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u/bitusher · 4 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

>\> happens to the price of Bitcoin when the supply caps at 21million?

This occurs in 2140 so shouldn't be much of a concern outside of a speculative hypothetical , but removing all monetary inflation for a product in demand means that bitcoin will likely keep appreciating in value.

>How is value determined outside speculation when it's not tied to anything tangible.

Supply and demand is what determines the price for all goods and services irrespective if its digital or physical(tangible). Bitcoin has intrinsic value as well, much akin to twitter and the internet having intrinsic value. Bitcoin is a very useful tool that allows people to exchange value for high risk transactions. There is a circular economy and inelastic demand of users for bitcoin that give it value. States indirectly subsidize this value in bitcoin and will continue to as long as laws and regulations exist.

>\> Also, a gallon of milk could cost 1btc or .0001btc

more likely referred to as "2 bits" in the future

>\> you can fragment a bitcoin as small as you want? So does a supply cap even matter?

Yes , sub satoshis already exist on the lightning network for microtransactions . This is not a form of inflation but further decimalization ... I.E... instead of 1 usd =100 cents , 1USD = 1,000,000 units of 1/1,000,000 a usd= 1usd without adding anything to the monetary supply. Adding more bitcoins into circulation is inflation lowering the value of everyones BTC , further dividing the unit decimalization does not have this effect.

These articles will better help you understand the economics and value of bitcoin -

or better yet get her this book :

u/Blais_Of_Glory · 1 pointr/BitcoinBeginners

If you're planning on investing, definitely get a hardware wallet. Yes, they cost money but it's worth it for the security. Trezor seems to be the best hardware wallet that I've found and it's currently $78 on Amazon (which is a pretty good deal). The other popular hardware wallets include the KeepKey (Amazon link) and Ledger Nano S (Amazon link). Check out /r/TREZOR to learn more about the Trezor wallet.

u/tracer289 · 1 pointr/BitcoinBeginners

I would suggest training for a week Karate Kid style. Grab some chopsticks and practice catching flies, although you can also attempt to catch mosquitoes or lightning bugs. Avoid worms, you won't get much benefit from training with them. Do some pushups too for upper body strength and increased bloodflow. Finally practice snapping for a few hours daily with all digits on both hands to increase your dexterity.

If you don't want to do that method then I suggest you code an app that allows you to have two other apps open on your phone side by side. This way you can skip steps 1, 2. If you can't code fly to India and start interviewing potentials coders.

If that doesn't work then you're simply SOL. There is no known solution to this issue unfortunately. It's just how ETH was coded.

Which leaves us with my final suggestion. Sell your ETH since they're only good for smart contracts and will never be money, and buy bitcoins, which are recognized as money except by the "dumb money", whom were mislead to believe that ETH is going to make them wealthy as bitcoin2.0 chuckle. Then log onto Gemini thru a COMPUTER while you have your Authy app open on your phone. Be sure the computer, yourself, and your phone are all co-located in the same room, preferably within 1 ft of each other. Unless you type with one finger you will have enough time to enter the code as you wont need to bother switching between apps. To ensure success, hold your phone just above the number pad so you don't have to look more than a few degrees away from your typing fingers. I would suggest you buy both of these so that you have both hands free;

Good luck, Grasshopper!!

PS. You may also wish to ask this question in an ETH forum although they'll probably just tell you to buy more ETH which is really bad advice.

u/Maca_Najeznica · 2 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

For general understanding of TA, my favorite it The art and science of technical analysis by Adam Grimes for both simplicity and completeness

To understand the importance of trend, the indispensable book is The trend following bible by A. Abraham (some people get disappointed by the fact that it does not go very deep in presenting the actual trading strategies, but the importance of the whole trend following concept cannot be overstated).

For understanding of trading, the required mindset, market psychology, and everything that comes along with the territory, the two books are most often listed, and the definite part of trader's must read list:

Market wizards, by James D. Schwager,

and The reminiscences of a stock operator, by E. Lefevre

Also check all the online resources on Intraday flow trading you can get your hands on.

Hope you guys get successful and have fun in the process.

u/DRIP-Coin · 2 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

Online resources are great - but I'd also advise a good book.

A good book will contain accurate, well-researched, information and is easier to learn from than the, sometimes conflicting, online information.

Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos comes highly recommended.

u/jlars221 · 4 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

I really like Andreas antonopoulos’ The Internet of Money Series. I support him on patreon too and have learned a ton there.
Jimmy Song’s programming bitcoin just came out and is good!
I also used Pamela Morgan’s cryptoasset inheritance planning to make sure my crypto is secure and my family will get it if something happens to me.

u/BashCo · 2 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

I got myself a cheap laminator and a pack of credit card sized laminate sleeves. I print my paper wallets (LiveCD, of course), cut them out and then tri-fold them to cover the private key. Then run them through the laminator for a nice, clean paper wallet. You can still shine a light through them to reveal the private key, but I've been considering some holographic foil to help prevent that. For 85 BTC, I'd be using BIP38 encryption, and printing out / laminating 2 or 3 copies each, and storing one set of copies in a safe deposit box.

