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u/Phaedrus0230 · 1 pointr/Charlottesville

I have one of these. It's pretty high quality and still cheap compared to renting from a company. The only complication is that you need two cars to coordinate rides. My friend also has one of these which lets us bring along a boatload of drinks and snacks.

If you stick with that brand, they have a great locking system to attach everyone together.

u/Nobimatic · 1 pointr/Charlottesville

Amazon is the best place to find quality leather jackets. Check this vintage jacket, I think it is a good jacket with hood.

u/_aoa · 1 pointr/Charlottesville

Not a problem. Everything in the kit is a few years old, and used a handful of times; and it's all in good if not excellent condition. The ingredients were all purchased late last summer, so they're no more than 8-10 months old. Also, since last summer, it's been packaged up in a climate controlled storage unit, it's never been washed with soap--as you should never do.

In the link above, everything in the kit is similar except for a few items. One, my pot has a glass lid; two, I believe I'm only down to a few caps; and three, two of brown the stock bottles are from a different manufacturer. Additionally, there's a copy of this book about brewing included.

Other than that and the listing above, if you have any further questions, please let me know. Thanks.