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u/VAN1SH1NG · 1 pointr/Comcast

The Netgear I linked to is just a modem. It will only have one port (no wireless) which needs to be connected to a router.

If you do a lot of online gaming on the Xbox and don't have to have wired downstairs, it would probably be best to have the modem in the same room to use a wired connection.

I doubt the two floor townhome would be big enough to have significant concerns over wireless performance. But I will point out a couple options you may not be aware of. First you can set up a wireless bridge which is essentially a wireless cable. The device acting as the bridge would normally have 4 or 5 wired ports to plug into. This of course still depends on a good wireless connection between the router and bridge device. But the advantage is that the bridge can have stronger wireless antennas and is better able to communicate with the router than the built in wifi on devices like game consoles or laptops.

The other option is powerline adapters which actually provides networking over powerlines. Simple plug one into the wall near the router and connect a cable to it, and then plug in one or more into other electrical outlets. Powerline performance can vary greatly though. In some homes they work nearly as well as running an ethernet cable, but in some homes they are completely unreliable. In most cases they will at least work well enough for streaming and anything else other than gaming. Gaming over powerline is certainly possible if they end up working well in the townhome.

In a two bedroom townhome these probably aren't necessary, but something to keep in mind if the xbox isn't wired and the connection isn't stable.

For the router/wireless..

Personally I am a big fan of Ubiquiti products, but they are a lot more advanced than routers designed for home use. Their routers do not have wireless built in, but rather they sell separate wireless access points (Unifi). I use an Edgerouter X which costs about $50 and a single Unifi AC wireless access point. I have the Unifi AC Pro which is $130, but there are also the Unifi AC Long Range ($100) and Unifi AC Lite ($80) and any of them should be fine. The Pro is capable of a bit higher speeds, but the extra speed would likely only be beneficial if you are sending files between your devices (Plex media server for example). Just make sure you don't get the older non AC models.

While they are more advanced they really aren't very difficult to set up. With the Edgerouter you basically just need to login to it and select a wizard (specifically the one named WAN+2LAN2 which will set it to act like most any home router). Then for QoS (quality of service) to prevent streaming, etc to cause a lot of spiking while gaming, you go to the QoS tab to enable Smart Queue and then simply enter the Download/Upload speeds of your Comcast plan.

Unifi wirelss access points are a little different in that you can't directly access them to manage. Instead you install Unifi controller software on your computer to configure all Unifi devices on your network. There are a lot of advanced options for Unifi but basically all you need to do is go to settings and add one or more wireless network, being sure to set the security to WPA Personal with a security key (password).

Aside from Ubiquiti I have had the best experience with ASUS Routers. Probably just about any of the ASUS dual band wireless AC routers would be fine (such as Not sure how well their QoS features work since haven't used them, but I imagine. Netgear Nighthawk AC routers also have a great reputation although I never used them personally.

So recommend one of the following:

  1. Unifi Edgerouter X ($50) plus one of their Unifi AC wireless access points ($80-130)

  2. ASUS dual band AC router such as the RT-AC66U (around $100)

  3. Netgear Nighthawk dual band AC router such as the R6700 (around $90-100)

    Along with the Netgear modem
u/Corporate_Comcast · 2 pointsr/Comcast

I work for Comcast and take part in pushing these new wireless gateways on our poor customers who have perfectly good, stable modems in place. My advice is to steer clear. If everything is working fine then why mess with it? Comcast has us pushing them so hard because they want to build their Xfinity Wifi public hotspot network. Not really that big of a deal considering that the bandwidth for strangers connecting to the hotspot is so limited that it has negligible performance impact to your actual in-home network and there really isn't any additional security risk at all. The problem is that our wireless gateways are built cheap and have a much higher failure rate than any modem we've leased in the past. There was even an alert sent out to employees a couple weeks back about a design flaw where the coax cable can become loose from the back of the modem and cause an ingress signal leakage which severely harms both upstream and downstream bandwidth and the solution offered by Comcast is to advise that "tightening the coax connection a quarter turn should resolve the issue."

