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u/btc_is_gold · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

> My only problem is I wonder how we will increase the amount of bitcoiners in the network.

By spreading the message on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, schools, ...
By being an example that bitcoin works and that it has benefits. It's not easy to persuade other people because people don't like changes but there's no other way. People need to see that bitcoin is good for them and that they want to use bitcoin.

Best example is Andreas Antonopoulos. He wants to spread the message. He travels around the globe to give speeches about bitcoin, wrote two books about bitcoin. Has huge amount of videos on Youtube (channel). Has great knowledge of bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, computers. Has IT diploma. He is from Greece so he knows what it's like to see that government steals money from people.

Great analogy bitcoin vs. automobile by Andreas: Car wasn't accepted when it was invented because people thought horses were better. That it would never work because there weren't enough gas stations to support cars and not enough people would have cars to warrant new gas stations being built. There weren't roads for cars, they had to prove themselves on dirt paths designed for horses which lead to them getting stuck. But as popularity grew roads were designed for cars. Not only were the roads great for cars but they were backwards compatible for horses.

Isn't that analogy same as email vs. letters?

History repeats itself. Bitcoin is still new, it's like the internet in the first years. When the internet was a new thing, only a few people imagined that people all over the world will comunicate with each other...

I recommend this video of Andres: The Death of Money | London Real and I think the book The Internet of Money should be good read.

I don't recommend people like Roger Ver and Charlie Shrem. They may look like good guys of bitcoin but not anymore.

u/dalebewan · 3 pointsr/Bitcoin

>Anybody in the bitcoin sphere delve deep into what economies actually look like and function using bitcoin as default world currency/reserve?

No. We're all just a bunch of "lambo moon boys" and none of us have any formal study or experience in the world of economics. ^(/s)

You do realise that this is a multi-billion dollar industry? A lot of very smart people have spent a lot of time and effort examining this from many angles.

If you want a good introduction to what a world based on Bitcoin might look like, I'd recommend starting off with forgetting about Bitcoin specifically and first reading some of the basic works from the Austrian economists such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek. Once those concepts are in your head (whether you agree with them or not), then move on to "The Bitcoin Standard" by Saifedean Ammous (which also spends over half the book not talking about Bitcoin before it finally does; for good reason).

The reason I suggest to start off with the Austrian economists is that you need to first realise that you've got a lot of assumptions that might not necessarily be grounded in reality. One of the most common that I see for example is people saying, "deflation is bad!" as a general rule without further context. I agree that under our current economic model, deflation causes significant issues, but things that are true under our current model are not necessarily true under every model.

>Any experts that talk about the reality of Bitcoin adoption?

As above, Dr Ammous is an economist with multiple degrees in relevant fields. I think he qualifies as at least one kind of expert.

There's also myself, but since you don't know who I am and I have no intention of linking my pseudonym to my real name, any credentials I say that I hold are something you'd just have to trust me on, and I fully understand you have no reason to.

>And also, what will psychological make people trust a newly created digital asset class? It's untested.

Everything new is untested and untrusted at some point and over time this changes. I've seen enough "new tech" in my lifetime to know that this really isn't such an issue.

>And whether true or not people will assume it's 'so-called' security will eventually be compromised as just about every technology becomes obsolete and has breaches. I'm talking public opinion.

This is a combination of education and experience. Everybody knows that theoretically banks can get hacked, but they still trust their money to the bank. Even if they wrongly assume that Bitcoin is somehow able to completely compromised (and this definitely is wrong, because it's based on a false assumption of how the network operates), they only need to trust it to a similar or greater level than their bank in order to be willing to use it. And for that trust to be built, it only takes enough time of the system not being compromised.

u/gonzobon · 6 pointsr/Bitcoin

>So Bitcoin’s main goal is to let people use their money when/how/where they want and replace or bypass the banking system of the world?

Bitcoin has no main goal. It's just a ledger. It trustlessly moves tokens on a digital ledger between parties that don't trust each other.

>Is there an endless amount of Bitcoin available to the world ie printing paper and susceptible to inflation/deflation?

Bitcoin is deflationary. There will only ever be 21 million coins. A certain number are mined every 10 minutes. Every ~4 years the distribution amount halves (we call this the halvening).

>“Okay I’m ready to buy some bitcoin but this site is charging a fee for my purchase”. Where is a good place to buy bitcoin from the U.S. without having to pay a fee?

