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u/nickelforapickle · 5 pointsr/Coachella

So in my "flying from NY" experience, which I did twice before just moving to Southern California, here are some more tips:

Check a bag and get the majority of your gear into that one 50 lb. bag. Buy whatever you can before the trip from Amazon or wherever else, and just order the camping chairs and whatever else from Walmart for pickup. I knew I wanted my tent to be more than just a one-time coachella tent, so I researched it thoroughly and came up with this, which is a bit pricy, but the tent is only 11 pounds packed up, and packs up real nice and small so you can easily fit this into your checked bag. It's about 75% mesh, which means it's ventilated like crazy, which is great for the desert, and it comes with a rain-fly that the reviews all said worked great (especially important if you're going weekend 1, which has had weather issues the past 3 years).

This does mean you'll have to worry about the sun though, so I bought a bunch of mylar emergency blankets that I just duct taped to the top of my tent to reflect out as much heat as possible. They crinkled when the wind blew, so they were a bit noisy, but it's Coachella and you're going to be dealing with noise all weekend.

That's why you need earplugs. For the concert, you might want either of these pairs that I have used in the past, but for sleeping, you just want basic foam earplugs that will block the majority of sound out. You won't have to worry about your tent making noise or your neighbors' afterparty.

I wasn't willing to buy an easy-up in the past (though I may this year), so instead I just picked up a silver reflective tarp (to help with the desert sun) from Harbor Freight for not too much money, and then I ordered a few of these tarp poles along with a good line of reflective tarp cord and some plastic stakes (they don't allow metal). As long as someone else in your campsite has an easy-up, you can easily bungee the tarp to the side of that. Just make sure you are really good about tying down the poles.

The most IMPORTANT tip I can give you is to FIND A GROUP to camp with before you go! Last year, I was part of a campsite that attempted to include about 50 people. Only about 25-30 wound up actually meeting up before heading in, with a group of 11 cars. That wound up being split into groups of 5 and 6 cars, that had sites that were still within a block of each other. Make sure your group stays together on the security line! Find a line that seems to be moving faster than the others (which means they are checking each car a bit less ;) ) and make damn sure you stay together, because they only allow you 15 minutes to wait for the rest of your group once you're past security. Be a New Yorker about it if you have to. Two years ago, we found that there was an empty line over to the right that had been blocked off by another line right next to it. When we saw it and then went to move all our cars into the line, my brother just stood there with a beer in one hand, holding his other hand up to a group of cars that patiently waited for our group to be in the line together, and then we were all good.

One of the best parts about finding a group to camp with was that everyone is gonna forget something, but each time it happened, someone else in the group had it handy. It was pretty magical. The other awesome thing about finding a group to camp with, is you can almost bet everyone will have a good time because people are generally in their best moods and on their best behavior trying to meet cool new people like you.

I will also note that for flying in from NY, my budget has usually been somewhere around 1200-1500 for the weekend, including a flight (350), the ticket (375), the camping pass (85, split 2 ways), purchasing gear (around 300 the first year, but if you have last year's equipment it gets cheaper), and then about 300-400 for food/beer/weed (and if you stick to drinking in the campsite you'll be able to spend less on beer and stay hydrated more easily).

Anyway, there's my short novel about being prepared for and having an awesome Coachella camping experience. I'm still a boy scout at heart, so planning for stuff like this comes naturally to me and I am pretty passionate about it. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

u/squaredrooted · 1 pointr/Coachella


  1. Seeing Porter and Madeon. We were at the stage for Grouplove and when people started clearing, I wanted to make my way to the front. Group didn't want to get too close since they wanted space to dance. I wanted to be with my group of friends, but I also wanted to be as close as I could. I ultimately decided to go to the front by myself. Although I wish I could have shared the experience with my friends, I was pretty determined. It was my first and last chance to see them, and I had a good shot of getting to the front. I got to the front (left stage though) and had a blast. Don't regret it at all cause I ran back to the spot they were at after Porter and Madeon and met up with them again. Good times were had.
  2. My group I went with. We've gone since 2015 but it was a lot smaller this year. I think I liked that better.
  3. Protective mouth gear. My gear consisted of ear-loop surgical masks, 3M masks, and a bandana.

