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Seven Mountains

So, I usually don't bring up the conspiracy theories rolling around in my brain and the internet, but Dan Brown was calling to me on this one.

> They shouldn't have been surprised: The buttoned-down, establishment-seeming Barr is actually neck-deep in a web of extremist conservative Catholic institutions, and he has been for the last three decades.

> Barr disclosed on a questionnaire submitted during his Senate confirmation process that he's been an active leader of several far-right Catholic and Christian groups.

> Six months later he told the wing nut Catholic League it was time to impose a "Moral consensus" based on "Natural law"-which conservative Catholic theologians believe means Catholic law.

These are Catholics of the far right, who abhor the socialistic progressive tendencies of the Jesuits such as Pope Francis.

Add to that, Pompeo, Devos, and Mike Pence seem to follow some Dominionist ideals, especially when it comes to the end of days.

Particularly Seven Mountain Domionists. Their plan is to rule the US by taking over 7 parts of a culture.

People should remember, there are forces working toward goals much different than you'd expect.


Back to the Opus Dei, and general Sharia law style ideas and attitudes being put out by these people
Opus Dei and their quest to rule by subjugating women and children.

"blessed be the fruit".

Barr's dad's book is quite a read -- seems to be a manual for establishing a culture involving sex slave rings.

Barr set Epstein up with a teaching gig at a girls school, his connections to the powerful through being OSS/CIA, the subject matter of the book and his connection with Epstein is a little too on the nose. Epstein's Zorro ranch was organized with intent of being a breeding compound for eugenics and transhumanism with himself as a genesis point.