Limit orders on a professional exchange like Coinbase Pro or Gemini often have low/no fees. This is the best way to go about it.

>What is the state of Bitcoin ie is it close to being recognized as a form of currency on the world stage and from governments? If not, what would it take for Bitcoin to surpass say an entire continents financial system and maintain a regular usage instead of paper notes?

World governments are very differing in their positions on Bitcoin. Iran for example isn't a big fan. Venezuela's government isn't either, but their citizens are. The G5 countries are tolerating (and taxing) crypto earnings. The SEC is regulating some of the projects in the space. Merchants do accept it for payment, but the tax structure makes it harder to spend as a day-to-day currency currently. Calculating capital gains on every purchase of coffee is a PITA.

>Can Bitcoin handle Billions of people using the system for daily use? Is this where other crypto currency’s come into play to fill the void of an overloaded system?

Right now? No. But Bitcoin is scaling up slowly. Other crypto currencies are mostly pump/dump scams that serve no real purpose. They would have issues scaling up to a large payment network without compromising decentralization. Check out the lightning network, segwit, schnorr signatures a bit technical, but you can find some great summaries.

>Does Bitcoin become the “gold standard” and nations start to utilize hoarding Bitcoin or will it turn into nations valuing their own currency against Bitcoin like the world values everything against the USD? (If that last part makes sense)

Here's a great book.

u/pennyfx · 0 pointsr/Bitcoin

I'm a web developer, so of course I know what an API is.

Bitcoin isn't going anywhere. Bitcoin handlers are already integrated into browsers. In fact it's part of the HTML5 spec.

Are you familar with email:[email protected] ?

You can also do


This will automatically open your wallet and prefill a few fields.

Coinbase just implemented it for their wallet. Any wallet can do the same, because this is how open source protocols work. Your bitcoin wallet is gonna be just like your email app today. You can run a bitcoin client on your desktop, phone, or in the cloud if you trust those people with your money. The choice is yours. The risk is on you.

The browser that you're using right now already supports bitcoin. So it's already part of the internet whether you like it or not. There are going to be websites that require you to have bitcoin. Games and paywalls are gonna use crypto currencies because it's easier than Paypal or any other 3rd party system. This is because the developer/website gets their money instantly regardless of the country they live. A 12 year old can create an app anywhere in the world and get paid directly. This is unprecedented.

Why don't we have paypal: or visa:? Because those systems are closed source, proprietary, have non standard APIs, are restrictive depending on the country, and are a central authority.

Bitcoin is an open source protocol that anyone can investigate and learn the inner workings of. It will continue to get better as technical issues arise, because there are thousands of smart developers out there who love this shit. Bitcoin is the future of money on the internet and I can say that with absolute confidence because I know developers and we are personally making it happen. We are innovating faster than ever before and now that global payments are essentially solved, we're gonna see another leap in what the internet can provide.

If you want some insight into where we're headed, read this book.

It talks about crypto-currency to the T and it was written in 1997.

More disruption! AKA innovation.

u/ExisDiff · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

I think you need to decide if you want to be more of an investor or a speculator. I don't really have advice for speculators.

If you want to be an investor, I have found these books useful; Economics in one lesson is good, and if you are really keen The intelligent investor.

These books are highly focused on fundamentals of the economy and investing in something that help you think to recognise the fundamental reasons why something is or could become valuable, and not fall in the emotional pitfalls by speculating on emotional impulse based of a graph, media soundbites and reddit fomo and fud.

When you understand the fundamental reasons for a (un)healthy economy and currency first, then it should hopefully become clear why the fundamentals/monetary properties of bitcoin - once you learn those - can contribute to a much healthier economy and why has to potential to become very valuable itself.

I'd suggest to also research articles that teach you about 'the origins of money'. A useful take-away to realise is, is that historically money has always been attempted to be forged. A currency that has a monetary property that is extremely difficult forge, has more potential value.

u/tmotom · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Ohh, jeez, you can buy the Bitmain Antminer here.

The smaller ones in between the Antminers are these, but for $10 more, you can get like 5 times the Mh/s with the Antminers. The Antminers are a lot more worth it; I just wanted something to fill in my empty spaces.

The cooling fan is this, but I've got a bigger clamp fan blowing on it so the whole rig doesn't burn my house down. Though, I haven't had much problem with heat. The cooling fan does enough to keep them cool, but when I had no cooling fan, it was hot enough to burn my skin and I found that out the hard way. The clamp fan is just there for insurance.

