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u/Cheshix · 1 pointr/Chonkers

For exercise you and try and hour of play a day. you might have to really try to get them to be active - cat wands are great but the ones with the fixed feathers at the top dont do it for my kitties.
This one I use and both my cats really love it: Neko Cat Wand and Interchangeable Fly

No I dont work for the company, it's just one that I legitimately really think is a good (yet pricey) product. There are other brands that do the same thing, this is just the one that I have personally.

u/okurosetta · 2 pointsr/Chonkers

I didn't change my chonk's food but started measuring what I gave her. This container made it easy:

Exercise is always good too; a laser pointer gets my chonk running around like crazy. Catnip can also encourage activity. But I think the food makes the biggest difference!

u/TeaSympathyAndaSofa · 5 pointsr/Chonkers

Not who you asked but my chonk likes this egg I got off Amazon. He gets half a can of wet food in the morning/evening but he gets a small portion of dry food in between. This egg helps him eat slower and he gets some playtime while I'm at work.

u/cojohnso · 7 pointsr/Chonkers

The cat food feeder that reads chips - 3 cats all on separate diets! u/tistonyofist

Amazon: Surefeed Selective Feeder

Edit: Vet recommended this when my cat was eating the kittens’ food & she chonked up fast. Would highly recommend!

u/vakerr441 · 2 pointsr/Chonkers

This is one one I bought for my chonker, he seems to be able to turn around fairly easily, the top also is not necessary so it can be removed: Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box, Extra Large, Teal

u/lookxitsxlauren · 9 pointsr/Chonkers

You could use a drill bit meant to cut holes in wood. Hole saws, I think they're called.

like these

u/emianne610 · 1 pointr/Chonkers

I'm using the hills science diet dry cat food right now. Here's the link to the one I got on Amazon

She showed a little progress on the other foods, but has lost more weight since switching over to this one!