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u/pizzapueblo · 2 pointsr/Boise

I can't comment on specific Boise locations, but as far as good coals go, you can get some good coals online for a good price. I like Coco Nara. Just make sure you store them properly or they can go bad.

amazon link:

I've been to Big Smoke elsewhere in Idaho. They were far from my favorite place to purchase from, but they should carry most brands, including some good ones (albeit limited selection, and not the best prices).

My preferences are Al Fakher (nice and wet. Burns well and gives nice smoke), and Nakhla (most popular amongst middle eastern smokers and often higher nicotine content; 0.5% opposed to 0.05%.)

My best results have been from mixing a Nakhla flavor with an Al Fakhker. I find Nakhla to be a bit on the drier side.

Starbuzz is also a safe go-to brand.

I wish I could give you a specific answer, but my best experiences have been middle eastern run stores. They have offered my brands at as little as half as what Big Smoke does, and they carry a wide selection (up to 20 flavors of Al Fakher vs maybe 3-4 at Big Smoke).

Happy hunting

u/gdog05 · 12 pointsr/Boise

A whole new area, seems like a good time to try new things. I understand the comfort zone stuff, though.

Ok, Silverwood theme park outside of Coeur d'Alene. Small, but quite worthy. Keep in mind, the panhandle is 21,000 sq miles. It's quite a few hours from one end to the other, so it really depends on where exactly you'll be at and how mobile. Also, Cd'A has some nice spas and a beautiful lake.

Drive. Absolutely fantastic drives. Grab an Idaho Atlas and Gazetteer and do some exploring. Find nature that would make John Denver's corpse regrow its androgynous hair. Check out the drives, in and around the Palouse Divide toward Clarkia. Also, fossils.

If you don't know what huckleberries are, then your life is incomplete. Go to Elk River and visit Huckleberry Heaven. Fresh made huckleberry treats like you wouldn't believe, and the huckleberry soft-serve is incredible. This berry should have been described on the Voyager plate.

If you're down toward Lewiston/Moscow, I highly recommend a jet boat tour.

There's more, but it's bedtime for me. I'll see if I have the wherewithal to revisit this in the morning.

u/offensiveusernamemom · 1 pointr/Boise

I had the 60Mbps service and mine jumped up to something absurd. My neighborhood had just gotten Gig service, so I called and went through maybe three people and ended up with $70 fixed forever but two years of $5 off a month, still higher then the $45 I was paying before but Gig is nice. You should buy your own modem and grab a decent router, I think they wanted $10 (maybe $5) a month for equipment rental, at $10 you pay off the router in 10 months. They do change the prices, they wanted to sell me the same router I bought for $100 for $150, I had to decline the new router when the service person showed up (because I already had it, the same one).

They don't seem to like customers doing the prepaid online deal, check the prices at and then call, I think it's kind of a whatever works for them that day thing, but retention will put you on the best plan if you just keep asking them and be nice.

Edit: FYI if you do get Gig, this router is one of the better deals for a router that will push that much. It scores better then the Nighthawk (Nighthawk is good for lots of wireless connections but does have issues pushing a gig from what I've read), I've gotten around 950Mbps wired and 700's wireless. Gig is nice you can download practically 3 dvd's in the time it takes to make popcorn.

u/dantheman5606 · 2 pointsr/Boise

That definitely sounds like a router issue then. I am currently using the buffalo AC 1900 router which is AMAZING! I also just recently bought my parents the TP-Link AC1900 since it was on sale for $99 which is the first TP-Link product I ever bought. It was super simple to setup and they now get perfect wifi everywhere in their 4 story house with no issues. Here is the link to that one: I hope that info helps. If any of you have any questions feel free to contact me. I have had cable one for a few years now and rarely have issues.

u/I-pity-da-foo · 1 pointr/Boise

Pretty good resources:

It's not just bears you have to worry about. You also don't want little critters chewing through your expensive gear to get at interesting-smelling stuff. It's always a good idea to hang food, toothpaste, etc:

You can find hiking and backpacking groups on

If a gun gives you peace of mind, by all means take it. However, it's definitely not a necessity and I've never seen a backpacker carrying a gun in Idaho.

Good luck!

u/dylanholmes222 · 2 pointsr/Boise

I use this Kryptonite lock for $67, it's very solid and works great. It's not too heavy and you can mount it on standard cup holder inlets.

u/ElXGaspeth · 3 pointsr/Boise

I actually got a bag of premix from Amazon! It's not perfect but does get really close. Also I like to put some red bean paste inside and make some taiyaki with the batter.

Morinaga Hot Cake Mix 21.16oz/600g (2pack)

u/Greenvanholzer · 1 pointr/Boise

I was posting in the Boise Reddit, as we don't have a local one over here yet, and I had noticed that the Boise Reddit invites folks to post Sun Valley articles and news tidbits etc.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of other tidbits for those interested in this type of stuff:

u/oBG1984 · 0 pointsr/Boise

You could buy something like this if you have a lot of VHS tapes to transfer. Put in a tape, put in a dvd-r and press one button, the machine does the rest.

u/crazyk4952 · 4 pointsr/Boise

If you think the problem is with your wifi, try picking up a pair of power line adapters.

For $20, they let you run Ethernet over your power lines. I use several in my old home in the North End and they work great for me.

u/Koontay · 2 pointsr/Boise

Try one of these. Relatively cheap and helped me enormously. Added stability as well as speed.

u/fuzzypickles0_0s · 18 pointsr/Boise

Finally, same day shipping on that lathe i've been wanting.