The Pi is gonna need a 4GB SD card, so make sure you've got a reader for that.

And you're correct. This is the least profitable thing you can do, my setup cost me roughly $150 a month and a half ago, and they've made me $2 worth of Bitcoins (.004 Bitcoin) that haven't even been transferred to me because Slush's pool send threshold is .01 Bitcoin. Though, the whole setup barely puts any strain on my electric bill.

It was fun putting it together and making it work, and it's a great conversation starter, but it has yet to prove me any monetary worth at all. Maybe I can buy something cheap on Overstock in a couple months, or I'll get really really lucky and mine a block.

u/wserd · 55 pointsr/Bitcoin


His main email account on didn't have two factor authentication enabled. An attacker compromised that account through a "forgot my password" bug. Once they had access to his main account, they had a backdoor access into all of his other accounts.

Moral of the story: Treat your main email account with the most security possible. Always have two factor enabled. Make sure you aren't using a second-rate email provider (looking at you or better yet run your own mailserver. And make sure that your main email password is completely different from all other passwords you use and is a secure length/composition.

Also if your phone has access to your email account without a password needed, make sure your phone has full device encryption enabled and is pin protected. If your PC has your email password saved, make sure you aren't running logmein or teamviewer or any other remote access software that could give an attacker easy access. If you have to use one of those programs, you should have two factor setup. For the best security, keep your computer turned off when you aren't using it.

Edit: A computer connected to the internet should never be treated as secure storage. It is fine for a daily spending wallet, only holding an amount of money you are willing to lose but not for anything medium to long term.

The best option for long term storage is probably still encrypted offline paper wallets:[1]

A really user friendly option that allows you to spend your coins much easier is a hardware wallet such as the trezor. This is a much better option for those without significant computer skills:

u/myquidproquo · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

It's hard to go back and try to find what really clicked about Bitcoin. I had kind of a background on network security and cryptography (although not at the level to be a Bitcoin developer myself, unfortunately...).

I first heard about Bitcoin on the Security Now podcast probably in 2013 and completely ignored it. I didn't know anything about investing, money or the economy so I just didn't care.

Later in 2015/2016 I started to hear about it again. I was starting to get interested in economy, finance, valuation and all that stuff. So I've tried to read the wikipedia article about Bitcoin and didn't understand any of it. Public ledger and all that stuff...

Then finally I've stumbled on the original Bitcoin whitepaper. Read it. Loved it.

I was lucky enough to have just enough background in cryptography to understand it. It's very well written, very easy to read. You should read it if you haven't done it already. I believe you only need to have an idea of what a hash function is and what public key cryptography is to understand it pretty well.

Then I've started to dive into the question of "What is money?". Everyone will have a different opinion on it. In my opinion money is just a technology to help people make transactions and if possible to store some value that can be used in the future...

I've read The Bitcoin Standard which is kind of interesting and the famous post Shelling Out: The Origins of Money by Nick Szabo which some people believe might be the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

I really don't care if some economists believe that money needs "intrinsic value" or it needs to be "backed" by something. If you are trading it for goods and services and you can store it it is some sort of money.

And then there are some properties that makes some money more desirable than another.

Some of the properties of Bitcoin are very similar to the properties that make gold a good store of value. It is kind of neutral, nobody controls it, there's a limit amount of it. But it adds a lot of stuff that can make it better than gold:

  • It's digital.
  • Easier to transact.
  • Easier to transport.
  • Easier to conceal.
  • You can travel with millions in Bitcoin without being noticed, without putting yourself or your family at risk (just imagine if you're running from war in your country)
  • Easier to prove you own it.
  • Easier to prove it's real and not a counterfeit.
  • When demand goes higher you can't create more supply of it. (You can produce more physical gold by using more miners and machines when demand goes higher. But you can't create more Bitcoins/time)
  • You are not dependent on monetary policies that change over time and might be subject to political and social influence. The monetary policy was defined on its creation. No one can change it.
  • Bitcoins stock-to-flow will be greater than gold on the next halving. And will keep doubling every 4 years.

