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u/1point618 · 2 pointsr/Buttcoin

> Really, your points are mostly about social structure.

My points are 100% about social structure. I tried my best not to make any conclusions about the technology itself. Technology and social structures are different things, and even when we use the same words to describe them (network, decentralized, etc), we're actually talking about different concepts.

> Bitcoin is not a "political movement".

Bitcoin may not be a political movement, but it does have a social movement and social structure surrounding it. That is what the article is about.

> It's a technological leap forward.

And this is where you go wrong. Technology doesn't do things on its own. Technology is only successful insomuch as people use it. If you analyze bitcoin the technology in a theoretical vacuum that does not ask "why do people use this, why do they want to, what does it help them do?", then you will not make accurate predictions about that technology and the ways in which it will be adopted.

This is one of the major mistakes bitcoin proponents make, thinking that bitcoin is some force that can sweep the world and leave people behind. It's not. A technology will not change the world without adoption.

My next article in this series is going to be about The Lever of Riches by Joel Mokyr (link). It's an economic history that asks "why do some cultures see more technological progress than others?", and in answering that question also answers "how do technologies change the world?". The answer is that invention (coming up with new technologies) is relatively easy, but innovation (having those technologies adopted to the point of changing human behavior) is hard. Innovation happens through making people want to use the tech.

u/Hashmir · 2 pointsr/Buttcoin

>Whole business model of crypto is to FOMO people into buying high and selling low. There is literally nothing you can do to predict whether the price is going up or down. It is pure gambling. If you want to gamble, go to Vegas. Gambling there is regulated and you odds of winning are much better than in crypto wild west.

>The best way to deal with FOMO is to understand that you can have FOMO about anything. Does FOMO of winning a lottery keep you up at night? I think not.

Seconded. FOMO is the core of all cryptocurrency speculation (and bubbles generally), but it's not unique to it.

The good news is this means almost all of the advice for dealing with other kinds of FOMO—like seeing other people's "better" lives on social media—works just as well for crypto.

Consider these articles on dealing with FOMO, mentally replacing "Facebook" with "crypto charts", "social events" with "investment opportunities", and "exciting experiences" with "easy 10x gains":

For some more direct advice on defeating crypto FOMO, I highly recommend reading Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain ($5 on Kindle, link is the author's referral link, not mine).

A lot of it is basically about why the underlying economics is nonsense, which you've already figured out based on your post, but chapters 4 and 8 were what killed any remaining jealousy I had over the people who actually did buy Bitcoin ten years ago.

Basically, it made me realize two important things. First, many of those hypothetical gains aren't real. They're just numbers on a screen until you actually cash out. And cashing out is significantly harder than it seems. So when someone shows me a chart saying I could have turned a few hundred US Dollars into a pile of Bitcoin worth tens of thousands of USD Tethers, I know that their numbers aren't fully reflective of what I would actually be seeing in real-world cash gains right this moment.

Second, the ease and frequency of scams, hacks, user error, and general malfeasance means that the raw numbers don't reflect the actual risk. Let's say I had a bunch of Bitcoin in 2010. Well, I probably would have had in Mt. Gox, like most people who were doing anything other than sitting on a cold wallet. And then I would have lost them when Mt. Gox got hacked and shut down. Whee.

And if not Mt. Gox? Between 2010 and 2016, a third of all exchanges had been hacked and almost half had closed. Who cares that my original "investment" nominally goes up 10x if I lose 90% of it in the meantime?

I'm pretty smart, but I'm not psychic; I would be fooling myself to think I would have cleverly avoided all the bad options and only taken the precise actions that would have let me navigate the field of scammers and hackers and successfully cash out with my entire wallet intact over the span of eight years. So what am I actually "missing out" on?

u/cbct73 · 1 pointr/Buttcoin

Thanks, it was nice talking to you. I'll take a look at the book and article you mentioned.

As a counter point, for the credit theory of money, I highly recommend the book 'Money: The Unauthorized Biography' by Felix Martin.

Take care.

u/romad20000 · 3 pointsr/Buttcoin

Tim swamson wrote a pretty fabulous book, and one of the chapters details this problem. If you havent read it you should. I would gladly pay 9.99 for it, but they are free on amazon, and its certainly better then the "traded bitcoins for a month made money, buy muh book" shit, although at times its a little too technical.

Edit: here it is

u/normal_rc · 1 pointr/Buttcoin

I'm not upset about it, but USA certainly does tolerate National Socialist videos, since they're protected by the 1st amendment.

