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u/Noogisms · 1 pointr/Chattanooga

>I too could find an economist that states the exact opposite.

Go on...

>Not only that, but the first sentence in your quote actually disproves your "hyperinflation" theory.

Elaborate — I do not follow.

>Want to know why the price of goods is going up? Ask your president who just enacted a bunch of new trade tariffs

I absolutely agree here — thanks for reminding me of this. Overall I think tariffs will be a good thing for Americans... but definitely some "growing pains" as prices increase. Still, tariffs or not, price increases will raise the official US PPI rate.

>Using stats for Black Americans in the 1950s for economic theory seems completely disingenuous to me

Would you like to borrow this book (ask others, I lend out books to anybody that asks, whatever their political/economic stance is)? My own quote includes low-income whites, too (but just barely) because I was focusing in on one point to make a point. But the entire book has modern comparisons, too (colored and not)... it was only recently just published.

u/suddenlyissoon · 2 pointsr/Chattanooga

You can get one through EPB but I wouldn't recommend it. I'd suggest this one:

I have the AC66u version and it's a champ and my Macbook Pro can download over wireless AC throughout my house at 300mb/s.

Although the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 is pretty nice as well. Both routers have gigabit capability and provide wireless AC (to any wireless devices you might have that run wireless AC).

As BoozeDelivery said, if you don't have any newer wireless devices you can get by just buying a gigabit capable router with Wireless N that will be cheaper.

u/goldicecream · 3 pointsr/Chattanooga

Most people that have experience in filmmaking aren't going to be willing to work for free on someone else's passion project.

Celtx is a free scriptwriting website that will help with standard formatting.

This book has been very helpful to me, also.

You'll probably find some helpful advice in /r/Filmmakers or /r/Screenwriting.

u/GoTeamJosh · 3 pointsr/Chattanooga

I bought a bidet attachment on Amazon a few years ago and it was actually pretty great. It was a pretty simple installation process and I believe the cost was $40 or less.

Edit: Found a link for you.

u/drparton21 · 2 pointsr/Chattanooga

DOTA guy here. There are no friends in public games.


This is in your price range, and fantastic:

I know the look of it is a bit odd. No status lights for the individual LAN ports... but that's ok for you.

If you wanted to go bigger, this has a bit better speeds at long range, but is slightly outside your budget. It's also the router I use at home:

At somewhat close range, the D-Link I listed performs the same as the R7000.

All that being said, I'd save the $50 and get the first one. If you had a ton of devices, I'd say get the R7000. You likely won't be able to tell the difference, though, with under 5 machines.... unless it's on the opposite side of the house or something.

u/aluminumdisc · 1 pointr/Chattanooga

Aeroplane is obviously a great record, this book from the 33 1/3 series is one of the best from that series. I'll be online Friday morning!

u/MrNagant · 3 pointsr/Chattanooga

OTA is great. You really don't need a great antenna to get the big channels NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS. They are all on the Signal Mountain Ridge. As long as you don't sit in a ridges RF shadow, something inside should work well.

I have this antenna and it is total overkill.

I have it pointed at the mountain and the rear of it actually picks up PBS from Chatsworth, GA.

I bought this antenna and pick up ION from Canton, GA.

You buying one antenna for one TV, or one antenna for multiple TVs? You can easily tap into your existing coax. You'll just want to probably replace your cable provided distributor with an amplified distributor.

u/kevlarlover · 2 pointsr/Chattanooga

For sure. If you have a relatively clear view of NNW, you can probably get by with a [cheap indoor antenna stuck to a north/west window] ( (on sale for $17 when I'm posting).

If you're in a valley (like me), you'll probably need a more serious setup (I have this one mounted in my attic with an amplifier and it works great, even though the signal is coming to me through the side of a hill to my NNW).

Who needs cable with the internet and OTA TV?

u/scottocs · 3 pointsr/Chattanooga

Go the speed limit in the right lane, not the left lane (on highways only). The left lane is for passing cars going slow in the right lane. People WILL tail you and honk at you if you are going slow in the left lane when you have room to get over in the right lane.

If something happens to your car, you should try doing your own research first. Google the model and make and the problem. Sometimes it will be a common problem among your type of car, and it will possibly be an easy fix. Also, try to make some friends who know at least a little a bit about cars. Make sure to check your oil regularly and check your tire pressure and life. Don't buy replacement parts from a dealership if you can avoid it. Salvage yards are cheap and will get any part you need for your car, even if it's a cracked piece of plastic you want to replace.

A general tool set will work for now until more complicated things come around. If you plan on buying something non-grocery related, check to see if it's cheaper on Amazon. Many times it is. Here's the #1 tool set on Amazon.

Message me if you have questions or problems. I'm a pretty good handyman.

u/chredit · 2 pointsr/Chattanooga


Ha! I just came here to recommend that antenna. I'm near Athens, and have two of these. One pointed toward Chattanooga and the other toward Knoxville. Even this far out, everything comes in clear for both cities except for some random dropouts for CH61 (Comet). Sucks when it happens in the middle of Stargate!


I second the advice the use AntennaWeb. It will show you the antenna "strength" you need for your exact location and which direction to point it.

edit: words

u/zRobber · 6 pointsr/Chattanooga

Impossible to go wrong with an R7000. Powerful enough for a small business (<75 people), and the WiFi coverage is amazing.

u/deadmetal61 · 3 pointsr/Chattanooga

I didn't even know those where around here. This is why I was looking for local knowledge.

Something I found on Amazon you others might me interested in.

National Audubon Society Regional Guide to the Southeastern States

u/JimWilliams423 · 9 pointsr/Chattanooga

Ignoring the fact that your engagement with his point of view is literally the exact opposite of Buckley's complaint, quoting Buckley is another on-brand self-own. Buckley was so anti-russian that he continued to support McCarthyism with his dying breath. In fact, he was so concerned with the red menace that he published a book of McCarthy fanfic in 1999 called "Redhunter." If he were still alive, Buckley would be going fucking ballistic over the GOP's embrace of putin.

FYI, its not just trump (who is going to spend Veterans Day with putin), 8 republican senators spent the 4th of July in moscow and were humiliated on state TV. Total capitulation.

u/Jpdeg96 · 1 pointr/Chattanooga

Both my girlfriend and I have this router which we both bought used for around $60- $70. Wired connection we pull 950 up/down. Roughly half over wireless. Don't buy these $200 routers that people are linking you. I do some heavy gaming and work from home (I use A LOT of bandwidth) and I've never had any issues throughout my one year of ownership.

u/ThunderSizzle · 3 pointsr/Chattanooga

Also to clarify, if you know you'll be using a router for any prolonged period at time (e.g. more than a month or two in your near-future life), then you should invest in buying the router yourself, rather than renting it. You can obviously get a higher-end router, or a lower-end router, and both will be sufficient for 1Gbps transfers (just check the stats first. 1000Mbps = 1Gbps). Either way, even with an insane router, you'll probably pay it off inside a year (in terms of EPB). If you need help setting it up, ask around, offer some beers to a tech friend/acquaintance to set it up and show you anything you might need to know.

This is my router, which is obviously one of the pricier ones, but this specific one is "paid off" inside 7 months.

From initial glancing, this router would also be sufficient, and would be "paid off" inside 3 months.

Also, the main reason to rent would be that the monthly payment is cheaper in the long run - e.g. you replace the router every 1-2 years or something - but that's not going to happen. The monthly payment will rarely be cheaper in the long run. Routers will last multiple years even outside of warranty. And they don't have the upgrade cycle of a phone. And you'll rarely, if ever, need to "turn it off and turn it on" like those old blue Linksys routers. Those sucked.