    I can certainly remember some more properties that make it more interesting than gold. But of course it doesn't have the track record. It just didn't exist 1000 year ago... It is not a good electrical conductor and it is not shinny and beautiful. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Bitcoin might not work out but it looks like a good asymmetrical bet to take. Gold current market cap is around $7 Trillion. Bitcoin's market cap is around $150 Billion...
u/TheGreatMuffin · 20 pointsr/Bitcoin

If I may - I humbly recommend to read a proper book on bitcoin, not some fluff piece.. Just assuming from the way that you chose your post title that you might be interested in a more substantial bitcoin reading :) Please ignore if that's not the case, don't wanna ruin your reading pleasure or anything.

Economic perspective: The Bitcoin Standard - The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking

Not technical at all, very beginner friendly, but also not a lot of practical information: The Internet Of Money

Gently technical, beginner friendly: Inventing Bitcoin: The Technology Behind the First Truly Scarce and Decentralized Money Explained

Technical deep dives:

u/slepyhed · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

My suggestions:

  1. Check out and learn how to use it. You'll use the same credentials that you do on coinbase, but save a lot on fees.
  2. Don't bother with all the alt-coins.
  3. Start purchasing Bitcoin with each paycheck.
  4. Read "The Bitcoin Standard" (
  5. Get a hardware wallet (I recommend Trezor) and start storing your Bitcoin on it.
  6. Research the benefits of decentralized exchanges, learn how to use one (I recommend Bisq), and if it meets your needs, start using it as soon as possible.
  7. Read "Mastering Bitcoin" (
  8. Develop a long term outlook, don't worry too much about price swings.

    From your post, it sounds like you might be interested in just trading. In that case, my suggestions won't help a lot. I think that the majority that try trading end up losing. If you do decide to buy/sell/trade, be sure to spend some time learning about trading, limits, stops, strategies, etc. Start small, win some, lose some, learn some, before going in big.
u/CadmeusCain · 5 pointsr/Bitcoin

You're doing great for someone in only a month!

Hardware wallet, not trusting exchanges, not panic selling. All good stuff :). If you're up for it, I highly recommend learning about the technology and ecosystem as much as you can.

A good place to start is Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper. Bonus points if you find a site that will accept payment for it in Bitcoin.

u/mnijs · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

It is more like a high school final exam, not too difficult. Depends how much you know about bitcoin though. Funny thing is, the exam requires payment in bitcoin only, and that is a test on its own. If you used bitcoin wallets to transact you are probably half way through.

Here is the study guide

You can just use this to research the internet to clarify those aspects you don't know. The generic questions such as what is money etc are easy. Concentrate on cryptography, mining and wallets, i.e. the technical stuff specific to bitcoin.

The exam is mostly true/false choices, but pace is very fast. You have to answer questions within 16 seconds on average (20 minutes for 75 questions).

If you use bitcoin on a regular basis you are probably a bitcoin professional without the exam.

Andreas Antonopoulos, who is on board of this exam, can answer almost all your questions. Just google topics, and if you see one of his videos definitely watch it. Last but not least, if you read through his book Mastering Bitcoin you are good to go.

Free book here

Buy on Amazon

u/dresden_k · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Mining seems like a great idea, and it's a fun hobby, but it's pretty tricky in effect. Timing is everything, and you have even more uncertainty than just by buying bitcoin and holding.

If you wanted to see what it was about, you could buy a used 2.4 Gh USB miner from Amazon or something. You basically won't make any money aside from a few thousandths of a bitcoin because they're underpowered, but it'll cost you under $30 and you'll get a chance, if you set it up on your own, to start learning about what's going on when you mine. Something like this:

Also, /r/bitcoinmining is a good place to start on mining info.

u/llewsor · 3 pointsr/Bitcoin

u/TheGreatMuffin gave you golden advice. you need a solid philosophical foundation of what bitcoin is - otherwise you'll get rekted by the price and fud.

start with andreas antonopoulos - watch every single video no matter how old they are or how long they are because all of the info is relevant to today. the q&a after his talks are sometimes even more valuable than his lecture.

then for a deep dive visit jameson's site to get into detail about what andreas talked about. andreas also has a couple of books:,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch


also check out saifdean ammous' book:

very easy read and a clear explanation to the economic significance of bitcoin. good luck.

u/gopher33j · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

In the states I would send you to for investing. Coinbase or something similar for BTC.

Honestly. Read "The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham. Came out YEARS ago, but it is a great read. is a good simple website to keep up to tabs on everything financial.

u/castorfromtheva · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

'Replace' Gold as currency standard? Afaik Gold and USD were decoupled under Nixon since 1971. But a reintroduction this time using bitcoin... that'd be great.