  • I used the ear-loop masks during the day time, when it was hotter and I wanted something light to ventilate. Day 1 I stuck with the ear-loop mask the entire day. Days 2 and 3 I switched to the 3M mask when the sun set and it was cooler. Day 3 I used the 3M mask and put a bandana over it when I needed it.

    Bonus cheat best:

  1. NOT GETTING PICKPOCKETED. I was at mainstage. I was tired. I was resting my head on a friend's shoulder. My phone was in my pocket. But I had my hand on my phone. Some chick (and two friends) walked by and one of them definitely tried to put her hand in my pocket. Now that I try that motion, it would have been a very fast pickpocket. This was definitely a pickpocket attempt because the only part of my body that was impacted/affected/moved was my hand...that happened to be gripping my phone over my shorts. I've gone to a fair share of raves and festivals and people have bumped into my countless times. It's never been so direct and targeted that it was literally only my hand that was affected. No upper torso or upper arm at all, just the hand. The pocket was definitely the target. I just happened to be gripping my phone while resting. Glad I did so. I immediately snapped out of my rest and caught a glimpse of the girl. Kinda short and there were at least 3 of them. Walked away fast, didn't even look back at me.


  2. Somehow tightening my wristband too hard mid-set day 1. I kept it loose on purpose to take it off easily. Dunno what happened, but I look at my wrist at night day 1 and it's skin tight. Not to the point where it was cutting off circulation, but it would bother me days 2 and 3. Paid $40 for a replacement. Sucks.

  3. Being super exhausted day 2.

  4. Sahara tent.
u/Scoregasm · 3 pointsr/Coachella

Well first, read through your Coachella welcome guide that comes with your box. It has tons of awesome information on what to expect.

Then, use the search bar and find tons of other threads recommending camping items. Seriously there's so many, nobody will cover them all in this thread.

That being said, here's a copy/pasted comment of mine from another similar thread. These are some of the lesser known items I like to recommend:

> "Individually Wrapped Butt Wipes: low profile enough to stash a couple in your fanny pack or backpack. Make the porta potties wayyy less of a nightmare.

>Individual Pedialyte Packets: never worry about hydration. Just drop one into every water bottle or Camelbak refill. Also tastes amazing in conjunction with "goodies."

>Chelated Magnesium: if your "goodies" make you queasy or clench your teeth a lot.

>Hydro Flask Cup: It's going to be hawt as FUDGE out there. Last thing you want is your drink getting warm. I've left these on the hood of my car by accident and come back to it still full of ice. Amazing.

>Ravpower Portable Charger: this bad boy is one of my favorite purchases ever, not just for Coachella. When this thing's fully charged, it charges a full phone battery around 6-7 times. It charges like twice as fast as my wall outlet charger. It's seriously amazing.

>Individual toilet seat covers - Those camping porta potties are a fucking warzone sometimes.

>I'd also recommend side walls for your EZ Up as extra shade. Tapestries work too. "

u/la90036 · 1 pointr/Coachella

This guy is not wrong! 100% agreed about the queue. It LOOKS like it takes awhile but really moves rather quickly and you'll be inside in 5min. If you watch the exit there's ALWAYS a flow of people out the tent, which is nice. Never 100% packed.

Keep in mind not all Yuma artists are created equally. Some you'll vibe with, some you won't. Personally, I love the tent as it fits my style of dance music much more than the Sahara acts nowadays.

I strongly recommend getting some ear plugs, like these:

They actually improve the sound coming from those Yuma speakers and you can spend much more time, comfortably, getting down!

u/ptntprty · 1 pointr/Coachella

I was going to buy some anyway so I won't consider it in the contest, but I still really appreciate the suggestion... and that's very generous of you to offer to pass along the potential prize!

These are the ones I currently have in my cart - I'd read good things but I'd love to hear your thoughts.

A little background - I'd always thought it was really nerdy to wear earplugs at shows/clubs/festivals as an occasional attendee... but I've been to a few clubs lately that have literally hurt my ears they were so loud, and a recent Eric Prydz show I went to left my ears ringing for days. It's just no good and I intend to reduce the risk of any further damage... I urge others to take preemptive action because tinnitus is fucking wack.

u/_supreme · 2 pointsr/Coachella

I have been using these for a little bit. They seem to be pretty popular. Pretty comfortable and still easy to enjoy the music.

u/Space_Cowboy2023 · 4 pointsr/Coachella

Here's everything I ordered just last night!

