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u/anniecakes · 7 pointsr/Charlotte

Public Art Walking Tour (self-guided)

Historic Fourth Ward is super cute to stroll through and has a bunch of beautiful Victorian homes. You could stop into Alexander Michael's for a drink.

If you have a car... Le's Sanwiches has really good bahn mi. It's not near anything "interesting", and is located in an Asian mall that looked all-but-abandoned, which gave our sandwich run a memorable urbex vibe, lol. This was years ago, but I can't imagine the mall is too different now. This is a pretty random suggestion, tbh, and I wouldn't call it a "must see". Although the sandwiches are good.

If you get the hankering for sweets (or savory snacks) at odd hours, Amelie's French Bakery in NoDa is open 24 hrs and offers a nice atmosphere to chill. They're known for their salted caramel brownies.

7th Street Public Market has a bunch of really good food vendors & local retailers.

Papi Queso Food Truck is really fucking good. (In fact, if you look through my reddit history, you'll see me stanning for them years ago)

The urban greenways offer a different view of the city if you like to walk. Not something tourists usually think of.

Lazy 5 Ranch is a drive-through safari. I haven't been, but apparently it's a blast. It's family friendly/touristy, but you stay in your own car, so does it really matter?

This article isn't bad. The Common Market (original location) is a gathering place for the alternative, so it's p chill and always has good people watching. They're open til bar close on the weekend, and you can buy alcohol at retail prices and hang out and drink it onsite. Their selection of beer and wine is great.

"3 Locals-Only, Secret Stops For Food In Charlotte"

There's also this book, which I stumbled upon while searching for inspiration. Can't vouch for it.

^(Disclaimer: I grew up in CLT but haven't lived there for a couple years, so please tell me if anything is wildly out of date)

u/belliebean · 7 pointsr/Charlotte

I appreciate your thoughtful comment. I think some of your generalizations about the families I serve are dangerous, though; they're the kind of generalizations I've seen used by teachers and administrators to avoid pushing my kids the way they need to be pushed, and they're the kind of generalizations that people use to justify abandoning these schools and families when it comes time to vote on education policy and spending. A lot of my kids come from two parent homes, a lot who don't have wonderful grandparents, aunts and uncles doing their best to make sure these children have what they need. A lot of my kids have parents and siblings in their homelands; they are here with me because their parents believe that splitting up the family and sending the kid to a Title I school in America is STILL the best thing they can do to give their kids a chance at a better life (and in most cases I tend to agree with them). I taught between 70-80 kids last year and I didn't meet a single parent who I thought was a deadbeat or was doing anything less than their best for their kids under often grueling circumstances. Many of them were marginalized and neglected by their teachers and administrators when they were students and have a hard time trusting educators, and they certainly are at a disadvantage when it comes to navigating the bureaucratic nightmare that public education can be-- especially if English isn't their first language. There are so, so many reasons my students are behind (and truly, I have many students who meet and exceed grade level-- more than people usually assume), a different reason for each kid, and there are so many shitty, negative messages in our culture about who they are and what they are capable of that they really do internalize-- and little to none of that has to do with bad parenting.

That said, thank you for the resources. I think you're spot on about classic drama being a good entry point, I plan on doing Antigone with my kids this year (R+J being a 9th grade text and Macbeth usually reserved for seniors, though I loves me some Shakespeare). And a lot of these modern or urban interpretations can serve as wonderful "hooks" to get kids to be receptive to the classics. I think the problem is when teachers are unable to go beyond what the kids immediately relate to ("oh that dude is rapping. I like rap.") and bring them closer into the text and its original context, as well as how it speaks to our contemporary issues. The truth is that kids at affluent schools like Myers Park aren't being taught Shakespeare in a way that is "easy to relate to" and that in college their professors won't be teaching it to them that way either, the expectation of those students is that they rise to meet the text and the teacher should be giving them a boost. I definitely want to use every resource available to maximize my students' initial interest in the text, but I also want to make sure I am holding my kids to the highest academic expectations possible (which includes habits and mindsets) because that is what is really going to open doors for them after high school.

All of which is kind of aside from the point that all kids need book-rich environments; they need to be surrounded by books that represent lots of interests and skills levels and need to be given time to spend with them freely. This is happening less even in affluent public schools, as the standardized test push makes independent reading seem frivolous and time wasting to administrators and as technology becomes accepted as the cure-all for our education ills. An excellent book about this problem is "Readicide" by Kelly Gallagher ( if you're interested. It has definitely helped me refine what I want to do with my kids this year.

u/deadstarblues · 2 pointsr/Charlotte

Book suggestion: Ghost Stories of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County

It can be purchased locally at most museums' or historic sites' gift shops. The depth of the stories are a bit lacking, but it's a great overview of the popular stories and locations in the Charlotte area.

As for myself, I've been interested in the paranormal since childhood. I researched everything under the sun from Bigfoot to extra dimensional beings. I would not say I am true believer, but yet not a skeptic either. I've had several weird experiences, and one that I consider unexplainable.

So here is my story. The year is 2005, and the place is downtown Asheboro, NC. There is an old building there, I believe it was a Sears department store many, many years ago. The top floor was the old office and storage section. Basically it was a long hallway with rooms to the left and right as you walk down. Each of the rooms were being subleased to artists. A friend of mine was renting the room at the very end to use for band rehearsal.

So one night my friend and I are chatting after a jam. I am sitting on a couch, he in a recliner. Directly to my right, about 3 feet away, is an end table filled various objects: a strobe light, beer bottles, ash trays, etc. We are discussing how creepy the place is. He tells me a few accounts that his band mates have experienced: hearing children's' voices in an adjacent empty room and seeing a black silhouette of a man in a hat and trench coat. When suddenly the strobe light flys off the end table and slams against the wall. The flight path was direct and straight. All the empty beer bottles right beside it were motionless.

My initial reaction was disbelief. Kind of a herp derp feeling. Realization took over and disbelief was soon replaced with sheer terror. I looked at my friend, saw he was terrified too. We both nodded and simultaneously bolted for the door. I've never ran so fast in my life, and didn't stop until I was outside. That's pretty much the end. I still feel like a chump for getting that scared, but the feeling in the room was electrifying. If was as if the entire room was screaming "GET OUT!". Something instinctual takes over.

Anyway, we got outside, smoked a cigarette to calm down, and discussed what we both just experienced. We both saw the exact same thing happen, and we both were completely sober. There was no one else in the room. Neither one of use were in arms reach of the end table. The flight path and velocity rules out any kind of nature motion, like a tremor. The room was windowless and there was no wind.

I have not been able to explain it. Any ideas or thoughts?

TLDR: I saw an object fly off a table by itself

u/JBKGator · 1 pointr/Charlotte

This book is excellent, highly recommend getting it.

Around Grandfather Mtn there is the Tanawa Trail, which is a long trail but broken up into sections that cross the parkway at overlooks, so you can pick and choose.

If you are looking for something pretty easy, try Moses Cones Park that is near Blowing Rock. Very nice trails that are not too tough.

Linville Gorge has some easy trails, but some are pretty tough too.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Charlotte

Sorry to be late on answering, but this one is absolutely amazing, and you can hide it behind a picture. Amazing.

u/ashabanapal · 2 pointsr/Charlotte

I got a Mohu Leaf Antenna. It's great for what I need. Some locations may require a more high-powered antenna, but it gets great reception for my house and is very unobtrusive.

Time Warner blows. Between OTA, Netflix, and Redbox I don't miss them or DirecTV one bit. Their product is not worth what they charge.

u/hellothisisme825 · 1 pointr/Charlotte

ASRock AB350 PRO4 ATX Motherboard-- $80 NIB

Kitchen/Home package deal- $40 obo

Rival 1litre baby fryer- looks like this one kinda. It needs to be cleaned.. It has grease stains and has been loved for a lot of years but we have an air fryer now ,

George Foreman GR10ABWI Champ Grill. Extra parts missing. Just the grill itself. Clean, used once or twice.

Swiffer and Bissel SteamBoost Mop for Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit. Used about 4-5 times. I expected more for the price? I bought an actual steam Mop on Amazon Day; sadly, for the same price...

u/utkevdawg · 6 pointsr/Charlotte

Biblical shepherding is so much deeper than that and is not at all about leading people who can't think for themselves. It is more about guidance and sacrificing yourself for the flock.

Should you desire, this is an excellent book to read on the subject.
Laniak went to go live with shepherds for a year to really understand the Biblical parallels and it is quite eye opening and in stark contrast to your presumption.

u/CarolinaKSU · 1 pointr/Charlotte

As others have said, the transmitter is in Gaston county and isn't really that strong. Even living off Tyvola Road West of 77 I would always have trouble with it.

However since moving out to Union County I purchased an antenna and mounted on the roof. I get all the Charlotte channels crystal clear with around 90% signal strength most of the time, including Fox 46. If I pointed it to the north-northeast I can actually pick up the Greensboro stations on a good day and some SC channels if I turn it the other way.

