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u/beardymcbeardyson · 13 pointsr/Braves

Does the poo log still exist in the handicapped stall of the GT baseball clubhouse?

One of my outings was there at GT before an NCAA playoff game awhile ago. We weren't playing GT but one of the other teams at the regional, so we were in the home GT dugout. Like before every start, I felt the urge to poo about an hour before first pitch. So I went through the dugout tunnel to the GT clubhouse and found the restroom. As am I sitting there dropping a deuce-monkey, I find a little book and a pen up on the rail. It has entries by college baseball players from all over the country, all with their name, the delivery of their poo, the number of poo particles, and a hand-drawn picture of their poo after they were done. I gladly added my entry, and I still reflect on how much I enjoyed sharing this experience with people I've never met but share so much in common with.

I never visited that clubhouse again, but I hope that the poo log is a staple in the GT handicapped bathroom stall.

u/garyhat · 1 pointr/Braves

Fair question. I think genocide is universally offensive. Although, I will admit to laughing repeatedly at Bill Burr's population control jokes, particularly the one where he says we should randomly take out cruise ships.

You know the reason why that's funny? It's because cruises are expensive and people who tend to go on them are kind of the epitome of wastefulness, just eating and shitting everywhere on a boat. They can therefore be the butt of jokes until the end of time. If, on the other hand, Bill Burr tried to make a joke about taking out flotillas of migrant refugees in the Mediterranean, his career would probably end quickly. Those migrants are a vulnerable population of people who need help. It just isn't funny no matter how to spin it.

Now, I understand that Native Americans are not currently in such a dire state. However, the political situation with Native Americans depends on the acknowledgment of their culture and their sovereignty. It's a sensitive situation. It's not cut and dry. It's not one guy's word over another. Yes, they do have protections under the law, but are their leaders done negotiating? No. Constant lobbying is going on. Why do you think this mascot thing keeps coming up every year? It's usually during the playoffs, when the Braves come under national attention. Every single year. Why is this happening? It's because of the delicate political situation with the Native Americans. I cannot possibly explain it here. All I can say is that you would do yourself a service by reading up on it. You might want to start with Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States.

u/The_Superhoo · 3 pointsr/Braves

Book: "The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron" - great biography that came out in 2010. Fun to read.

u/SirJohnnyBlaze · 1 pointr/Braves

For a great read on a fan level "In the Time of Bobby Cox" is one I would highly recommend Amazon has it for 1 cent used

u/-_chop_- · 2 pointsr/Braves

I've been reading this baseball book. It's fucking great. Highly recommend it.

u/OderNeisseLine · 2 pointsr/Braves

Started scoring again this year after doing it as a kid a bunch! I read this book recently which was pretty fascinating and covers almost any scenario imaginable

u/faultlessjoint · 1 pointr/Braves

Are you in the immediate Atlanta metro area? If so, get a digital HD antenna and watch them over the air. I'm assuming they are all broadcast locally.

Something like this. I'm not in or around Atlanta but I would definitely assume the games are broadcast locally OTA.

u/Mtn_Brave · 2 pointsr/Braves

I am currently reading Watchers by Dean Koontz. I like golden retrievers and it has a smart golden retriever named Einstein.

u/hickmatt · 1 pointr/Braves

I remember reading this in the below book written by John Schuerholz.

Built to Win: Inside Stories and Leadership Strategies from Baseball's Winningest GM

u/mattds1993 · 2 pointsr/Braves

The Book is about ten years old now, but it's where a lot of modern baseball stats and knowledge originated. I believe they do a chapter on bunting.

u/SoRaffy · 2 pointsr/Braves

need to open up a separate page, sell these:
and just let us all beat the s**t out of each other after these types of games.

Safe anger venting!

u/Snags657 · 2 pointsr/Braves

Had totally forgotten about this. Waaaay before the I85 collapse, the Braves were paving the way...

Was reminded while reading this excellent book. (Also contains tales of '70s wet T-shirt contest promotions and other wacky events from our illustrious history.)

u/iamalaskagrown · 2 pointsr/Braves

Here's a link to the book:

(it's NOT an affiliate link or spam or anything!)

u/saucypony · 1 pointr/Braves

Yup. And his occasional battery-mate in the broadcast booth, Ryan Lefebvre, has made his battle with depression fairly public.

There's a Royals joke in there somewhere.