Bandana Headband face cover things I've bought these before, great for keeping cool and keeping the dust away.

Cheap Fanny Pack


More Tapestry

And some other things I bought a while ago.

Earasers Best earplugs I've bought so far, hella comfortable and inconspicuous.

Plastic Flasks

Extra Earplugs just in case someone needs them along the way

u/MrWanderlusst · 3 pointsr/Coachella

Last year we never had to lower our EZ-UP, or our tents the entire weekend.

We used these SECURE
We filled each one with sand/rocks! ✨👌🏾

Happy Chella !!! 🎡

u/TocTheEternal · 3 pointsr/Coachella

Tbh I don't remember. I bought a LOT of them cause I value my hearing more than my money, and I'm pretty sure I tried just about every size available. This is just for my btw (which I know isn't super helpful) and it might be worth trying and returning a pair or two if the first you try doesn't seem right.

I will evangelize the Earasers a little bit. Among my friend group I think everyone that's given them a shot has settled on them. For me they are the only ones that fit and don't distort.

u/dudefromvenice · 10 pointsr/Coachella

So far...

  • GLOW STICKS - I bought 1,000. Last year I did the same and it was so much fun throwing them around the Sahara tent. I hope people don't mind. Everyone seemed to love when I handed them out.
  • and these awesome glasses.

u/metalsippycup · 2 pointsr/Coachella

Freedom Flask.

Or use a soft collapsible water bottle like this if you're bringing in a backpack and just place it at the bottom of the bag and cover it with stuff on top. Just make sure you get in line with a security person that isn't too thorough. My backpack has a extra compartment for a hydration bladder so I stuff it in there.

u/mikron2 · 1 pointr/Coachella

I use standard ER20 I got a pair for my girlfriend too and she has small ears but they fit her, but they might be a little big for her comfort. They do get sore even for me at first, but you get used to them pretty quickly and by the end of the weekend when I don't have them in after the festival is over it feels weird for the first day.

u/Lasers_go_pewpew · 1 pointr/Coachella

Posted this on another thread, but I've been using this power pack for a while now.

It's 22400mAh, so it stores a huge load of power (average phone battery is 2000mAh). My group of five last year used this extensively everyday to charge our phones, cameras, and portable speakers each day, and it still had extra juice at the end of the weekend. It's a champ. Also, way smaller space footprint. You could easily keep it in a glove compartment or even a large pocket.

u/Playtek · 9 pointsr/Coachella

The ETY earplugs are fantastic, and not expensive at all. 12.99 on amazon, very comfortable and will save your ears.

u/Jordan-5 · 3 pointsr/Coachella

Don't get the cheap ones. A good pair goes for $15 ish on Amazon and they are extremely comfortable and designed to keep the sound clean while protecting your ears. No muffling

These are the ones that are $15 a pair and worked great for me so far: Live Music Hear Safe Earplugs

These are more expensive but came highly recommended on this sub: earasers

u/ljmunoz · 1 pointr/Coachella

I ordered a bunch of stuff for this year. I went a little amazon crazy.

I stubbed my toe on a tent stake last year so I ordered these glow in the dark tent stakes.

I figured this blow up couch would be a cool addition to our campsite.

I got one of these battery powered fans for my tent.

I ordered a few of these batter powered led lights in different colors for decoration.

I ordered like 4 of these portable fans for our camping group to clip onto their camel packs for the daytime heat.

I ordered this portable battery pack to keep my phone charged.

I ordered a 300 pack of glowsticks 100 for each day.

I ordered these light shooter things. They are fun to play with in the camping grounds.

I ordered one of these anti chafe sticks for my fat legs. It's truly a life saver.

