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u/MarchewkaCzerwona · 1 pointr/BitcoinUK

To be honest I have more trouble selling bch than buying.

Try for desktop and mobile wallet or Electron for desktop wallet.
Fees are at the moment below £0.02 for transfer.

Bittylicious is accepting gbp bank transfer, but it is not the cheapest site. Not most expensive either tbf.

When it comes to exchanges you have to read their rules individually as they are not the same.

Edit: I also highly recommend this book.

First edition was better, but this will save you a lot of money in long run.

u/TheGreatMuffin · 17 pointsr/BitcoinUK

My 2 satoshis:

It will be bitcoin as an asset that is uncensorable, permissionless, borderless, unconfiscatable (not 100%, but the "most unconfiscatable" asset humanity has known), which no single entity can control. These words are thrown around the crypto space very often nowadays, but most people, even bitcoiners included, have not yet grasped what consequences an asset with these properties will bring to financial, but also political and social dynamics in the world. Grasping that in full is not possible anyway, because there are so many deep complexities and uncertainties involved.

But with financial institutions moving in and national-states players getting involved (both as participants and potential attackers/malicious actors), these properties will become more evident and desirable. One reason is simply because we never have had anything like that and probably won't for the near future, despite what all the ICO pushers are wanting to sell you as the "new bitcoin".

To summarize:
Don't bother researching ICO's. 95% of those are somewhere between fraud and weak start ups that will fail. Be sceptical of anyone trying to sell a blockchain as a solution for something (think of 'blockchain' as a slow, inefficient database, because essentially that's what it is). Try to understand the technical basics of bitcoin and the macro-economical potential implications involved.

There are authors that can formulate it in more depth and with more eloquence than me, so I'd like to point you to these sources:

And perhaps research on Nash's "Ideal Money".

For further research on bitcoin itself: