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u/disgustipated · 1 pointr/Browns
  1. If you haven't already, check out The Expanse on Syfy. It's based on a series of books by James S.A. Corey (pseudonym). The first in the series is Leviathian Wakes.
  2. Just got SiriusXM for my Jeep GC. Any hidden gems among the stations? I'm really enjoying the hard rock channels.
  3. Been putting it off, but yeah, think I'll watch Deadpool this week.
  4. Who's up for a Browns meetup at Yellowstone National Park? I'm pretty sure Pabsty's headed this way. You're all invited, but room space is limited. We were shooting for the end of June, but honestly, as busy as the park is this year, September would be much better and less crowded.
u/EveryFlippinTime · 2 pointsr/Browns

I did. I got the heat sealed letters and it came out really good. Shipping/delivery time is a bit lengthy 2-3 weeks so get on it now if you're gonna do it, but definitely worth every penny. Get something like this to hold it on. I also got mine stitched on at a local dry cleaners so it wouldn't come off ever.

u/BeerBourbon_n_Browns · 1 pointr/Browns

All of those are awesome, I've read them. While not strictly Browns, this one is excellent as well: Paul Brown: The Man Who Invented Modern Football

u/AOneManWolfPack · 1 pointr/Browns

There's also Things I've learned from watching the Browns from Pluto which I thought gave a good history and was excellent showcase on why we as fans still support this team.

u/judgeinjury · 2 pointsr/Browns

Sorry, didn't know if that was allowed (I am not the seller of these)

There is a size guide that helps on the left. I got a medium since the smaller sizes seem like they may be a different looking product. I think it fits him pretty well.

u/Brokewood · 10 pointsr/Browns

If you want to be super pissed, read False Start by Terry Pluto. It goes through the systematic fuckery that happened to Cleveland between '95 and '99.

We were paying the penance of the Jags and Panthers doing well. So the NFL super overreacted and fucked us. On purpose. That, and they wanted to wring as much blood money out of the new Cleveland owner as possible.

What pained me the most was the optimism that Pluto had looking forward (from the book's publishing date of 2004)... and a decade later, that optimism has yet to be validated. But this year's looking to be the right trend!

u/DCBarefootRun · 3 pointsr/Browns

I just ordered it. Here's the amazon link if anyone is interested: Used copies are available for $4 with shipping.

u/browns47 · 2 pointsr/Browns

I enjoyed False Start by terry Pluto about the bungling of the new browns.

u/T-Rep · 6 pointsr/Browns

There is absolutely no better place to start for a Cleveland fan in any sport than the work of Terry Pluto.

For the Browns, I suggest this:

Additionally start watching some of the work on Mike Polk Jr on YouTube.

u/DocMichaels · 3 pointsr/Browns

And for some added lemon juice on that paper cut, a local beat reporter wrote a great short book: False Start that shows the utter buttfuckery that was our return.

Edit: had to go the long way round to get a link instead of a screen shot: Here you go

u/jgrizzy89 · 5 pointsr/Browns

Might get on board with this. Browns patches would be added exponentially
Here's the link if anyone else is interested in forming the new Spacedawg Pound

u/pastorsamuel85 · 2 pointsr/Browns

Here is the jersey. You can find collars and leashes there as well.

u/Garth_McKillian · 2 pointsr/Browns

Googled "browns suit pin" and this was the first result. This is what I thought of reading your post, not sure if it's what you're looking for or not.

Same but on Amazon
aminco NFL Cleveland Browns Logo Evolution 4 Pin Set

u/HongKongPhooey13 · 1 pointr/Browns

I"m a little late to the party here, but this is a great book for anybody who wants a much more detailed look at what led to the Browns move.

u/Bone-Chip · 1 pointr/Browns

Tales From The Cleveland Browns Sideline By Tony Grossi (I know, but it’s actually good)

u/TapedeckNinja · 1 pointr/Browns

Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong.

Although, seriously, if he can't tell right from wrong then that probably is a symptom of real mental illness.

u/deltalocke · 3 pointsr/Browns

How many of the orgs you're thinking about have Cleveland's history? After the team was stolen by Art (may he rot in Hell) Modell, the sorry excuse for a team that was dropped on us was set up in the very worst ways imaginable: (False Start: How the New Browns Were Set Up to Fail by Terry Pluto -- I highly recommend it).

We're talking about gross mismanagement of this team since the freaking return. How do you turn things around after more than a decade and a half of stupid? This is probably the first time in the history of the NFL that an organization with zero roots, whose set-up was a cautionary tale (and certain aspects of which I believe were deliberately not repeated for the team that followed), that was managed into the dirt for 16 years by some of the biggest headcases in sports, actually gets turned around (if it ever happens).

[Edited for the expansion team reference.]