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u/lilpeedee · 2 pointsr/CatsandCosmetics

Get busy living! Thanks for hosting!

Vinyl: I am currently obsessed with Passenger. Here is a link to vinyl on Amazon.

I also can never get enough of Mumford and Sons, either album is great but here is the first.

Makeup: I am just getting into indies but really love the Silk Naturals products that I have tried. The organic lipsticks I have particularly loved. They are a great texture and good staying power. The are little, but at $5.75 each they are a great value. The small size makes them easy to put a few in your purse, and reapply on the go. They also have some great shadows, there are so many to choose from. They have tons of dupes, and have convenient product comparison pages for both shadows and lippies to show which ones are dupes for what. Very fast shipping also.

Books: Well I could go on forever here. Not sure your taste, so here are some I have loved:

Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

Memoirs of a Geisha

Room by Emma Donoghue

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

anything by Jodi Picoult but particularly My Sister's Keeper.

Have an amazing birthday!!

u/kidah · 2 pointsr/CatsandCosmetics

Vinyl: Not sure what type of music you're into, but i personally love Daft Punk They are.. amazing!

$17.99 w/ free shipping on orders over $35 (which with the lipstick and kindle books would be over that)

Books: I'm in love with the Game of Thrones series, always have been (before the show came out). It has an amazing plot, awesome characters, and shocking twists and turns the whole way through.



Hmm my favorites would have to be...

NYX Snow White just because it's an AMAZING color. (not indie but, still awesome) $5.25 w/ free shipping

Anything from AFK Cosmetics (shameless promotion of a_wild_dena_appears new line!).

A sample bag off all of her new shadows would be $17 + shipping. Not sure how much shipping is in the US, but we'll just say 5 bucks to be safe. So $22 ish.

That leaves 13 dollars left, so I would honestly (if it were me) grab 11 samples from ANY collection on Victorian Disco.

Sample baggie shipping is $1.75 so that would afford you a lot of samples!! Total on that would be $12.75

Complete Total: $99.66 :)

Get busy living!

u/Taralina · 2 pointsr/CatsandCosmetics

Makeup- This is going to be the largest category because it's the only one I know anything about... I kept my shadow choices Vegan as I didn't know and wanted to accommodate either way (plus Vegan is pretty darn cool :D) Total: $28 (not including shipping)

Okay so I reddit stalked you and found that you liked brights Here's a pressing tutorial

Your NM order in pictures! This is just for easy viewing of the colors my reddit stalking led me to believe you'd like ;) I hope you like my choices for you. I put together this album so you could see them in a list, and they're also noted in there if they're soso for pressing. The blogger I linked above says normally if the FF is pretty low on the list you can probably do it, but I figured I'd note it anyway. Feel free to do what you feel is right I just wanted to point caution in that direction.

Belle's Bounty

Snow Queen's Return

Spiteful Jas


She's Full of Secrets

Comic Relief

Sometimes my Arms Bend Back

Shadow of Things

Douglas Firs

Stripper Zombie

Cin's sins

Tenorman's Tears

The Dating Slayer

Idk if I should put shipping in or not but this (with my 20% off coupon I offered) comes to $13

Then you could get a TKB pressing starter kit! $15

Vinyl: Oh god I'm just not that hipster lol I don't listen to much non techno/dubstep/electronic/house music so here are some alternative bands' vinyls... I picked alternative because upon googling The Neighbourhoid I found that they were Alternative lol Total $35

Imagine Dragons Night Visions $18

Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News $17

Books! These are just some of my favorites that I can remember the name of right now. I don't really have the time to read as much as I used to like to, but I still enjoy sitting down to a good book. The Art of Racing in the Rain is one of my favorites too, but I see you already have read that. Total: $28

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly (My favorite book ever) $1

Oh My Stars by Lora Landvik $10

The Horse Boy by Rupert Isaacson $9, or if you're not into two horse books I'll add a dog book :) Lost and found Jacqueline Sheehan also $9

The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans $8

So here we are! This totals to $91 pre-Shipping. If you chose not to include shipping you can get a blogger sample pack from Victorian Disco Cosmetics $8, or Notoriously Morbid $5 (This one actually checks if you have a blog, so you could always just add more colors to your order, or upgrade some samples to minis). Or you can grab a few more pans from TKB Heck you could grab a 100 pack and never ever run out :D

Get busy living!

