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u/HittoShura · 1 pointr/Blazblue

First of all, let's make sure we're talking about the same controller. Is this the controller you have?

Does it have 4 shoulder buttons? The amazon page doesn't have a picture of the top of the controller, so I can't tell.

How long have you had it? Any issues?

Does it feel very different than a dualshock 3/4?

The D-pad specially is a concern for me, is it larger, smaller, or the same size as a dualshock dpad? Is it responsive? Stiff?

There are a couple of switches on the controller. What are those for?

Have you tried using the controller on PS3 and PS4? Does it really work with no issues?

Have you tried using the controller for games that aren't fighting games? How was it?

I apologize for the avalanche of questions, and appreciate your help.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Blazblue

IFYOO V-one Wired Gaming Controller USB Gamepad For PC(Windows XP/7/8/10) & PlayStation 3 & Android - [Black&Blue]

Here, I got one for my brother and I ended up getting one myself as it really nice.

I would say get a fighter stick if gonna play muitple fighting games.

However for causal play I recommend a normal controller.

I personally use a joystick for fighter games because that's what I bought it for.

u/UnsungSenpai · 1 pointr/Blazblue

This May flash for about 59.99 i got for a friend says it's a good "starter".

Overtime its a solid practice arcade stick to afford and if you're still not ready for a more expensive arcade stick. You CAN customize the buttons or the square gate if you want to.

u/Omnizoa · 1 pointr/Blazblue

> outside of arcade sticks, what controllers are popular among BlazBlue players?

The Battlefield 4 PS3 controller ( is basically a 360 controller, but with extra mappable buttons and detachable cord. Only downside is home button will not turn on the console. Great substitute for the cruddy Dualshock d-pad.

u/devLyfe · 3 pointsr/Blazblue

If you already have a stick that you like brooks is making a converter that will take a ps3/ps4 or a xb360/xb1 stick and convert it to switch. Or if you want a stick especially for the switch, hori does make one.

u/erty3125 · 3 pointsr/Blazblue

80$ so bit higher than you want but its easy even with no knowledge to open up and replace parts if something does go wrong

I have a qanba carbon which is same parts as it and made excellent entry stick bit it doesn't support PS4 but the sticks are very comparable so I do recommend that one

u/Luxt3r · 3 pointsr/Blazblue

If you don't want to wait for the whole OST pack :

Also if you're in steam, some songs should be in the games' directories.

u/NebLledeb · 1 pointr/Blazblue

There’s an adapter that’s called the Magic NS that lets you use basically any controller on the switch and I bought it just for Blazblue because I play on my PlayStation Hori Fighting Commander. I’ve been using it since I got it about 3 weeks ago and it works great and I feel no input lag. the only problems I have with it is that it was kind of annoying to initially setting it up and that it can feel kinda weird using a Xbox or PlayStation controller on it because the bottoms are kinda mismatched. It follows the Switch Pro Controller layout so A button is on Xbox’s B button and on PlayStations O button. But it works great, I highly recommend if you don’t want to buy a new fighting game controller


u/jamrocks · 3 pointsr/Blazblue

If you want a fightpad, then Hori Fighting Commander: amazon link

Or you could get try grabbing the older model, Fighting commander 4: amazon link