There's also self-adhesive laminate sleeves:

u/pjfrank · 2 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

Read Andreas Antonopoulos -

I got the audiobook so I treat it like a podcast. Really interesting the way he describes other game changing technologies in history (automobiles, mobile phones, etc) and the adoption of each. Most had significant challenges like crypto does today.

u/BobAlison · 2 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

If technically-minded, there are two topics that if you mastered them would put you among the most educated Bitcoin users:

  1. electronic cash (e.g.,
  2. hash functions (e.g.,

    There are many scholarly resources regarding (2). No so much (1), but you can find good leads in the footnotes to the Bitcoin white paper.

    If socially-minded, how about the role that financial privacy or trust plays in modern society and what Bitcoin's role is likely to be? This essay is packed with resources:

    If financially-minded, you might think about whether restricive money supply policies help or hurt the poor (or some group you might care about). There's a lot of academic research on that. Bitcoin offers a laboratory to test these ideas, and a lot has been written about this as well.

    For example, a new book is:

u/RobertoGuerra · 2 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

A few days ago, I bought a Trezor hardware wallet. It's pretty cool, and does give you a sense of security. It costs about $100 U.S. on Another recommended wallet which I haven't used is Ledger Nano S. I went with the Trezor considering it was less expensive, and has been around for a longer time. Hardware wallets are probably recommended for people storing higher amounts of currency. I'm just getting started, but I bought one just to try to lay a good foundation and understanding of crypto currencies in general.

u/tlztlz · 1 pointr/BitcoinBeginners

To watch your Trezor you can use bitwallet on iOS. You need the Xpub address from your Trezor. NOT the private key. You definitely don't need the CLI and the full node. But if you want to know more on a technical level I can recommend you mastering bitcoin from Andreas Antonopolous. It is also free available online.

u/trance_with_me · 2 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

I'm a bitcoin beginner and just finished Bitcoin: And the Future of Money by Jose Pagliery. It's thorough and covers a lot of ground. Not too deep in a single area. Definitely recommend :)

u/TheGreatMuffin · 2 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

There are two reference books imo, although both probably not what you're looking for (one is very technical, the other one is focused on economics):

The economics one:

The technical one (it's free and open source):
(or as pdf, also available in different languages:

u/InvisibleWavelength · 2 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

I always throw out Blockchain for Dummies by Tiana Laurence (of Factom) as a good place to start for non-techies.

Amazon link

Wiley publishing link

Coindesk has a good section called Blockchain 101

u/msolomon4 · 2 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

I just read Digital Gold, which I'd recommend. It's more about the history of Bitcoin and major events around it, as opposed to details about the technology. But it does explain what Bitcoin can do, who can benefit from it, etc.

u/brianddk · 10 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

> requiring knowledge of economics, computer programming, and the blockchain.

Unfortunately, to become an expert in Bitcoin, those are the competencies you'll need to master. There are some better ground-up instructions. What I would recommend.

u/Klutzkerfuffle · 1 pointr/BitcoinBeginners

Yeah man. I would suggest reading this book. It will give you a firm philosophical foundation with which to evaluate money instruments.

If you DM me an email address, I will buy you the Kindle version.

People have chosen strange things for money, but it makes sense when you know about money. Here are a few things.

Money is technology, and it always has been.

The market chooses money.

The stock and flow of money determines it's price volatility. This is why gold is more sound than silver. It's why bitcoin is more sound than any altcoin.

No matter what people "choose" as money, they cannot escape the consequences of holding less sound money.

Society will eventually coalesce around one form of money. Mono money. The laggards will have the purchasing power of their money sucked away by the more sound money.

Good luck

u/unfortunateVictim · 1 pointr/BitcoinBeginners

It is still a good time to invest, but only the amount you can afford to lose. A good read is

u/MisterMaury · 6 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are Challenging the Global Economic Order

u/OfficialHR · 1 pointr/BitcoinBeginners

I checked the prices on


Ledger Nano S:

Trezor I seem to have gotten the price wrong on this one. I saw one for £119.99 but this is slightly cheaper:

u/mifgaboiueb · 1 pointr/BitcoinBeginners

Where do I find this 12 word backup in the Edge wallet? Edge allows me to create a recovery token which I have done that is supposed to allow me to recover username and password, but I don't know if would recover if my phone was lost or stolen. I have over $1k in bitcoin so I think I will buy this then