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u/blank_dota2 · 1 pointr/Cigarettes

Go for rolling papers and $5 roller wheel like this one.

It's a far better value than buying an injector and tubes.

I speak from experience.

The only benefit those tubes have, is you won't burn your fingers nearly as much as rolling your own with Element Rice Papers or paper rolling papers.

Taste is much better on unfiltered, but if you are a newer smoker, start with a mild/gold tobacco or Turkish, as unfiltered is stronger than filtered.

You can buy filters for rolling papers btw, a bag of 200 is usually $3-$5 at amazon.

This is the roller I use.

I bought one of those injectors, the Powermatic Mini, but seriously it sucks. It spits out tobacco on sides all the time, other times it's really noisy, it stinks like a tire (didn't bother me but did bother others).

Biggest flaw of the PM, is definitely when it doesn't fill the center/tip as thickly as the rest of the cig. Then when you go to tap your cig on an ashtray, it will bend the tube.

Really unpleasant experience. Don't even get me started on how much of a joke the PM is at filling 100mm tubes. It basically fails.

If your going the tube and injector route, just get an electric tube injector, as then it won't suck.

I honestly wish I could return my white Powermatic Mini, but I can't because Amazon won't let me.

Learn from my mistakes:

  1. Don't use pipe tobacco to roll cigarettes unless you want a harsh, BBQ tasting cig, that is prone to making your lungs feel really heavy when you inhale, especially unfiltered.

  2. Make sure you get a decent rolling tobacco, I really love Peter Stokkebye Turkish, Danish, Stockholm for when I want a kick ;), and I've heard Bali Shag and Drum are good as well.

  3. Buy from a good site, or a nice tobacco store. and are legit, safe, and trusted (had great experiences with both, but I prefer SJCigars). One warning about Lilbrown is they tell you to be 19 or older to order, but then tell UPS to require signature on 'Adults 21 years of age or older', even if your state allows tobacco sale at 18 or 19. It's obviously annoying. UPS is business day only movement btw, so I recommend sjcigars over them, as sj uses USPS (Post Office).

    PS: I wish this could be put in the damn wiki!
u/ArmatureArt19 · 3 pointsr/Cigarettes

Loose filters can be a number of problems. Too small of a filter being the easiest thing to blame it on. If you roll straights it can be hard to make the filter stay in, I usually try to keep the filter rolled as tightly as possible and pinch it between my fingers when rolling so it will expand to fit the paper when I let go, I sometimes rip gum tips off papers and use the glue to keep filters in when I'm having trouble. Alternatively if you roll straights, I find rolling cones really makes the filter sit better, as well as smoking better. If all else fails a raw rolling machine (I bought mine couple years back at my local headshop couple years back for something like 4$, and its never failed me) is a great investment for really cheap and wont break on you anytime soon. If you load one of these with about a .8 of rolling batch and a pretty fat filter it will roll you something that is extremely similar to a brand name somke in both look and feel. Good luck and happy rolling.

u/Magicmooshoo · 2 pointsr/Cigarettes

Long time american spirit smoker here, Yeah it sucks about the papers but I found the best deal and papers thought i'd share it with everyone That's 5 packs 300 papers each for 15 bucks and they are so much better than the american spirit papers ever were, nice light papers you can't even taste a hint of paper in the pull and the crosshatch pattern print on them makes them burn perfectly.

u/joeytribbiani96 · 24 pointsr/Cigarettes

How to smoke Marlboros for 2€/pack

Hey good people, today I want to share you one trick of mine to smoke my favourite brand of cigs (Marlboro) for little more than 2€ per pack.

I found some Marlboro tubes on the internet, made by Phillip Morris, so the quality of the paper and filter is the same as the normal Marlboros. They cost 11.87€ for 1000 tubes (5 cartons).
On top of that I use Marlboro Rolling tobacco, for 13.20€ 80gr here in Spain, in other countrys of Europe it may vary.

I use the top-o-matic machine which works perfectly well, never had any problem.
Here I show you the maths:
-80gr Marlboro tobacco (around 140 cigarettes) for 13.20€------> 1.88€/pack
-Marlboro tubes 11.87€ 1000 tubes---->0.23€/pack

So 1.88+0.23= 2.11€ per pack

Since the tubes are made by Phillip Morris, they are really high quality, plus the Marlboro tobacco, it feels exactly like a regular Marlboro, no difference at all. Saving a shit ton of money, sincr Marlboros cost 5€ here in Spain.
Here I let you the links of the tubes and the machine if you are interested guys:


Top o Matic:

u/BobDole101 · 1 pointr/Cigarettes

Raw is the best I've tried, I hear rice papers are good too. I would recommend the 300 packs to save money, this is exactly what I use for Jays and cigs.

u/They_call_me_Jesus · 3 pointsr/Cigarettes

Marlboro blacks. They're about how they sound, full flavor and a little bit dark. It's possible to do a pack a day, but I'd say they're more enjoyable if you're not chain smoking them. Also, if you want the class of a smoke in a suit, you need to get yourself a cool looking Cigarette case. Any local smoke shop should have a selection for relatively inexpensive.

u/roads30 · 3 pointsr/Cigarettes

no divets in the middle/top, not much overhang on the end. this was not the work of a hand crank machine (maybe a fresh choice type of electric roller with a filler hopper on top). or if it was, then i need to adopt better rolling techniques.

edit: for anyone who's curious back before these were outlawed to be used in smoke shops, i use to spend an hour before work rolling an entire carton in under an hour. those were used ones obviously, so the results weren't always the best. but it helped A LOT. time wise.

u/Metamorph1980 · 5 pointsr/Cigarettes

Yes they are real and yes they are for sale at Amazon: “Protect your baby”

u/jirohen · 2 pointsr/Cigarettes

That's where this stuff comes into play, it's a food safe product that's used in most tobacco to keep the moisture in, I think that's why most packed cigs keep for a while, but the RYO pouches may dry out (depending on ingredients list) if they decide to use a humectant or not.

Have you tried using those moisture pouches that cigar users use inside your tobacco tin? that way you'd possibly avoid getting mold into your tobacco using fruit as a source of moisture. I heard Boveda is a good brand, and have seen on some videos how to rehydrate them when they dry out.

u/lifeisamazingithink · 1 pointr/Cigarettes

Get a TarGaurd, it should help with this issue, and it reduces the after effects like smokers cough.

u/insukio · 2 pointsr/Cigarettes

According to some weed smoking article about best tasting rolling papers

u/SloppyJoeBeaver · 1 pointr/Cigarettes

If you're cutting down on cost, try this rolling machine over hand rolling. It uses prerolled tubes and cigarette tobbaco. Also, check this will actually save money. In the US they sell "pipe tobacco" which isn't really pipe tobacco that's taxed far less but I don't know how it is where you live.

u/hisverbisdictis · 4 pointsr/Cigarettes

Nah dude that's not a fag making machine at all. That's something like this.

u/Jrskf · 3 pointsr/Cigarettes

For cost savings, maybe try rolling your own. As I understand it, there are different levels of it, where the more skill you have the less complicated the tools are. You can freehand roll them, use a plastic machine
Or use an injection machine with filter tubes which are like cigarettes without the tobacco.

u/shadyood · 2 pointsr/Cigarettes

One thing that helped me was reading this book. May seem sort of kitschy but it’s legit.