That's also what Saifedean Ammous is talking about in his "The Bitcoin Standard".

It's a great piece of work! Everybody interested in bitcoin should have a look into it!

u/poulpe · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

I checked amazon UK and it's at an 189£ which makes it an impressive 130% mark up vs the 99 USD price on I could not find it in Amazon FR or DE. On the other hand I got my ledger nano s delivered in 48h for 60£ (however it looks like it is now unavailable on amazon...)

u/S_Lowry · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

The video you linked didn't appear here for good reasons. I saw it and I have seen it before. Now I somewhat understand how you could have been persuaded to think the way you do. If someone with not much knowledge about bitcoin and it's development stublmes accros those videos it can be easy to be fooled to believe the propaganda they are spreading. However the more you read about bitcoin (try reading this for example), you start seeing through the bullshit that is being spread. The code is for everyone to see. Everyone can contribute. All new ideas are being discussed.

Economic majority has just decided that it's better to go for more conservative route and make sure bitcoin keeps it's most important properties and that it can't be governed. The BCH side on the other hand has chosen a different route. They accept that it becomes another paypal that is controlled from the top so that they can have all the transactions on-chain. That's just not what Bitcoin is supposed to be.

u/TronicTonic · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

You can be both the payee and payer. Do you understand that?

You can send yourself the stealth money then spend it freely unstealthed.

It's not that hard to understand. I would be happy to explain this more to you but it's not really worth my time.

If you would like to hire me as a consultant then we can talk more. My rate is 1BTC per hour. Otherwise I suggest you pickup a book or two on the inner workings of Bitcoin.

I suggest this book in particular, it's quite good and should answer all your questions:

u/pamelawjd · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

I've been working on these issues for a few years now and I've published a book: Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning: a simple guide for owners. It's available all around the world on amazon in paperback, kindle, and soon audiobook.

I've also published a bunch of free how-to guides that might interest you: or

Hope this helps!

u/thesmokecameout · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Pamela Morgan wrote a book about how to do it:

Please note that you don't ONLY have to make sure that your keys aren't lost, you also have to make sure that whoever inherits it either knows how to manage things or at least doesn't get ripped off by whoever you designate to help, and also that whoever inherits does so in a way that the law recognizes as legal.

Do be aware that tax-wise, "step up basis" is your great and wonderful friend. Your heirs won't owe any taxes as long as the amount is under whatever limit your government sets (IIRC, federally, it's five million dollars in the U.S., but that may have changed or I may be mistaken -- also note that states vary).

If you have a lot, talk to a lawyer to make sure you handle it properly. Politicians love to bloviate about how they're going to "fix the system" but the reality is that nobody pays estate taxes unless they don't ever plan on how to manage things. For example, James Gandolfini fucked up royally, never planned on croaking, and so his estate ended up paying millions in totally unnecessary taxes, all because he was stupid. If he'd set up a trust, his heirs would have paid zero in taxes.

u/BTC_Forever · 0 pointsr/Bitcoin

Why? Is not so clear that statement?
If you don't know what are "bitcoin keys" maybe is time for you to read more about Bitcoin.
That statement is like the golden rule of Bitcoin, you have to understand it in order to be able to use Bitcoin in a safe mode. Otherwise, you will come back here in few weeks complaining that your "bitcoins get stolen"...
Bitcoin = Be Your Own Bank = act accordingly
Here are 2 great books to start:

u/auser123455 · -2 pointsr/Bitcoin

Great book corrected info and a link

Also a doc readily available on YouTube Zeitgeist has a great part on the Fed System
G. Edward Griffin
The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

u/Happy_Pizza_ · 3 pointsr/Bitcoin

> Need to have good source material to read and preferably academic reference

Read the book Digital Gold. It's a detailed history on the formation and history of bitcoin (basically everything 2015 and previous.). It's written by a New York Times reporter so it's from a reliable source. It's also amazingly well written, it basically reads like a novel.

u/jlars221 · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

This is one of the reasons it bugs me that so many of us aren’t making inheritance plans! I FINALLY made one this spring using the book Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning. It was actually pretty easy and I’m relieved to have it done.

u/nickrac · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Get the one 4th from the top. NARTech is seller.

I guarantee it to be safe, reliable and delivers fast! ☺️

u/Flatking · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

I appreciate the reply, I'm just starting to get on the ladder and it's quite a steep learning curve!

Is something like this a good thing to invest in?