Notoriously Morbid is now 40% off until the fourth so you can add a NM blush ($9) and a coffin kisser ($3) the code is 1000YAY

u/Feeling_Pretty · 2 pointsr/CatsandCosmetics

Is it $100 total for all three? Nonetheless here's mine! I'm not entering, but thought I still do this for fun! :D

  • Makeup: I think their Fullmetal Collection is so colorful and bright! Alkahestry, Colonel, Equivalent Exchange, Day of Reckoning, and Fullmetal are pretty awesome look shades. That twinkle is pretty.

    For a full size shadow from Shiro it's around $5-6.

  • Vinyl: Rush and The Beatles are must haves for a vinyl collection. Miles Davis too; that jazz music is super nice and smoooth. And of course, so MJ in that collection won't hurt either! ;)

    I think a vinyl on Amazon is $20-40ish depending on the record.

  • Books: Books are a toughie for me! I used to read quite a bit, but after having to read 3-4 textbooks each quarter, reading isn't that fun anymore.

    But I want to give you books I want to read and to be read later on:

  • Lolita
  • The Secret Life of Bees
  • The Thirteenth Tale
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
  • Child 44

    I'm pretty sure an eBook on Amazon for kindle is waaay cheaper than getting a printed novel, so you can get quite a handful. Plus, Amazon has free ones too :D
u/girlseekstribe · 1 pointr/CatsandCosmetics

Vinyl: Weepies Be My Thrill - $20.98. If you like folk, you will love this band. They are seriously amazing.

Makeup: Two Joysticks from Geek Chic Cosmetics in Your Choice of shade - $12

Geek Chic eyeshadow in The Imp - $6

Geek Chic eyeshadow in The One Ring - $6

Geek Chic solid sent in Wuv, Twue Wuv - $3.50

Escada Born in Paradise 1oz - $54

Books: The Awakening by Kate Chopin on Kindle - $0.99

Total: $102.44

Happy birthday and Get busy living!

u/Sinamun · 2 pointsr/CatsandCosmetics

I have been using the heck out of the maya mia palette that sea-weed sent me. I am absolutely in love with it. It's now one of my top three favorite palettes!

I also got a pair of heels for christmas, they're these, except solid black everywhere and the shoe material is suede feeling. If you love heels but suck at walking in them like I do, I would recommend these a million times over. I wore them tonight for the first time on a movie date with my boyfriend and they were sooo comfortable and easy to walk in!

u/false_parallax · 1 pointr/CatsandCosmetics

Despite not being terribly experienced with origami, I didn't have much trouble with making them match - the paper should be square, after all. When you're making so many you fall into a rhythm and it goes along well. I had great luck using Elmer's Puzzle Glue & Sealant to close the individual petals, and then these glue dots to assemble the petals into a flower.

And yeah, going that route definitely was getting myself in deeper than I initially judged, so if you would be working with a short time frame and couldn't spread it out at a leisurely pace, it may turn into a chore. I still enjoyed it, personally.

u/howmanykarenarethere · 1 pointr/CatsandCosmetics

book on mindfulness!

has great reviews, a few people seem to be having a rough few months so it might be fun :)

u/lhpeanut46 · 2 pointsr/CatsandCosmetics

Thank you! It's actually a jewelry organizer from amazon. It's double sided and awesome! It's this one there are also ones with more slots.

u/bloody_twat_rag · 0 pointsr/CatsandCosmetics

Name of Book And Author
Stranger Than Fiction by Chuck Palahniuk

Why I Think Everyone Should Read This Book
An anthology of short stories that show a dark and humorous side of humanity, from personal narratives to others that were submitted, it is a fun read for anyone, whether you are a Chuck fan or not.

Size and Cost of Book
256 pages, prices range from $2 to $12 on amazon

u/cleverpseudoname · 1 pointr/CatsandCosmetics

We just ordered these EasyLunchboxes for the kids, with the Cooler Bags. I also ordered these, these, and these. I am wayyyyy too excited.

u/kipmetna · 1 pointr/CatsandCosmetics

I've had my eye on this baby. A tad bit pricey, but it holds a lot. Plus, lights!