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u/legion327 · 113 pointsr/Bossfight

This is from the Dark Tower book series, widely regarded as Stephen King's magnum opus. I cannot recommend it enough. The first book is called The Gunslinger.

Also, please don't judge the series based on The Dark Tower movie that came out a short while back. I promise it is infinitely better than that.

u/RikenAvadur · 4 pointsr/Bossfight

Jokes on you, I've been using for years. It's actually fine and actually works with OJ.

u/TWeaKoR · 1 pointr/Bossfight

Reminds me of an Attacknid. Or the giant one that the original inventor made in the woods.

u/Im-sp00ked · 1 pointr/Bossfight

I’m not sure, I mean, They look like these things

u/kautau · 4 pointsr/Bossfight

There’s also a large remaster set for ps3 that has a ton of the games (and a voucher for digital versions of some others)

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection

u/CausticHarpy · 1 pointr/Bossfight

This is by a brand called Blue Q. I purchased a dandy dish towel of theirs last week.

Here's this mitt on Amazon.

u/inluvcro · 1 pointr/Bossfight

In case anyone wants to recreate this