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u/kittenmommy · 2 pointsr/BritishSuccess

> Marks & Spencer do it the best

Well, of course they do!

> (they don't sell groceries online)

And of course they don't!

> Tunnock's Border biscuits are worth looking out for too.


> I can only wish that the Chocolate Olivers were easily available as I'd like to try it, but they're so bloody elusive and expensive.

I just looked up "Chocolate Olivers" on the U.S. version of Amazon, and got this result. LOL

u/shupfnoodle · 2 pointsr/BritishSuccess

There are also stuffed laces kinda things. My British partner tried them and found them very odd, but I (German) love them!

This would be an example. They come coated in sour candy powder, too. Delicious.

u/PALillie · 2 pointsr/BritishSuccess

Why wouldn't they want them?! the Falklands are awesome! but also it serves as a handy distraction for CFK's government to rile up sentiments about the Falkland Islands and the "evil colonial British pirates occupying Argentine land" all the whilst the nation is on the verge of a second default. The Junta did the same in the 80's.

I think there is a second reason that's not often alluded to and that's future resource claims in the Antarctic. This is a map of Argentine Claims in the southern ocean now at present we control a lot of this ocean as we have a legal claim to part of the Antarctic & The Falklands, South Georgia, The South Sandwich Islands and a lot of small islands and islets, so if Argentina wants to claim what it sees as it's share of the resources that will eventually flow out of the Antarctic it has to keep pressing it's claim to these lands and oceans which means harrassing us. The nice thing is we don't have to do aanything we just have to keep on keeping on. Pink Ice covers this topic really well if a little dryly but is definitely worth a read if you have the time

u/Brickie78 · 28 pointsr/BritishSuccess

If you liked this, you'll also like "Watching the English" by Kate Fox - same author and sort of inspired by the pub study (and a similar one commissioned by the horse racing people).

u/grollies · 1 pointr/BritishSuccess

IMO Ready meal curries are generally similar to typical indian restaurant takeaway curries. I learnt to cook them this way thanks to . However it's actually easier and as cheap to buy the supermarket ones.

u/JackOfAllRoughTrades · 1 pointr/BritishSuccess

I'd never even heard of the brand before, I think that was the only product of theirs that they carried. Are their crackers any good?

Found them on Amazon UK.

u/LightningGeek · 1 pointr/BritishSuccess

I'll have to give that a try. Now it's just the demisting problem, although I did get one of these to help with that, not really had it long enough to give a real opinion, but it does seem to help. A lot cheaper than getting the air con fixed at least.

u/entrelac · 1 pointr/BritishSuccess

I get mine through Amazon. Try this link.

Are you looking through or

u/seventyeightist · 3 pointsr/BritishSuccess

It's a piece of perspex (do you have perspex in the states? A sheet of acrylic essentially) of a long and narrow dimension (about 12" by 4" and thin), with a slot cut in it to see if the letter/package can be pushed through the slot (which corresponds to the max dimension that can be sent as a letter or large letter).

Looks like this: Royal Mail Postal Guide / Template for Pricing In Proportion

u/BeepBoopBike · 4 pointsr/BritishSuccess

I was distracted by said acquaintance for days and was planning on waiting until tomorrow to make it seem like I completely meant that all along.

Pics on my phone, gonna put it on charge and upload for you now.


Link to product (in swedish) 11.5 CM in diameter, 12 CM high (Sportsdirect: 10cm diameter , 11cm high)