I'm guessing the process would be buy on coinbase and move to my wallet over and over?

u/MillionDollarBitcoin · 27 pointsr/Bitcoin

Glad you made it.

Please get a Trezor wallet (or two), you have too many coins to leave them on a windows machine.

And keep the Trezor recovery code in a safe place like (ironically) a bank deposit box, so you don't end up like the guy who had his safe stolen from his home.

u/x102oo · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Goes pretty deep into tech and not all is necessary to know, but its a great book.

u/trennsetta · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

Yes, you would rather not keep your coins on an exchange like Coinbase. They are good to acquire them but you dont want to hold them there. You would want to look into getting a hardware wallet to keep them safe. is one example of the hardware wallets.

u/boulderrrr · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

If buying from Amazon, choose one of the sellers that is listed on Ledger's website as a trusted retailer. I ordered one off Amazon yesterday being sold by Mintcell. I had initially placed an order on Amazon, but it was from a random third party seller so I cancelled the transaction. The Mintcell one was on Prime and less than $1 more.

Here is the link to the one on Amazon sold by Mintcell:

u/DJ_Pace · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

A book called Digital Gold.

This book gives you more of a history behind bitcoin, how it started, what some of the hurdles were...etc. You'll better understand bitcoin because of it. It's not technical, but it does explain some things.

Excellently written.

u/altovecchia · 6 pointsr/Bitcoin

The oligarchs not only own the banks, but also control politicians: they finance their electoral campaigns and own the newspapers and TV channels which decide whether an election is won or lost. They also control various masonic networks, secret societies and elitist clubs to which every meaningful politician belongs. There is one thing politicians are repeatedly ordered to do, namely defraud taxpayers to 'rescue' the banks (allegedly 'too big to fail'). So our taxes go straight into the oligarchs' pockets. This racket has been going on for over a century now. Anyone who reads should get a copy of Edward Griffin's book

u/jaumenuez · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

> price based pyramid scheme

Here you have another link, of course you "don't need to read" it now, but maybe when you become older and feel like you don't know everything and want to learn more about it.

Have a nice day

u/Brettc286 · 0 pointsr/Bitcoin

thanks for answering the question =) I'm waiting on 3 of these 2GH usb's:

Maybe that would bring my mining ability up above the minimums?

u/Vaultoro_official · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Pamela Morgan wrote a fantastic book about crypto inheritance planning.

We interviewed her on The Tatiana show that I co host. List of good tips and an important subject that most don't think about.

u/Ce_ne · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Here you go ...

Edit: Please make sure you read this by any means. It can turnout to be the most important piece of literature you will ever ready in your lifetime.

u/1blackhand · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

"Andreas is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and open blockchain experts. In 2014, he wrote the one of the foundational books of the blockchain space, Mastering Bitcoin. He is also the author of The Internet of Money as well as his most recent book, Mastering Ethereum. He is widely respected in the blockchain space for not only his knowledge and ceaseless curiosity about decentralized technologies, but also for his extreme generosity in teaching others."

u/NimbleBodhi · 5 pointsr/Bitcoin

Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas is a good start.

Also, the M1xolyd1an Youtube channel has a bunch of bitcoin programming tutorials. The same guy also has a decent book on Building Bitcoin Websites.

And if you're into Python, Sentdex has some great bitcoin programming videos that explain the protocol and demonstrates bitcoin trading with Python.

Also, the Bitcoin Dev Resources and Lightening Dev resources.

u/cointastical · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

I see multiple sellers, ...


    The top 3 sellers that I saw had nothing that would give me concern.

    These things are the Trezor One and are probably being bought wholesale (and/or drop-shipped). If numerous different sellers all have the same offer, it's pretty safe to assume there is no need to be particularly wary of these.

    Of course, ... make sure you wipe and install the firmware you download from Trezor though. And don't put too much Bitcoin on it either way, ... can't rule anything out.
u/bithoncho · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Antonopoulous' Mastering Bitcoin is widely recommended and then I'm finishing The Age of Cryptocurrency now and I think it's pretty good.

u/abstractchaos · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

For that kind of money, definitely a hardware wallet like Trezor or Nano Ledger S.