Also I ordered The Watterpuff for obvious reasons.

u/DrScientology · 1 pointr/Coachella

For $10 these are so fucking money. They heat up in the sun in an hour or two, although cold isn't too bad. 1 bag is good for about 2-3 showers. We brought two for a campsite of 9 last year and it was perfect. Highly recommended

u/scarecrow-boat · 8 pointsr/Coachella

I got these Etymotic earplugs about a month ago. Worked great when I saw St. Vincent. Sound is clear, doesn't muffle the sound like the standard foam ones.

u/MJ1331L · 1 pointr/Coachella

Man, I thought the dubs were pretty good IMO. are you saying it muffles the overall sound more vs earasers? this is causing me to re-review all the earplugs now.

I was actually looking at the earasers before - - just to make sure we are talking about the same ones.

u/hihochopsuey · 12 pointsr/Coachella

Good recommendation! I also recommend this pair of Downbeats as I own both and like how downbeats are a bit more subtle/less protruding from my ears.

u/BruinFootyFan · 9 pointsr/Coachella

As is this product. You can find individual tubes at most running stores or even Target. Easy to stow/pack in your back/fanny pack:

Original Nuun Active: Hydrating Electrolyte Tablets, Citrus Berry Mix, Box of 4 Tubes

u/IHateTomatoes · 1 pointr/Coachella

I wear a pair of $12 Etymotic at every concert. I don't notice a reduction in quality...decent earplugs should reduce the decibels without reducing the quality. I don't have issues talking to friends or with discomfort. But its worth investing in custom ones if comfort is the issue.

/u/thirtynation has done some research on the fields with decibel readings and everywhere is pretty much over 90dB which is unsafe after only a couple hours.

u/Steph_920 · 1 pointr/Coachella

I have a pair of [DownBeats] ( and they're amazing. Been going to EDC for 6 years and can vouch that you definitely still get the full experience (just without the post-festival ear ringing). The little case is clutch, too!

u/peanutbutta_jennie · 1 pointr/Coachella

Last year there were girls passing out these awesome 1 time use funnels in the womens porta potties. Peed standing up! it was so cool and I think you can buy them on amazon and carry a few around a day. I def plan on it. I am a little too short to do a proper hover. TRY THESE

u/astraelly · 1 pointr/Coachella

TBH, my husband and I just go with these N95 Respirators with Valve. We look like dorks, but we're not trying to impress anyone anyway and we feel great after the fest.

u/allthetunes · 1 pointr/Coachella

Yeah my group’s canopies flew away in 2016 because of the crazy wind.

I ended up getting these for last year and they were 100% worth it. Paired with some plastic stakes I was confident it wouldn’t budge. Just got some 50lb bags of sand from Home Depot for a few bucks to fill them up.

That being said I still lowered my canopy each day to be on the safe side.

u/elliotgreen4 · 3 pointsr/Coachella

An easy way to remedy this is to purchase electrolyte tablets to put in your camelbak/water bottle to keep your system in balance. Just ordered this online and plan on using it in the festival when I'm rolling.

u/keeflennon43 · 6 pointsr/Coachella

i just got these the other day. tried them out. they don't hurt in my ears and are easy to pull in and out. granted i only tried them out during conversations and with multiple TVs and music playing in my house and it works well, so we'll see how it sounds on the fields. but i dont regret my purchase so far.

u/thegreatsharkhunt · 4 pointsr/Coachella

These ear plugs, these bandannas and definitely a Camelbak (the lighter the better or all his friends will ask him to carry their shit in it and that gets old, and heavy, fast). Or, if you want to do something a little different, schedule an in-hotel massage on Sunday late morning/early afternoon before he goes into the fest for the day. Seems over the top, but leaves you feeling fresh as fuck when everyone else is hurting on Day 3. I've done it with Palm Springs Massage the past few years and they do a great job.

u/WalterJrsBreakfast · 13 pointsr/Coachella

We brought diffraction glasses with us last year and they were a blast! A nice plus was giving them away to people in the Sahara and seeing their face light up when they put them on.

u/hedonistichippie · 1 pointr/Coachella

I highly doubt anyone is going be creeping on you, they generally have better things to do. But I still recommend bringing a portable shower like this. My group has been using it for the past 6 years and its a savior.

u/zzcon · 3 pointsr/Coachella

don't bother wasting money on some fancy ear buds that need an app on your cell phone to operate. and besides, they aren't even out yet.

try these. saved my ears last year and won't cost you some exorbitant price. got 2 sets last year and brought 1 home.

u/TheBuzzerBeater · 1 pointr/Coachella

I have this inflatable chair/ottoman. The ottoman is small enough to blow up inside the fest and it fits in a tiny bag.

