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u/HumpingJack · 5 pointsr/BlackPink

I noticed ppl who like rock/metal can also enjoy BP music. It makes me smile when folks who enjoy stuff like NIN and Pink Floyd (I do too) also give BP a chance. 😊

> The Infinite Energy Arena management and staff need to get their sh!t together

Is it just me or does it seem like arena management at these US shows are so disorganized? They must get so many acts come to their arena they should be experienced on what to expect by now. The LA Forum show they started 30 mins late and ppl were still struggling to file in and get seated.

> notch, but loud (I hope you brought your ear plugs. I recommend Etymotics ear plugs as they decrease all frequencies equally).

I have a pair of bluetooth earbuds, are they as effective as ear plugs?

u/DatKaz · 10 pointsr/BlackPink

I will always second wearing earplugs, please please please wear earplugs to shows. I use the same ones OP uses (link here), they're amazing at reducing the loudness while still producing a very balanced listening experience.

u/bigpapamuffin · 1 pointr/BlackPink

YG Entertainment Idol Goods Fan Products YG Select BLACKPINK SQUAREUP GRIP HOLDER

u/TechnoSwag · 6 pointsr/BlackPink

Not sure how much it is in Canada but I purchased mine from Amazon, comes with both Black and pink version for pretty cheap + Poster and some photocards. My review is also in there under "Techno" if you want to see everything. I also didnt want to pay the insane shipping from their official site or Ktown

u/PureKoolAid · 5 pointsr/BlackPink

I got a couple for my nieces.

Funny Plush Pikachu Hat, Ear Moving Jumping Hat, Cosplay Costumes Accessories Cap Plush Toy

u/Zer0w5 · 2 pointsr/BlackPink

Yeah it's real it's a collaboration with Hasbro, but it's limited and will be available next month