Also, I strongly recommend you do as much research as possible. That is a sizable investment you should make educated as possible.

u/dmar198 · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

You can buy it with bitcoins from

And yes, they still use Amazon to fulfill the purchase. (But you do get a discount for paying with bitcoins!)

u/beowulfpt · 0 pointsr/Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the internet of money at an early stage. The future. Your boss should be excited and even proud to be at the forefront of it, not worried. Buy this book and gift it to your boss after you read it. No way back once you go down the rabbit hole.

u/Scarface_74 · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Everyone interested on the subject should read:

The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking by Saifedean Ammous

I have spent 3 fascinating days reading non-stop.

u/eric_sammons · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

The best advanced book on Bitcoin is Andreas Antonopoulos' Mastering Bitcoin.

And if I may, you could consider my book Bitcoin Basics:101 Questions and Answers for a more general overview of Bitcoin.

u/MechAegis · 4 pointsr/Bitcoin

Sweet, glad I waited to buy, cheaper than Amazon

u/walloon5 · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

Stranded electricity isn't a half bad place to mine bitcoins at least you can get back some money. Like buy some S7's and try?

EDIT: just adding a quick link to a mining calculator (but this calculator needs updating, the reward is not 25 btc/block, its now 12.5+fees)

Another thing you could consider is the costs of building a power wall or buying one from Tesla:

"Powerwall | The Tesla Home Battery - Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors
Powerwall is a home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are low, and powers your home in the evening. ... Tesla home batteries maximize the usefulness of your solar panels and offer a variety of backup electricity supply solutions."

u/Quantumbtc · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

Maybe it would help you to:
Watch Andreas youtube channel

Read : Mastering Bitcoin

  • Tons more of good channels on youtube
u/togoshige · 5 pointsr/Bitcoin

Everyone should read "The Internet of Money" by Andreas Antonopolous

"While many books explain the how of bitcoin, The Internet of Money delves into the why of bitcoin. Acclaimed information-security expert and author of Mastering Bitcoin, Andreas M. Antonopoulos examines and contextualizes the significance of bitcoin through a series of essays spanning the exhilarating maturation of this technology."


Amazon (Paper, Ebook) (Bitcoin)

iTunes (Audio)

Github (Free)

Youtube (Video)

Tinkerers Anthem

u/rem0g · 3 pointsr/Bitcoin

In comparison, Antminer S7 uses 0.25W/GH according to

I have had to look up what 0.09w/GH means, but now i know that's a very impressive power usage.

u/BitttBurger · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Give Andreas a Christmas gift in thanks for all he's done this year. Even if you don't plan to read it. Buy his book. Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies
(Not an affiliate link)

u/abolish_karma · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

And.. draw ~9 tickets for $4?

Free shipping with Amazon Prime! Now, if only someone could modify an openWRT distribution to act as host for one of these, it'd be a semi-sensible option..

u/TraderSteve · 6 pointsr/Bitcoin

When freedom is outlawed, freedom lovers become criminals. A well-known book titled Three Felonies a Day says it all.

u/tawhidkhn63 · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

thank you but I heard that book is mostly about why we need bitcoin and basically hypes it up. I as thinking of more along the lines of what is a btc lol. Would this be good?:

u/DropaLog · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

> You're suggesting that to reach people who don't know about Bitcoin he should sell on a platform that requires they already know about Bitcoin. All rightyo.

What makes you think that? Hopefully nothing I've written? Please quote, so that I may correct. Actually fuckit, I'll explain it again:

He's advertising it here, on this Bitcoin sub, to us bitcoiners, with a promoted post pictured at the top of this thread. If you're using some perverted Opera thing that doesn't show pictures, open the thread in a browser like the kind grownups use. Clicking on the post leads you, the Bitcoin-savvy, not to OpenBazaar, a decentralized marketplace where the book may be purchased with bitcoins, but straight to Amazon, here, where the book is offered not for BTC, but only for filthy fiat.

Is this any clearer?

u/1blockologist · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

The book "Mastering Bitcoin" goes over all of this and is available on Amazon print and Kindle, and for free on Github

It goes over the different bitcoin libraries and their outputs and everything

u/Kriegenstein · 13 pointsr/Bitcoin

Investing in cities via Municipal Bonds is the very essence of value investing, just on a scale that isn't related to a company.

The rest of your mess of a point has nothing to do with his investment philosophy. He makes money where he sees value. How he defines value would require a few weeks reading on your part, so get to work:

u/Coinosphere · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

I remember this argument was the reason for a mining push back when ASIC Block Erupters ( first hit the scene in 2013.