You can even buy National Socialist books like "Mein Kampf" on

u/SnapshillBot · 1 pointr/Buttcoin

Bitcoin does not give a fuck about gender or intellectually stunted garbage like social justice.


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u/spookthesunset · 26 pointsr/Buttcoin

Pollution is not possible because the invisible hand of the free market will guide consumers to buy less of the polluting company’s product, thus putting it out of business. Unregulated free markets cannot have externalities because the risks of losing business are prices into the market. It’s true![0]


u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Buttcoin

It seems like his credentials that make him "the world's foremost IT security expert" is several very odd conference papers that you can find here:

If you do a ctrl+f for "wright", pretty odd that it's this hard to find these papers. [Also if you look at his very popular book] ( (a book rife with plagiarism) the reviews talk about how poor the grammar is, didn't Satoshi always have particularly good grammar?

u/zom-ponks · 11 pointsr/Buttcoin

I know I'm overshilling this, but our own /u/dgerard has written a book on this which I think should be a "beginners guide".

I've been here long enough to get the insider baseball, but I still got a load of mileage of it, so try it.

Feel free to ask any questions though, there's a lot to unpack for all of us.

u/job_creators_of_usa · 7 pointsr/Buttcoin

I just ordered this in delightful anticipation of this very thing happening.

u/dgerard · 1 pointr/Buttcoin

He used to be quite the fan, still follows the space. He wrote a survey of the area in 2014 trying to work out if there was anything to this stuff (which I have on my tablet and haven't read yet). I follow and recommend his twitter.

u/the_snooze · 1 pointr/Buttcoin

Yup. It wasn't a class for me as much an excellent book that surveys the history of economic thought:

u/coinaday · 1 pointr/Buttcoin

I read Tulipomania recently because it seemed appropriate for the times. I also read another book on speculation which started with tulips as well of course so covered a bit of the same ground.

I'm planning to read Extraordinary Popular Delusions at some point since it always gets referenced but don't have a copy yet and a lot of other books I do have already that I still want to get through.

u/_per_aspera_ad_astra · 3 pointsr/Buttcoin

Attack of the 50 foot blockchain by our own u/dgerard

You can find the paperback for sale here.

His blog can be found here.

David—anything you’d like to add so people can find your content?

u/DesolateShrubbery · 5 pointsr/Buttcoin

Excuse me, you haven't read the guide on how to write Buttcoin Cash (BCH, 💩).

See this example on how to write Buttcoin Cash (BCH, 💩):

The correct way to refer to Buttcoin Cash (BCH, 💩) is Buttcoin Cash (BCH, 💩). Do not confuse Buttcoin Cash (BCH, 💩) with those other butts with a lowercase 'b'.

u/tom-dickson · 3 pointsr/Buttcoin

Many people, not just butters, need to read Enough.

u/msft_baller · 8 pointsr/Buttcoin

Someone just needs to adapt /u/dgerard's book in to a documentary.

u/floatboth · 5 pointsr/Buttcoin

Not sure about doors but it can penetrate butts

u/Hypocritical_Oath · 1 pointr/Buttcoin

Can't trust a third party, so buy a uranium ore sample, a 3.5mm to USB cable, and a Geiger counter with a 3.5mm out, then use that to get you some random ass numbers. I'm sure someone's written a program for that that takes the Geiger counter as input. Oh you may also want to fracture the ore sample in a semi-random way, and then use that instead of just the standard sample, just cause.

Total price, 450$, ish.

(disclaimer, I don't know shit about Geiger Counters or getting them to feed data into a computer)

u/Rub3X · 1 pointr/Buttcoin

I just got this off Amazon, came in yesterday. It'll be interesting to see all the libertarians squirm as the big bad gument gets involved in their butts. I for one can't wait, simply because it'll add legitimacy to bitcoin's dismal reputation. If the government starts regulating it, SEC approves the ETF, it will add a layer of legitimacy to bitcoin. Right now if you asked people about bitcoin they'd say Mt Gox and drugs.

u/routinely_sarcastic · 5 pointsr/Buttcoin

> I wanted to have a in depth conversation about the pros and cons of bitcoin

Fuck off troll.

It is a banking system with no ability to prevent a bank run, which means a systemic bank run will happen and it will unwind in a liquidity crisis. Practically fucking gravity if you bothered to read any financial history.

Go read a fucking book and leave us alone:

Go away until you've read all of them.

Get off the internet and do your fucking homework.