Here's an Amazon link for mine: Antennas Direct 4 Element Bowtie HDTV Antenna - 60 mile range

u/Wilhelm-of-Charlotte · 43 pointsr/Charlotte

There’s a really good book called “Charlotte: Then and Now” which has old pictures of famous and important locations in the city and compares them with new pictures of the sites. Here’s the Amazon listing:

u/xXHardKoreXx · 1 pointr/Charlotte

Cards Against Humanity

Best online place in case you can't find locally.

u/sphinxpup · 1 pointr/Charlotte

Just curious, this is what you got, right? Book

u/jsz · 3 pointsr/Charlotte

i have one of these and am in the huntersville area and get the big local networks crystal clear, not sure about the other random channels, ive never tuned into them

u/radiohead87 · 7 pointsr/Charlotte

Sure, I agree with a lot of what you said. The real problem is that during legal segregation, we were segregated residentially. Once enforced segregation became illegal 60 years ago, we were still segregated residentially. It's not something that changes over night. Ending residential segregation is a very slow process.

Nonetheless, residential segregation has caused neighborhood schools to be segregated which in turn kept up "separate and unequal" schooling. Charlotte became an experimental zone after Swann vs. CMS in the 70s and we enforced mandatory busing. Mandatory busing actually showed significant improvements in terms of school outcomes for Blacks as well as no significant negatives for whites (here is an abstract from an article on this, if interested, I can send you the full pdf). Since Swann vs CMS was experimental, there is actually a lot of research, including books, that has been done on the topic and it all shows similar positive results.

Once we overturned Swann vs CMS, there was a significant reduction in the schooling outcomes for Blacks. It has been shown time and time again, all over the nation, that integrated schools have positive outcomes for all.

However, as you pointed out, at the real root of the problem is residential segregation. There is not a real immediate answer for this other than very slow integration.

Whether or not we want to burden the children of Charlotte and have them bused around further in exchange for attempting equality and opportunity for underprivileged children can be a difficult proposition to parents. Not only is this a difficult commute for the children, but there has been studies that show that parents are not as engaged in schools that are further away.

u/scottwuzhear · 0 pointsr/Charlotte

Cops do not work to make sure you are safe. They are under no obligation to protect you, they only execute the law. Cops are nigh untouchable and invincible nowadays. They can be filmed assaulting, harassing, or killing someone and get off with nothing more than a paid vacation. Our police forces are being militarized, walking the streets with assault rifles, patrolling the streets with military vehicles and anti-landmine vehicles. I suggest you read Rise of the Warrior Cop.

u/caller-number-four · 2 pointsr/Charlotte

Something everyone needs to keep in mind - especially new folks to the hobby:

You need to correctly set the tracing force of your tone arm.

Pick up a scale:

There are cheaper alternatives. But I've never tried them.

And follow this guide:

u/PageJim · 1 pointr/Charlotte

About the cheapest place to buy online is at Amazon

u/speedylenny · 1 pointr/Charlotte

What?! No way. You should check out the Bob's Burgers Burger Book

u/dilworth_ylvis · 1 pointr/Charlotte

No worries! Those are outdoor Nest cams, not the newest 4k version though.

I think this one (I hate the new editing, but to the left of the parentheses is a link)

u/riverfaerie · 4 pointsr/Charlotte

/u/crwm, Based on this I am going to say that I highly doubt the brothel story. After all, the business of brothels centers around a town with commerce, which wouldn't really have happened for us until the gold discovery in 1799, but the town came years before in 1768. I am sure there may well have been brothels, but I don't think that you could get a whole bunch of people, especially with religious proclivities in that time, to name their hometown after something scandalous. You might check out this book for some down and dirty tales about our town.

u/n00bpwnerer · 1 pointr/Charlotte

Did not see it. How long did it last?

Also, I am going to make a pitch for having a dashcam. Especially living with all the dishonest, fucked up people. They are not even that expensive. My cam is this A119 after it was recommended on /r/dashcam, though now they have the V3. Also for front and rear cam the A129 Pro Duo just came out and it is in 4k video. WIll likely put that in my wifes car in a month or two.

u/justwanttolurk · 2 pointsr/Charlotte

Cord cutter here. I installed this antenna in my attic Took me about 30 minutes and all I needed was a power drill. Picks up about 30 stations with no trouble at all. Put in the attic rather than on the roof as I wanted less holes in my roof, didn't want to look of it and there was no way in hell I was going to climb up there.

You will also need this mount