Everyone I know bought a bunch of these little cuties, and I think the hashrate did see a tiny, tiny upward push for a week or less.

But then the very next model of antminer or something came out and wiped the previous hashrate level away like it was dust in the wind. Then another 2 weeks later. Then another and another.

Simply put, the hashrate grows way, way way, way way way too fast for this. It will always be economically correct to buy the most efficient mining rig and lots of it.

u/helloluis · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

From our Amazon page: "Quite simply, this is the most user-friendly on-ramp to understanding Bitcoin to date. And by a mile. Give it to the teen who is learning about the value of the dollar, buy it for your boomer uncle, drop a copy in the waiting room at your local bank branch. They will thank you for it!"

u/BinaryResult · 4 pointsr/Bitcoin

Read The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous, it's a great introduction to bitcoin's deflationary "hard money" properties.

u/zagaberoo · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Searching would have been prudent, but there's no reason to apologize, especially not to /u/Reality4you: s/he is rude to everyone.

If you really want to mine as a hobbyist, you could plunk down $30 and get one of these:

You won't earn much coin, but it is a fun and interesting learning experience to mine.

u/UnpropitiousPretext · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

It is available on amazon for the UK Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money

u/Adent42 · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

What kind of book is Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos going to be? I want to read something that is a good overview of Bitcoin. Is that what this will be or is it some sort of technical manual?

u/redditHi · 14 pointsr/Bitcoin

> I am a law abiding American citizen ... I'm not doing anything illegal

Are you sure?

>I look forward to a time when American citizens recognize our responsibility to imprison those who make a mockary of our rights established by the constitution.

Amen Brother! grabs pitchfork

u/misterpeej · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

Ordered my ledger off of Amazon on Friday, arrived Monday. Free prime shipping.

u/mjkeating · 0 pointsr/Bitcoin

Keep learning. If you like numbers you should have no problem. You might check out the original white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto. And check out in general which has plenty of learning material for newcomers :)

You might also look into getting the new book Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos.

u/Adamsd5 · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

The Internet of Money: A collection of talks by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Also good.

u/ningrim · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

is Amazon a safe way to buy one?

u/habba_dasha · 3 pointsr/Bitcoin

I would like to do that. How do you set up the auto buy? I'm relatively new to the community, so I don't know the acronyms or any of the mechanics really. All I've really done is read this book.

u/cartmanbutters · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

How is Purse undercutting KeepKey's own site? Not by much, but they're showing $94.05. Does Purse, Amazon or KeepKey ship to the Philippines?


Update: none of them ship to my country. so much for global...

u/ostracize · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

The hub itself is useless for mining, but some miners use a hub like that with a collection of these:

u/Libertos · 5 pointsr/Bitcoin

The Federal Reserve is as Federal as Fedex. It is a private banking cartel. Take the red pill... and learn the truth

Your personal income tax was instituted shortly after... do the math.

u/CoinCadence · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

:) Wrong product... This was litterally just launched, may take a while to come up on international search. We do participate in Amazon's Global Export program, so shipping can go anywhere Amazon does. Here are the product links:

> TREZOR White:
> TREZOR Black:
> TREZOR Grey:

u/vakeraj · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

Saifedean is the author of The Bitcoin Standard. Probably the most important book for any Bitcoiner to read, alongside Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos.

u/KeepKeySupport · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

KeepKey team here! We are offering 25% off KeepKey hardware wallets in our Amazon shop until Cyber Monday.

u/LDSGeek · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

There's a new book called "The Little Bitcoin Book", which might be what your grandfather needs. You can find it here on Amazon:

u/th1nkpatriot · 0 pointsr/Bitcoin

I suggest you look up the definition of fiat money and then look into the Bretton Woods agreement and The Nixon Shock of 1971 and then the Saudi Arabia deal that gave birth to the Petrodollar along with all OPEC nations that followed.

Pick up a copy of this book:

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

u/CryptoEra · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money Are Challenging the Global Economic Order

u/jimmysongbitcoin · 7 pointsr/Bitcoin

It does have some wonderful illustrations by /u/helloluis and Timi Ajiboye, but no characters with a cowboy hat.

If you want a character with a cowboy hat, there's this book by the Bitcoin Rabbi.

u/TheSliceman · 0 pointsr/Bitcoin

The Creature from Jekyll Island

This book is THE history book on the Federal Reserve. Read it and prepare to get your mind blown.

To put it simply: conspiracies do exist.