They also have these couch/beds I might get for LiB (staying at a friends house for Coachella this year)

u/meistergrado · 4 pointsr/Coachella

These are my bread and butter for hearing protection at shows. They don't block out any single frequencies more than others, unlike foam earplugs that will make the music sound muffled and muddy. It's like you just turned the volume down a few clicks on everything, and you can even hear people talking next to you without plugging your ears! They're only $12 and will last a long time.

u/FantasticGentleman · 4 pointsr/Coachella

I've been using these for years too and they're quite good but sometimes depending on what kind of music I'm listening to things can sound a bit muffled. Obviously, you're never gonna get ideal sound while protecting your ears unless you drop the money for customs but I just ordered Earasers from amazon and I'm looking forward to trying them since they seem to work quite differently than other earplugs and I've read a lot of good reviews. I'll let you guys know how they perform after this weekend.


u/digitalcolour · 9 pointsr/Coachella

This Battery Pack will last you and a friend the entire weekend with one charge

at least it did for me. I bought 2 for my gf and I and only had to use one with heavy usage (2 iphone 6's, bluetooth speaker)

u/crosscreative · 4 pointsr/Coachella

If I was to fly in and looking to camp, I think I'd either look into those Jucy vans, or rent a car and pick up supplies at walmart before driving in. Most the small stuff you could already bring with you or take back home and I guarantee there are plenty of folk who will gladly take a barely used canopy/cooler/tent/whatever off your hands at the end of the weekend. Just search "car camping" on this sub as well and you'll find a ton of helpful info

as far as charging devices, I use this and not only does it keep my phone completely charged all weekend long, but it usually has some juice left over at the end.

u/shitlord_traplord · 1 pointr/Coachella

You should've used that money towards this external battery. Holds enough juice to charge an iPhone 6 at least 11+ times in comparison to the 1.75 times with the mini. $18.99 with code J29D3UMJ

Keep in mind that you're sacrificing portability, but if you're sporting a Camelbak then it won't really matter. Plus, if you're camping then it's also handy for those with you over the weekend that may need it. I personally have this external, but the one I link caught my eye on a deal site and thought I would share.

u/Schleprok · 2 pointsr/Coachella

Yep. I use this one

and it's good for 6 full charges.

u/unicornservingdonuts · 2 pointsr/Coachella

Order a pair of these: before you go. They are lifesavers and likely much better than the ones Coachella sent. Also come with a little plastic case and some string to keep them around your neck.

u/MelechRic · 0 pointsr/Coachella

Get some of these for your water:

Even these will work:

You will feel much better at the end of the night because you've maintained proper electrolyte levels.

If you drink alcohol try to alternate between it and a drink with electrolytes. Water will help prevent hangovers, but the electrolytes really keep you up and moving.

u/kmung · 2 pointsr/Coachella

We buy one of these $9 portable showers fill them up and throw them on top of our cars. It gets so hot the water is plenty warm and you don't have to wait in lines.

u/jessebased · 2 pointsr/Coachella

I'm getting this car jumper/power source that should last me the whole 4 days
Schumacher XP2260 1200 Peak Amp Instant Portable Power Source

And plug my $40 computer speakers that I use for backyard parties all the time. And use very little power
Logitech Z313 Speaker System

u/discoshhrk · 1 pointr/Coachella

The sound at Coachella is very good and very loud and good earplugs make it even better imo. Not having the high fidelity earplugs would probably ruin Coachella for me so I always have 2 pair for any festival in case they get lost or someone in the crew forgot theirs. Ringing ears is worse than any hangover from partying. I used these a couple weeks ago and they were just as good as the eargasms. You can't really go wrong if they look like the eargasms or the emyotics I also tried the dubs but I wouldn't recommend them since they messed up the sound for me.

u/Proud_Thespian · 26 pointsr/Coachella

Check out the Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs.

I've used these for years at Coachella and other concerts. It just reduces the sound volume, you still get to hear all the music (as opposed to those foam ones, where the sound just muffles).

