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u/IvyTh3Twisted · 4 pointsr/CICO

I got this scale last year. It’s accurate, super easy to clean, convenient to store and switching between measuring units is a breeze.

u/Bretspot · 5 pointsr/CICO

Here's another idea. 3/4" ball Bering are almost exactly 1oz each. So 16 per lbs. They cost about 4$ per pound... Dont go crazy though, a 2" ball is about 1lb each, but they cost 20$ each! LOL

u/Gritalian · 2 pointsr/CICO

I like the Optimum Nutrition Chocolate

Per scoop it is:
50 cals
1g fat
<1g carbs
10g protein
I believe most drinks call for 2 servings. I don't eat a significant amount of meat so I go with 4 servings just to help with the daily protein.

I have mine with 30 cal Almond Milk and really enjoy it. Have tried their vanilla and Cinnamon Bun. They are fine, but I legit have cravings for the Chocolate from time to time.

u/iDoveYou · 1 pointr/CICO

They make mugs exactly for this. Check out something like this: microwaveable soup mug

u/jaxattacx · 3 pointsr/CICO

Read Conquering Fat Logic . It goes through each lie we tell ourselves that keeps us fat and dispels it. It has completely changed my internal monologue. When I see someone 50lbs lighter than me I no longer think “she must have good genes” it’s “she must eat less calories than I do”.

u/oroyplata · 2 pointsr/CICO

Normally I don't shill for shitty companies like Nestle, but I can't find a better alternative to this:

15 calories a shot.
(Oh, and don't buy from Amazon either. You can find this in any grocery store.)

u/Sup-_ · 2 pointsr/CICO

Download my MyFitnessPal and track your calories and then buy a food scale like this one really cheap:

Go on google search tdee :

Enter your information and it’ll tell you what you need to know. leave the activity as office job.

3,500 calories is one pound of fat. It’s take a week to lose 1 pound of fat. In the start you will be losing water weight and some fat maybe 10 pounds of fat and water or more since your bigger after 1-2 weeks you start loosing actual fat it’s a long process it’ll take discipline to eat right make sure to track everything you eat even if it’s bad.

What I eat

Chicken boiled

Broccoli boiled

Carrots boiled

I only drink water and Lipton green tea


Ice Cream Halo Top

Eggs in the morning

Peanut butter with celery stick

Greek yogurt light

Cheat Meal is every 3 weeks gotta stay sane.

u/Hyperfashionist · 1 pointr/CICO

Well I’m no expert by any means, but I use the method in this book: (comes up invalid when I use the linking tool so here’s the raw hyperlink)

The Empowered By Lifting Diet Fat Loss & Lean Bulking Lifestyle: Eat What You Desired & Challenge the "Known"

They have a website called Empowered by Eating (I guess cuz not everybody lifts, bro) and they have a Facebook group where they constantly update in light of new evidence. However I just use the book because I don’t Facebook. Even if it’s a little out of date it’s gonna be more right than it is wrong.

In a nutshell you weigh yourself first thing in the am after going to the bathroom. Your real weight is a 7-day moving average, always.

You take your current weight and if you’re sedentary multiply by 13, if you work out regularly and/or have an active job by 14, if you get physically thrashed all day every day by 15. That’s your maintenance calories. Test for a week and if your weight has changed by less than half a percent, that’s your maintenance. Up or down by about 1 percent, add or subtract 50 cals and try for another week. Up or down by more than 1 percent, add or subtract 100 cals. Do this until you go 2 consecutive weeks with less than half a percent change. Keep to the activity level you plan to stick to throughout.

When you find your maintenance take off 5 or 10 percent, or if you are very overfat you can go to 15 or 20.

Then after about 10 or 15 weeks you go through a recovery process back to your new maintenance calories, which the book tells you how to do. Then restart the cut, go to a bulk, or so on. It also explains how to handle a plateau, plus how to bulk, nutrition and so on.

They won’t encourage you to lose more than 1 percent per week. Also I read somewhere that losing more than 3lbs a week will trash your gallbladder, and that that’s an absolute number and not a percentage, though I don’t have a citation to hand nor do I have the expertise required to evaluate the study. Anecdotally, though, my friend lost weight very fast and also trashed her gallbladder, and who can say if the weight loss was the cause, but I sure as shit would not risk going through what she did.

I personally cannot stand to cut more than 10 percent before I start to go crazy and eat major items of furniture. A big mistake I made recently was not taking the time to recalculate my new maintenance, so I kept eating at night and gained some weight back. Turns out my new maintenance is 10 percent higher than when I started so I was trying to cut way too low, and of course failing.