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u/elephantfarts · 2 pointsr/BostonTerrier

I know you said no balls, but one of our guys loves Chuckit balls. When he isn't just chewing on it, he'll push it around with his nose and make it fall off of the couch and down the steps then chase after it. And these things are indestructible. They make a bunch of different types, but his favorite is the original. We got the medium size and it's perfect.

If you have room for her to run, invest in the chuckit ball launcher. It makes throwing the ball so easy (and you don't have to get your hands all slobbery!)

u/irbilldozer · 1 pointr/BostonTerrier

Well it depends. I give them probably about a tablespoon but I've seen my gf feed them and she probably does 2-3x that amount, she says they like it. They eat regardless though, lol. I just eyeball it and once stirred in it just lightly coats the food. The bit of water also helps thin it out so it coats all the food.

Local grocery place sells the big cans (28oz?) of pumpkin for $2.50 each so we usually buy about 8 cans at a time. Just make sure you're grabbing pumpkin and NOT pumpkin pie filling because most stores put them right next to each other.

I've ordered Nutiva Coconut Oil from Amazon, it was $62 shipped when I ordered it last. Seems like a steal considering it is virgin oil and USDA organic. Big container but you can transfer in small amounts to a mason jar as needed because buying it in this size saves a lot of money. Had we kept buying it from a local pet store at $26 per 16oz, a gallon would have cost $208.

u/ilikechipotle · 3 pointsr/BostonTerrier

I also use caps on my cat like these. I always get the colored ones so I can easily tell when I need to replace them.

My Bostons leave my cat alone for the most part so I really do not worry about them.

Try and introduce them as slowly as possible and be sure your cat has some way to escape if the dog goes after it. Cat trees are always great.

u/I-heart-naps · 2 pointsr/BostonTerrier

We have has amazing luck with the "Chuck It" balls. They are literally the only toy Shamus has ever had that didn't get destroyed instantly. In fact, we've had the same one for about a year now. The have them in small, medium and large, I believe.

u/My_Boston_Terrier · 6 pointsr/BostonTerrier

These orange and blue balls ( Chuck it, Ultra fetch balls )are the only ball Our Dude has been unable to destroy. He's had that one for a year. The most he has done is pop out the hole where the mould was injected, but now we can put treats in it.. so it is actually a plus. He'll chew on it for hours without putting so much as a mark into it. Plus the hole makes it whistles when I throw it, which helps him keep track of it if I throw it far.

As I'm sure we all know, our fur babies can break any tennis ball in half and destroy every kong product within days.

Those orange balls are amazing.

*edit: added link, spelling

u/poo-poo · 1 pointr/BostonTerrier

$45 for a 30lb bag Taste of the Wild. Sometimes he gets buffalo breath, but he scarfs this shit down like noone's business. I remember this particular type getting an A or A- on one of those food rating sites, the top ingredients are all meat.

u/SingularOne · -2 pointsr/BostonTerrier

Easy Walk dog harness Otto is 21lbs and he uses the small medium. Fits great and it works.

Edit: This page has the sizing chart.

u/Baconsnake · 2 pointsr/BostonTerrier

He's adorable! One thing that you should try is to raise the level of the food bowl. This has helped Rex immensely and prevents most of the hiccups that he was getting that would sometimes go too far and have him throw up.

We have one similar to this, which is just a 4" rise.

Give it a try!

u/BadMoonRisin · 1 pointr/BostonTerrier

I havent ever used it, but you might try Angel Eyes. Its a product that you feed to your dog (or sprinkle on their food) that helps eliminate tear stains.

u/021fluff5 · 2 pointsr/BostonTerrier

I just started this book, and it has a lot of fun dog-friendly stuff. (Our puppy isn't getting here until Sunday, so we haven't actually tried any of the ideas yet.)

u/fade1979 · 3 pointsr/BostonTerrier

That's impressive! They are chuckit balls. My friend has a larger one for his 90lb old English bulldog whose a chewer, and he has never pierced one. My boston will play tug of war with it. They can take a lot of pressure.

u/Microchimp · 1 pointr/BostonTerrier

This is what we've been feeding ours and he almost never farts anymore unless we feed him too many treats for being a good boy.

u/rahsek · 3 pointsr/BostonTerrier

i had the same problem with mine. we used this :

their recommendation seemed a bit much, so i gave her one half of a tablet once per day. it makes her poop more frequently when she takes it, however she stopped trying to eat it. i would give her the half in the morning with breakfast, before bringing her to my parents house to be watched. it would change the smell of her poop until the next morning. i do not use it regularly any more. only when i feel that she may be unattended and able to eat her poo.

hope this helps, good luck!

u/Rokal512 · 2 pointsr/BostonTerrier

This is what we get ours.

We noticed that it greatly reduced the potency of his farts.