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u/dallast313 · 2 pointsr/Blackfellas

Razor bumps are created by the hair growing back into the skin, breaking it, and all the related inflammation/infection. Electric razors, particularly the Norelco, work on the premise of lifting the hair above the skin, cutting it, and letting the hair drop below the skin after the tension is released. For a man with even slightly curly hair, this is a recipe for DISASTER. The tighter the curl pattern the worse the results. The Norelco must go!

What he needs/wants is something that cuts close enough to give him a clean look, but leaves the hair at/above skin level so that the curl pattern doesn't dig back into the skin. He needs trimmers. Pick him up some professional quality trimmers like these or these. Make sure to also pick up spray lubricating disinfectant (not plain alcohol!), clipper oil, and store them in a large zip lock freezer bag (humidity protection). They will last literally forever as long as not dropped.

He will need to make trimming part of his daily routine. He may still get "razor" bumps in areas where his hair is particularly curly or if his hair grows fast even with the trimmers. So staying on top of it is a must. Also, running a CLEAN straight edge, like a credit card, against the grain of those hairs through the day may help them not dig into his skin. Most likely though, running a trimmer over his face once/twice a day should keep him clean "shaven" without the bumps.

u/Bewbtube · 4 pointsr/Blackfellas

Reading the following for at risk youths for a program my local library runs afterschool:

  • Binti by Nnedi Okorafor | Highly recommend this one as it is very short and incredibly poignant, particularly for young men/women of color, but still meaningful for anyone.
  • The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas | You cannot go wrong with a classic like this.
  • Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older | This one is also meant for young men/women of color, I love it, especially for creatives.
  • Underground Airlines by Ben Winters | I actually just finished reading this one. I'll let it's blurb speak for it: "It is the present-day, and the world is as we know it: smartphones, social networking and Happy Meals. Save for one thing: the Civil War never occurred."

    Currently reading for myself:

  • Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan
  • Sweet Silver Blues by Glen Cook
  • The Liminal People by Ayize Jama-Everett

    And then I'm reading a bunch of comics/graphic novels, but these are the ones I'm really enjoying at the moment:

  • God Country by Cates Shaw and Wordie Hill
  • Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory.
  • The Wicked + The Divine by Gillen McKelvie and Wilson Cowles
  • Southern Bastards by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour
u/Jetamors · 4 pointsr/Blackfellas

Some more information:

The woman who took the original photo also photographed the cover and copyright information. The name of this textbook is Prentice Hall Classics: A History of the United States by Daniel J. Boorstin and Brooks Mather Kelley, and this edition was published in 2007. Here's how Amazon describes it:

> Prentice Hall proudly introduces Classics— collection of our most beloved and timeless programs. The Prentice Hall Classics line brings back some of our bestselling programs with the added benefits of a new reduced price and an updated copyright. With Classics, you can count on: solid traditional instruction, a proven approach and sequence to the content, a return to your favorite program, and more value!

> A History of the United States' well-told story and classroom-tested resources are designed to address your changing curriculum needs. Exceptionally written by distinguished author Dr. Daniel J. Boorstin, along with Brooks Mather Kelley, the program incorporates key themes that help students develop a sound understanding of American history.

The first edition of this textbook was published in 1983. When it was revised in 1989, the publishing company forced them to revise the sections on slavery and the CRM due to racism. Several comments from the original tweet suggest that this passage came from the 1992 edition, though I'm not sure anyone's done a true comparison (but if this is post-revision, what did it look like before?!)

Also, Daniel J. Boorstin died in 2004 and Brooks Mather Kelley died in 2013.

Edit: Also, this woman's daughter is in a public charter school in Texas.

u/Western_Promises25 · 6 pointsr/Blackfellas

Back before I got married I enjoyed going out.

I'm 5'10, medium heavy build, I think I'm pretty handsome. I can't dance, but I can out dress most people, even my boys. Back when I was clubbing multiple nights a week, I'd usually be slightly overdressed. It was always an icebreaker.

Confidence is the key. I read this book at 18. I'm high right now and can't remember how to put links.

It's corny, but it definitely helped my game.

u/fivetenash · 3 pointsr/Blackfellas

Currently reading two books:

Watchmen - Reluctant to admit this is my first time getting around to reading it. Loving it so far.


Equal Justice Under Law - The autobiography of Constance Baker Motley. She penned the original complaint in the Brown v. Board of Education case. She was also the first Black woman to argue a case in front of the Supreme Court.

u/androidLavish · 11 pointsr/Blackfellas

As someone in tech, these interviews don't really test smarts, programming skills, or IQ. Just that you can grind leetcode.

