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u/Luigi182 · 11 pointsr/Brewers

My body is ready!

I'm hyped and pumped up for today's game! Breaking my tradition of buying a new Royals hat at the start of the playoff season, I decided to order a new Brewers hat instead. Of which I received in the mail this past Tuesday.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with my order and I can officially say that the Brewers are now my favorite NL team. (previously, a Braves fan thanks to my Dad)

So yeah,


u/extra_less · 1 pointr/Brewers

I think Doug does an awesome job given his limited resources. He doesn't have a lot of wiggle room so when he makes a mistake, its magnified.

Did you know that over the last 10 years, the Brewers have 2nd best record in the central, and the 5th best record in the NL

The 2015 Baseball Prospectus ($18 cheap) had a great article on the Brewers and DM and worth checking out.

u/sonofsohoriots · 1 pointr/Brewers

Heck yes he is- and visa versa, of course. Last time I saw him live, he was wearing a Yelich shirsey, gotta love that.
I really like the new album- I was a huge fan of his last record, and this seems to continue to evolve his sound in some exciting ways.
I make my own cold brew in a toddy: It’s great, but the access to unlimited caffeine has definitely lead to some sweaty palms before.

u/louris54 · 1 pointr/Brewers

For whatever reason i love the red one, even though its not exactly a brewers color

u/TheSconnieExperience · 1 pointr/Brewers

I have an older model of these. Had them for 5 years (daily use) and they still sound great.

u/JasonYaya · 4 pointsr/Brewers

9 Innings is a book about the state of baseball in 1982, seen through the lens of a single game between the Orioles and Brewers at County Stadium. It goes into some of the history of the teams and people on them that got them to that point. A great read, the author was a big time editor for magazines and newspapers at the time.

u/maceilean · 2 pointsr/Brewers

> boil ... for 1-2 hours

Did I read that right?

Also, Stadium Sauce? How do I get this? Amazon is sold out. Any Brewerbros wanna help out a Newbrew? I can Paypal!

u/Hardy_X · 5 pointsr/Brewers

Brewers Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Real Fan!

I have this one and it's great. It only goes up to 2007-8 but it has all the history you could want.

u/silentjay01 · 1 pointr/Brewers

Maybe I need to put this up on Amazon like these two other sellers

u/burchardta · 3 pointsr/Brewers

Russell Carleton has a whole chapter on this in The Shift, but the amount of runners getting thrown out at home is criminally low. If you were thrown out at home with 2 outs, it's almost always the result of good decision making and a bad outcome.

It's hard to say what Braun's chances of making it home safely were when he made the decision to go. But the odds of scoring a run with 2 outs and runners on 1st and 3rd are 28.6% (maybe a couple of points higher with where we were at in the order). Runners get thrown out at home about 5% of the time in the situation we were in. So 3rd base coaches should be way more aggressive than they historically have been. As long as Braun thought he had a greater than 30% chance of making it, it was the right call in that situation. Sucks that he got thrown out, but still the right call.

More reading:

u/mistrbrownstone · 12 pointsr/Brewers

He said something silly for the clubhouse

Give him this and hope he posts a video of all the team playing:

u/HerbertTarlek · 4 pointsr/Brewers

If you want to listen to the radio while watching the game on the TV, all you need is a radio, patch cable, and Radiodelay on a PC. I've found that the radio broadcasts need to be delayed around 16 seconds to match up with FSWI on DirecTV.

u/northsidestrangler · 3 pointsr/Brewers

For bigger tailgates (like Opening Day) I have a small toilet like this one that we put in the back of the SUV with a small curtain around it. 50% tinted windows help too. It may sound weird but it beats waiting a half hour to pee. I just stick it underneath the car when we go in for the game so that it doesn't heat up and stink up the car. I know miller park 'banned' these but I've been doing it for years.

My only rule is #1s only.

For smaller tailgates just pee in a bottle if you don't want to wait in line? Idk what else to tell you.