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u/YMBI · 1 pointr/Clemson

I know I'm late to the party, but I just got through with my year in core c. The futon my roommate and I used was the one found here (sorry for monster link). It fit perfectly. I would suggest that you find a different material, though, because the fiber picked up all sorts of dust and was a general PITA to clean. I paid for it and after my roommates girlfriend stayed over I never sat on it again for obvious reasons.

If you have any other questions about core I'd be glad to help. :)

Congrats on clemson/Calhoun acceptance!

u/RoachHatingRussian · 4 pointsr/Clemson

I have an answer to this, but it's solved with money (and a bit of time). Almost all of the Arris modem/router combos are just trash... and there's nothing that can be done about it that I could determine. I just decided to buy my own equipment and my Internet hasn't had any problems since. No slowdowns, and no downtime. Here's what I got, but note that this equipment is actually super overkill and I think cheaper equipment could still do the job:



I actually did buy the router used so that saved a bit of money. Your ISP will need to support the what modem you get, but Northland (which I assume you use) supports a good bit of modems, you just need to call them and give them your CMAC on the modem to activate it on their network. If you want to do this and need help just pm me.

So CCIT does bring up a good point on the WIFI space being crouded. The router I bought performs extremely well in crowded environments, which was what was needed in my scenario. The modem was bought because it supports gigabit speeds.

u/edit1754 · 1 pointr/Clemson

I'd just be aware this laptop uses a PenTile (RG/BW) not-true-4K display. The quality isn't terrible or anything, however it forces you to deal with the downsides of 4K (have to wrangle some apps to scale correctly; if you game you'll have to do so in non-native res) without the full sharpness in exchange for it. Regarded deceptive marketing on part of Dell, however fixed in the new Inspiron, and was never an issue in XPS or Precision products. More info in the /r/SuggestALaptop/ sidebar.

If you wanted a 4K display, you can get basically the same specs but true 4K, with the Lenovo Ideapad Y700 Touch 4K / Link 2 for price-checking. Grab the $900 one with the 3840x2160 res.

However that is only if you want 4K, and are buying it specifically because you want the sharpness or ability to increase screen realestate for coding (i do this, it can be great for programming, I would just make sure it's what you want over other things and you're fine with wrangling apps to scale properly). If not, you can get maybe a better GPU for gaming with the Dell Inspiron 7567 (this Inspiron 7567 has an IPS display; avoid the ones with the base non-IPS display because it'll look like this, and avoid the 5577 since it only comes with a poor display), a Thinkpad T-series for better build quality and perhaps longevity (config with 1920x1080 IPS not 1366x768 TN, then DIY-upgrade the RAM and SSD), or many cheaper options. Could probably get by with this which doesn't have one of the better displays but still has the 1920x1080 res for coding, can be upgraded to 8GB RAM, and can be upgraded with an SSD, or this/this which have IPS displays (confirmed @MicrosoftStore) and are still cheap.

u/LavaScribe · 1 pointr/Clemson

IT WILL WORK, it will be tight though. I had two 24" 1080p monitors, propped up horizontally on a big thing of wood at IKEA. I had it cut with a miter saw prior to driving to Clemson. The repurposed shelf sat across the lip of the desk in Byrnes, but I'm sure you could make it work in Lever if you want.

My roommate also had a small desk he put next to him for his laptop (he had a single 27" monitor + desktop), and because I didn't have an extra desk, it was fine.

For reference, I was in a normal outside room in Byrnes. I fit in a 2.1 speaker set in as well. Here's a picture, ignore the mess. I have my desktop on a thing of plywood on the carpet so the fans won't choke. Proper cable management and a good surge protector is recommended. Please let me know if you have questions, I'd love to help.

Edit: It was a 22" 1680x1050 monitor and a 24" 1920x1080 monitor, but it should work with 2 24" 1080p monitors.