Tech interviews are all really just a game with a huge amount of luck involved. Sometimes you get all problems you've heard before with lenient interviews, sometimes you get a bunch of leetcode hards with interviewers who expect you to write a proof before solving it. I definitely wouldn't consider someone smarter or dumber then me based on how they did in an interview.

It's tough after a rejection but it's good that you're going to keep applying. Time is on your side and Google will probably be knocking on your door again in 6 to 9 months anyway.

As far as impostor syndrome I'd recommend reading this book

It barely mentions impostor syndrome specifically but the skills taught in it are almost directly related.

u/Zahnel · 5 pointsr/Blackfellas

Here is a very good book. It details the white racial foundation of feminism in relation to white supremacy and more. I highly recommend everyone read it.

Here is a link to the book:

u/Capitan_Amazing · 2 pointsr/Blackfellas

I use a straight edge razor and Bump Patrol to keep ingrown hairs at bay. It's been working so far. Like /u/RrrrrrOrrrrrR said, if you want any more info about shaving /r/wicked_edge is a great place to go.

u/MilesHighClub_ · 4 pointsr/Blackfellas

Trying to cop a new laptop but I'm stuck between 2. Idk if anyone knows anything about laptops but I'd appreciate some opinions if anyone does

Samsung Notebook 7 with 512gb - $600

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 with 256gb - $950

Both are 13" with 8 gigs of RAM. Both have i5 chips too but Samsung is 8th gen vs 10th gen on the Surface. Honestly I kinda want the Surface I'm just trying to justify the extra $350

u/Satanforce · 2 pointsr/Blackfellas

Eat the meat, spit out the bones. Once you realize the authors ideological position, it should be easy to work around that and find the truth. But since there is a new edition of Negroes with Guns out, I'll have to recommend that instead of this.

What I really wanted to make aware with this series of posts was that there is a black gun culture, and that the civil rights movement wasn' all about singing "Kumbahyah."

u/gdhhorn · 3 pointsr/Blackfellas

Good time as any to plug The Cooking Gene, by Michael W. Twitty. This is basically his life's work.

u/kelukelugames · 3 pointsr/Blackfellas

I'm a huge fan of corporate confidential. Retaliation is real, but if something this bad happened then the company probably won't risk it.

u/SpicyDragoon93 · 3 pointsr/Blackfellas

The best book you could possibly read is a book called 'The New Jim Crow' by Michelle Alexander. It's about America's racist criminal justice system.

u/omeiza · 1 pointr/Blackfellas

Groove Music: The Art and Culture of the Hip-Hop DJ by Mark Katz. You should be able to find it in your local library...

u/mikey_dubb · 1 pointr/Blackfellas

I just bought this book to begin studying for the Security+ but I've been slacking.

As for guns I've never really wanted to own one. I've always wanted to take a class though in case of zombie apocalypse.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Blackfellas

Bump Patrol also works well (and really fast) but it doesn't smell as nice as Kiehl products.

u/Mership · 2 pointsr/Blackfellas

Andis T outliner.

Get one they are what most black barbers use and they work.

I will never use a razor again. I have tried three different times in the last 10 year and every time I got razor bumps, no matter what technique I used.

With the grain, hot towel before and after, speciality shaving cream etc, etc, etc none of that shit works for my face.

u/Duke_Newcombe · 4 pointsr/Blackfellas

After reading the reviews like this one, and excerpts from the book, if you wanted to have a more informative historical reflection on black and firearms in this nation, and less of a polemic, knee-bending, white-centered view of social conflict and the gun, avoid this book.

Negroes with Guns does it much better, with about 75% less political tilt and lecturing to black folks.

u/MrRIP · 1 pointr/Blackfellas

The fuck? Obama released a book two months before the election in 08. Hillary released a book in 2016 two moths before the election. People release books before elections. It’s a thing. You see what I mean about reaching?

Edit: here’s the links to the books. Check the release dates

u/MoreDblRainbows · 2 pointsr/Blackfellas

Again, I don't believe this post is saying here look this is the evidence of institutional racism. Its saying these are some of the results.

It does matter. Because as you well know asking a picture to explain to you the causes and "prove" racism is impossible. So I have to assume your point is to say that these disparities are not caused by racism, otherwise the comment is of little to no value.

If you want to read up on the causes, I suggest you start here:

u/elliottpayne · 3 pointsr/Blackfellas

Must reads:

Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness