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u/bookends02 · 3 pointsr/BigBrother

So I didn't realize Metta wrote a book:

> Metta: The Panda's Friend- Metta and his wise and energetic daughter Diamond take a magical journey to China. They see sites on their own, but the fun really starts when they meet Bernie the Panda. Their friendship grows as they taste spicy foods, travel some winding paths, watch animals jump and play, and learn some lessons along the way. Join Metta, Diamond and Bernie on their adventure!

u/PaulEqualsFriendship · 19 pointsr/BigBrother

Random note, but Orwell is available for purchase on Amazon for anyone throwing a finale party (or anyone who just genuinely loves his cute lil’ ass)

u/notnotbuddy · 2 pointsr/BigBrother

Be a point. BB is likely looking for a "character" they can play up, so exaggerate those personality traits. Don't be afraid to mention drama. BB loves it and wants people who will make the house exciting and bring in viewers, not stoic chess players.

I like Dan Gheesling's (BBUS S10, S14) book How to Get on Reality TV. If you have a chance before sunday, you might try giving it a once over...because a lot of your competition has.

u/quejesache · 1 pointr/BigBrother

I haven't seen it, but here's part of one of its 4 Amazon reviews:
> Overall, this isn't much more than a little extra time spent with these women, only now there are no censors blocking the good parts. It's a well-spent 53 minutes (plus 31 minutes of interviews with each lady), and one hopes that more volumes will follow, perhaps after some of the other (better) hotties hopefully consent to appear. Tonya from Real World Chicago, perhaps...????

Also, it's insanely expensive with shipping - like $100.

u/norweeg · 4 pointsr/BigBrother

Um, yes it is. It would be like a 1 on the Kinsey scale. I know people who self-identify as that. There's even a whole book on it.

u/StrongAndStable · 0 pointsr/BigBrother

May I suggest this sub read this to pass their their time and get their romance fantasies out of the way that way?

u/pluc61 · 3 pointsr/BigBrother

Fun fact about Jeanie Buss: Back when she owned a RollerHockey team, she sent the Playboy magazine where she posed naked to players she was recruiting.


u/2fucktard2remember · 1 pointr/BigBrother

Smoothest and best shave I've ever had. I've lost 3 of these fucking things to ex girlfriends who started using mine and never stopped.

u/egeek84 · 9 pointsr/BigBrother

If you guys want to buy your own Orwell Owl, here is the link to it on Amazon!

u/Greenteapls · 18 pointsr/BigBrother

the graph estimations (indigo/barnes and nobles/walmart etc) retailers who buy her book, its probably more than 10000 even, I saw her book on the shelves at a bookstore in Prince George, BC (middle of nowhere).
See neilsen book scan#

individual amazon sales : 270

^amazon is not where her $ comes from, it's the big box retailers.

u/AsYouWished · 3 pointsr/BigBrother

I think they went on Amazon and ordered a hat from the link that's been floating around.

This random cheap hat dispenser is wondering why they're suddenly having a run on cheap hot pink baseball caps.

u/lostdeceiver · 2 pointsr/BigBrother

Here are some of a similar style. The second one that closely resembles the blue one is out of stock though.

Edit: There's also this.

u/chattyyogalady · 3 pointsr/BigBrother

Is this the right one?

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves Generation II

u/BobbyOnTheRadio · 22 pointsr/BigBrother

He literally wrote the book on how to get on reality tv.

u/throw_my_username · -1 pointsr/BigBrother

> Dude it's just calories in and calories out

Take a look at The Obesity Code. What you just said could not be less accurate.

u/awalawol · 3 pointsr/BigBrother


Melissa & Doug Giant Owl - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (17 inches tall)