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u/KnockItTheFuckOff · 2 pointsr/ChicagoSuburbs

Yes! I putting together shopping carts now but waiting for possible Black Friday deals. I've been told thin layers (preferably not soley cotton), a long mid-range quality parka, headwear, wool items where you can, mittens, gloves, and nice quality snow boots. Sounds like a snowblower is a must and I've seen windshield covers that allow for quick removal of snow. Any value in them?ALTITACO Car Windshield Snow Cover, Frost Guard Protector, Magnetic Windshield Snow Frost Ice Cover Sunshade Snow Covers with Elastic Hooks Fits Most Car, SUV, Truck, Van or Automobile with 83"x49.2"

u/[deleted] · 0 pointsr/ChicagoSuburbs

There's a semi-private disc golf course in Lockporte that is on the grounds of, I believe, an assisted living facility.

It's an absolutely lovely course with some memorable water hazards. You park in the parking lot of the facility and some of the residents are very determined to get cigarettes from golfers.

The wording "home for scared people" was just a reference to a favorite comic of mine and I hope it didn't come across as disrespectful because I got a lot of respect for people in those types of situations.

u/apexwarrior55 · 2 pointsr/ChicagoSuburbs

Take a look at this:

I'm using it currently, and it's very good at removing snow(significantly better than using a shovel like I used to).

u/musjunk22 · 3 pointsr/ChicagoSuburbs

Try r/ota. Also check out I'm in Batavia also and I had to use an outdoor antenna to get more than a couple channels. If you look around town you'll see a lot of different outdoor antennas. We're just a little too far from most of the Chicago transmitters to get a reliable signal indoors. I got a very good outdoor setup from Olmstead's downtown. I installed it myself but they do installs also if you're not the DIY type or have a fear of heights. It was more than $150 for the smaller outdoor antenna they have plus a small mast. I used a chimney mount, they only sell tripod mounts.

You could go the bargain route. I think this antenna may have good results RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna with 70 Mile Range

u/bepsigir · 1 pointr/ChicagoSuburbs

I've seen these kits in toy stores in Chicago proper. Doing a web search shows availability in Michaels and Walmart.

It looks as though you can buy actual plants online too. Or just try calling around to greenhouses near you if you want to go that route.