Edit: these also allow you to end a concert without that awful buzzing in your ears for hours after

u/breadquarters · 2 pointsr/Coachella

I usually go with 3M N95 masks every year. Checked out Vogmasks — they're pretty cool — but I don't like how the bands go around the ears, so sticking with 3M.

Edit: Link

u/nineknives · 1 pointr/Coachella

By chance, were you referring to these?

u/constantlyoff · 1 pointr/Coachella

Get these, wear them (they are comfortable) all three days, don't hate your life every morning when you wake up and your ears are ringing

u/Droid017 · 1 pointr/Coachella

Dubs suck anyways, spend the $13 on Amazon for These which sound far better.

u/Smoes42 · 3 pointsr/Coachella

Your guess is probably as good as anyone's here. I'd say it's probably likely because of incredible demand.

Alternatively I picked up this bad boy to bring in: which is probably overkill but whatevs.

u/theedang · 2 pointsr/Coachella

In my experience with these style of plugs, the DUBS are more comfortable and can be worn for longer periods of time without hurting your ears. If the hearos and DUBS are the same price, I would go for the DUBS.

The only thing that makes me skeptical about these new DUBS earplugs is that they don't have specs on how much protection you actually get.

u/shazbot28 · 1 pointr/Coachella

What @thirtynation said. I've used the same model for many concerts including Coachella.

u/FCB_TB · 1 pointr/Coachella

I've used this stuff for Coachella, Burning Man, 115 degree humid heat in the middle east, etc. Looks similar to the gold bon, I have never tried the gold bond though.

They sell this stuff at REI and probably at running shoe stores, etc.

u/slknicRN · 1 pointr/Coachella

This bad boy powered my wet-to-dry hair straightener and charged phones and battery packs, inflated air mattresses, and still had plenty of juice to jumpstart my truck Monday morning after I forgot about the internal lights being on with the doors open all weekend.
One of the best camping-festival investments I've made.

u/beginnersthrowaway · 1 pointr/Coachella

>I'd look into a pad or memory foam pad. An air mattress will always deflate due to the drop in temperature during the night (going back to the old physics lesson PV=nRT).

Ive used this my past few festivals and its always treated me well. Sometimes needs a reflate in the morning, but never had any issues with deflation during the nigh/nothing severe. It's a little large so might not work great in a regular tent. A cot might be a better option for you, though, both space- & comfort-wise.

u/book-slut · 1 pointr/Coachella

I highly recommend some like these . I got a pair of these last year, before that I only used the foam earplugs. HOLY SHIT what a difference. They don't muffle sounds, they just turn down the volume a little bit. You might want to get the connector string as well so that you can hang them around your neck. Earplugs are easy to loose, but I find that if I can hang them around my neck, no matter the type, then I can keep track of them!

u/fl3urdelis · 2 pointsr/Coachella

I bought this Anker power block for Coachella last year and it lasted me all weekend! I believe it charges an iPhone 6 5-6 times, and it's portable enough to bring in your backpack:

Also, someone in my camp brought a camping shower. Soooo much better than waiting in that female shower line...

u/milesahead89 · 6 pointsr/Coachella

My own means to shower. The line in Lot 4 last year was brutal. I'm thinking I will just buy this and a bucket.

u/betteroffatnight · 2 pointsr/Coachella

Mophies are way too expensive for what they provide - try a generic brand. More bang for your buck. I have one of these - it'll charge your phone or GoPro probably 6 times from dead.

u/shanahanigans · 4 pointsr/Coachella

Here are the ones I brought, was not disappointed.

Mine didn't have a cord connecting them, but the carrying case helped at least.

There are three kinds of people who don't wear earplugs to live music events:

  1. People who are unaware how loud it can be (especially near the front or a speaker stack)
  2. People who are unaware that hearing damage is permanent and cumulative
  3. People who know 1 and 2 but don't value being able to hear well as they get older

    The choice is yours: earplugs now, or hearing aids later.
u/WhiteAdipose · 2 pointsr/Coachella

If you're really worried you can get 3M N-95 respirators here or if you're worried about image you can get the dirt bike masks here.

Some dickhead last year made fun of me for wearing my N-95s saying I looked a prude dumbass. Saw him on the third night dribbling mud boogers in the dust cloud on the way out lol.