_testing3 · 54 pointsr/BeAmazed

They are water beads (link to amazon).

They are a crystal polymer water substitute for plants and flowers. The beads absorb over 100 times their weight in water to form glass-like pearls that slowly release water back into their environment.

u/NotMilitaryAI · 8 pointsr/BeAmazed

Here is the exact same model on Amazon. You can see the brand name of the tool in the top right of OP's video (Zune Lotoo).

The exact same video is posted on the Amazon page. There are no missing segments from the video that OP posted and there is no indication whatsoever that any part of the shovel blade is detachable.

u/HairyAlto · 355 pointsr/BeAmazed

They don’t have very many reviews, and the silicone tips seem a tad weak. If they were $10, I’d give them a try

u/whinenot88 · 0 pointsr/BeAmazed

Here's a cheaper pair:
They are only for right handers only and negative reviews say they run small. Much more affordable though if your right handed and have small hands!

u/Popetown · 5 pointsr/BeAmazed

Holy shit! $79 GOOOD lawd!

This does look awesome. And similar to a Tomy toy I had as a kid. Shit. Having that as a kid is what makes me contemplate spending $78 on this bad boy.

Link to a decent approximation to the original...

TOMY Screwball Scramble Games for Kids

If reddit doesn't like the Amazon link, search "Tomy marble obstacle course"...