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u/amylaneio · 2 pointsr/Busking

Any decent portable PA will do fine. The micro cube is good for it's size, but you can get better (bigger) PAs for about the same price. I've used this one in the past, and it's great:


u/Agnostix · 3 pointsr/Busking

Possible? Yes. You could use a A/B/Y box to combine the signals.

Is it safe? Sure.

Will it sound good? Probably not at higher volumes, as vocal sounds occupy more frequency than a guitar amp typically produces.

My suggestion is to level up to a full-featured PA - this solves all your problems.

u/SubwayDJ · 1 pointr/Busking

Personally, I would start as basic as possible and then adjust later.

The [Samson MK10] ( seems to be the cheapest, most trusted budget microphone stand option for beginners (unless you're a tall person, because it's kind of short). Never used it though so can't say for sure.

For microphones, will you be using it to sing? If so, any mic with the words 'dynamic' and 'cardiod' should do the trick, I think.

Re: amplifiers. Do you want something battery powered, or will you have access to electricity? Will you be playing outside or inside? (that affects how loud it'll need to be) How important is portability (heaviness etc ...) to you?

u/Danny-Gone · 1 pointr/Busking

There are two answers to this question, the simple and the not-so-simple.

First, I disagree that the other posters that very low watt Roland amps are useful tools, especially where vocals are concerned. Powering your 15 watt AC required amp is a far better idea for the resulting sound.

Start with something like this :

If your amp hums or otherwise doesn't like the power this provides, the complicated answer becomes necessary. The power this provides should last around 6-9 hours with a typical 15 watt solid state amp. the resulting sound will have much less distortion than any of the lightweight portables that are sold as busking solutions (With the possible exceptions of the Acus One for Street, AER Compact Mobile though neither of these really qualifies as small or light).

u/LadyWithAHarp · 1 pointr/Busking

I get a lot of change in my tips, and I like to roll my coins before taking them to the bank. (I know that a lot of banks and supermarkets have coin counters, but I’m old-school.) These trays make the job so much easier!

You can get just the trays or the trays with the counting tubes.