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u/TheWorldIsAhead · 1 pointr/BulkOrCut

>Which muscle do you think i should focus on before i start cutting?


All of them. What is your program? Get on a full-body program and do it every other day. Add high intensity interval training 1-2 times a week.


My friend, to get big and lean you have to count calories and watch your macros all the time (most of the time), also when bulking. From your post it seems like you think gaining is chilling and eating and focusing on a specific muscle. You focus on big compound lifts. You focus on increasing your strength in your lifts (as this is the most effective way of building muscle). When gaining you focus on eating the right amount of calories to not gain fat and have the optimal macros as much as possible (while allowing for having a somewhat normal social life unless your friends have really bad habits in which case you have to choose between doing as your friends do or getting bid and lean). You don't have carte blanche to eat a lot of dietary fat and drink a lot of alcohol because you are bulking. Once you get big and lean you will even have to keep watch forever if you want to keep your body that way.

The best thing you can do to get motivated might be to read Bigger Leaner Stronger.


He explains all the methods and principles it takes to get big and lean citing scientific studies all the way. He even has a chapter about motivation and what kind of headspace you need to get into to make it. I think you need to internalize this book, because this is not going to cut it:


>Which muscle do you think i should focus onknowing that i have good muscle below the fat would help with motivation which is something i completly lack when it comes to eating low-cal.

Good luck! :)

u/MrSneller · 2 pointsr/BulkOrCut

Don't worry about your body fat percentage. I would get some cheap calipers like these and a cloth tape measure. Pick a couple sites (probably thigh and waist/stomach for both) and track your progress to make sure you're heading in the right direction.

Edit: meant to say those impedance devices are horribly inaccurate. If it's a scale, take a reading and then take another while holding a 5lb weight in your hand. They're all over the place and not a good method to track progress.

u/Tanag · 1 pointr/BulkOrCut

More Info

I have one of these machines and it claims by Body Fat is 19%. No idea how accurate that is though. I imagine not very.

Been trying to slim down on and off over the past few years. Started taking it seriously a year ago then stalled a bit due to injury.
Back at it since Jan where I've lost close to 25lbs.

My eventual goal is to get leaner and stronger(bigger), however I've basically stalled on all my lifts for a couple months with minimal progress.

Last year I did Starting Strength. Been doing PPL since January.
I don't always hit 6 days a week however, and the fast few months it's been more like 3 due to other commitments. I do play a lot of softabll so my overall fitness hasn't been lacking, just strength training.
As I said my lifts have basically stalled since April, especially upper body. So I'm wondering if it's time to bulk a bit.
I understand if I were to bulk Id have to ensure I hit PPL 6 days a week to be worth it.

One bulking caveat is I am getting married in Sept. So I wanna look semi decent in my suit. Definitely wouldn't be a dirty bulk.

Current routine is PPL, 3-6 days a week depending what I can fit in, and I play baseball 1-4 times a week depending on the schedule. This is mostly what affects how many days I strength train.
Diet is pretty clean. Im eatting under tdee at 1900ish calories right now. High protein diet.
Supplements I just take Fish Oil and Creatine. I've done an EC Stack in the past, but not currently. I may again as a pre wedding cut assistant.

Major Lifts

Bench Press - 5x135 (stalled)

Overhead Press - 5x100 (stalled)

Squat - 5x300

Deadlift - 5x275

So should I bulk now for 4-6 weeks and do a hard cut to slim before I get married, or keep cutting till after the wedding?

u/greedhead · 1 pointr/BulkOrCut

I don't think there's a ton of variability in quality for calipers honestly - anything should work fine. This one is well reviewed.

u/Wanderlust917 · 1 pointr/BulkOrCut

I use this calipers, it's as good as they get I think.

Also if you have some extra $$, you might consider a scale that can test for body fat. I have this one and recommend it.

u/The_Rick_Sanchez · 2 pointsr/BulkOrCut

>Respect. You have a very balanced physique from the pics you've posted.. I disagree with your legs needing size (in the sense that they are lacking, everything needs to get bigger of course).


>Personally, it's my unpopular opinion, some people neglect the forearms too much. Thick forearms with well developed upper arms are aesthetically pleasing. Not that your forearms are small, just saying this whole tiny-forearms-huge-upperarms trend is atrocious.

I completely agree and actually do work my forearms but I can't seem to get any size going there. Not sure what it is. My dad had small forearms as well (he was a bodybuilder for 4 years in his 20's before kids took over his life lol). I'm considering buying one of those rollers that you twist up and it brings the weight to you then unravel it/repeat etc.

>Any back pics?