Edit 2: I didn't have height-adjustable monitors, but I guess it could be done with them.

u/ImZugzwang · 3 pointsr/Clemson

To back up this opinion:

I (and 4 of my friends - easy to convert people to a solid product) currently have a Lenovo Thinkpad T440s but they're not made anymore. To get one you'd just have to shop around on Amazon/Ebay for a refurbished one for ~$450. With the 6-cell battery (~$50) I get roughly 8 hours of battery life doing normal tasks and 13 hours if I only have a terminal up on low brightness. My reason for buying this was the build quality, ability to upgrade (touchpad, keyboard, screen are all easily-ish removable), ridiculous battery life, and it typically doesn't have a touch screen. The T450s is also a good alternative.

Truthfully, you can get around with probably anything as a psych major.

u/246Louie · 3 pointsr/Clemson

My freshman year (2 years ago) I ended up buying an $1100 laptop off Amazon with a i7 7700HQ and 1050 ti (4GB). This was plenty of hardware for my solidworks (similar to CAD) class. My issue with all of the laptops that Clemson recommends are that you are paying almost twice as much for a slim, sleeker laptop. I'm not gonna lie, it is nicer to have a laptop like this though. I have a very nice Desktop (which I also had in my dorm in RiSE), so I sold my bulky, heavy gaming laptop and bought a $350 laptop and a $80 SSD specifically for class and couldn't be happier. I should also note I'm in IE, not ME.

I also want to explain that, in my solidworks class, A LOT of people had Macbooks, of all things. Clemson has a server or something that you can connect to to run Solidworks. I'd assume this is the same for CAD, but wouldn't be sure? If I had known this I never would have wasted my money on that first "gaming" laptop.

I also just found this laptop on Amazon:

I believe this laptop will outperform any that you have listed above. I'm actually shocked how good this laptop looks, and slim as well.

u/tdashrom · 2 pointsr/Clemson

Trust me, use this book:

The pdf versions and worked out solutions to all the problems are floating around the internet in pdf form somewhere. This book saved me and was a WAY better resource than anything they used in class

u/schrodinger26 · 4 pointsr/Clemson

I'd recommend reading:



The graphs don't follow best practices and could use some work to more clearly communicate your goal.

Bar charts should not be center aligned like that, unless 0 on the x axis cuts directly through them (ie if they show positive and negative values simultaneously)

u/TheKittenConspiracy · 1 pointr/Clemson

I definitely wouldn't ever take the risk with a street mattress because that is just asking for bedbugs. Nowadays you can just order mattresses online with free shipping because modern foam ones can be rolled up for shipping. Something like this:

u/lazzeri · 3 pointsr/Clemson

Razor blade and then this stuff cleaned up the sticky residue like a dream.

u/scratchfury · 6 pointsr/Clemson

Only works when you get to a cooler space though unless you like a hot breeze.

u/Smarge18 · 2 pointsr/Clemson

I've done a bit of reading and others have suggested that the required textbook and Mylab (which by now you know you have to have for homework) isn't a very thorough text and you may do well to buy access to another textbook by Larson. I've encouraged my son to rent this book on Amazon. for $17 - they say it has more/better sample problems. (BTW< my son is taking Math 2060 which I understand is also called Calc 3, but they have the same required/recommended books.)

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Clemson

Dude, just, just, just tossed one away. However,

Edit: Started thinking, I don't know if that will work if no OS. If it needs a driver I doubt it will. I guess I wasn't too helpful. I'll ask my room mates if they have any in the meantime.

u/evosthunder · 17 pointsr/Clemson

Greek Life has a notoriety for hazing, and it culminated in 2014 with a murder tragic accident.

I just Googled "clemson hazing" and eventually found myself here. Note this details events from late nineties.

u/Stripedanteater · 6 pointsr/Clemson

I read your post, but what you’ve clarified wasn’t clear and needed context. What if I told you there are solutions to your problem that are at least 200 times less complicated than Clemson figuring out how to build parking lots close to your dorm? Get a rolling cart and roll your groceries up the hill, or go shopping before the cat bus stops running.

Students on campus today have more amenities than any other generation that attended Clemson have ever had regarding public transport, on campus dining and stores, and housing and parking locations. If you have problems with these things, you’re really going to have a bad time when you graduate. If you don’t agree with living on campus during freshman year, spend your money at another school that allows that.