As far as purchasing your own modem, I say go for it. At $10/month for your Comcast rental, it'll pay for itself in time. The SURFboard SB6141 you posted is a fine choice, though I personally prefer the Arris CM820 or if you have phone service with Comcast then the Arris TG862G (you'll notice the modems with phone ports are quite a bit more expensive but what can you do?) The only reason I prefer these over the SURFboard models is that they're built like fucking tanks. I guarantee either of those two would keep working until they've become obsolete and then even some time after that. I picked up the Arris TM722 new off Amazon more than 5 years ago and haven't had an issue with it yet. One other thing to note is that if you do pick up a modem that has built in wifi, expect to disable the wifi on it because I can almost guarantee that your dedicated wireless router will have a stronger signal strength anyway.

Lastly, this may not happen to you, but when I made the switch to my own, purchased modem and called in to Comcast customer support to have it added on and activated on my account, it took four or five calls before getting a rep that was competent enough to know how to even enter the serial number onto my account. More than one agent told me after trying for some time that they don't support that model, but it's the same fucking model they were actively leasing to their customers at the time and is even on the list of Comcast supported internet modems so don't get discouraged if you hit some static while going through that process. You will eventually find an agent that knows what they're doing. Anyways, best of luck with your ongoing relationship with Comcast :)

u/simplyclueless · 1 pointr/Comcast

Depends what you want. From Comcast's perspective, all you need at a minimum is a compatible cable modem. It's easier if it's on their approved list. Any would likely work, but you'll have less issues if anything goes wrong if you choose one from here. Here's their link:

The cable modem connects to your cable line, outputs an ethernet connection that you can then use with the rest of your equipment. At that point, you probably need a wireless router, unless you're just plugging a single computer into the modem itself. The router plugs into your cable modem, and expands your network from being just a single ethernet port, to any wireless devices you want to connect to it. It also might have additional ethernet ports on it if you want to connect directly (wired will be better performance than wireless).

Most people recommend keeping the cable modem and wireless routers separate, as you then can upgrade/replace separately if needed. But there are options where they are combined all in one single device, which might be helpful for simple networks. To find those combined devices, just check "built-in wifi" on the xfinity device page, and it will show you those compatible models.

A separate Wifi router that plugs into the cable modem can be just about anything you like, from the cheapest setup up to a whole house mesh with several different access points. They are all "compatible" with Xfinity, as all of them will just plug right into the cable modem to connect up to the network.

If you do end up going with a separate cable modem / wireless router setup, it is sometimes useful to put the cable modem in "bridging" mode. This means that the cable modem sometimes functions as a router as well by default, even if it's just a modem. Then by putting another router behind it, it can sometimes cause issues, especially if you have people on your network with game consoles and some other similar uses. Bridge mode turns off most/all routing from the modem, and the wireless router behind the modem is the only device performing routing - it receives the external IP address as far as Xfinity is concerned, not the cable modem's ethernet port.

My recommendation, for what it's worth, would be the Motorola MB8600 (~$150), with the Google Wifi setup ($100 for one, $260 for 3), 1 puck for each 1500 sq ft of house.

u/taintedbloop · 1 pointr/Comcast

Hey, I was talking with a user in another thread and he mentioned something about a puma 6 chipset which some models use which apparently have problems. They may have partially fixed it with a firmware update but I don't think it's fully fixed. There may be lag issues with that model modem you are getting (SB6190).

If they haven't shipped it yet I would cancel the order. It MAY work okay but honestly I would just return it so you don't have any headache.

It seems like the better choices are the model below it, which I actually just bought used for $34, or the new model with DOCSIS 3.1 which is a bit expensive but is very future proof and about $160 after coupon right now on amazon.

I thought I'd alert you before you set up that modem! It's crazy they're still selling it like hotcakes. Maybe the issue isnt that bad but I personally wouldn't use it. It should be an easy return because its amazon.

edit: If you want a model in between the model below it and the very new model, this $99 Netgear is about the same price and is comparable to the one you bought (though a few less channels) and doesn't have any of the puma 6 problems.

u/antihexe · 2 pointsr/Comcast

The WRT54GL is likely still fine if it's still in good working order. It's a classic, but it's certainly still useful. It's wireless is theoretically limited to 54Mbps double what you pay for.

I use at home:

and own a few

Both are great but quite expensive.

u/M3rc_Nate · 1 pointr/Comcast

Actually $130 on Amazon right now so that is pretty sweet.

Thanks for your recommendation!

Just looked at our bill; $10 a month for the router we are leasing from then. Awful. Gonna buy one and return theirs.

So in your experience is a modem swap pretty simple? Just unplug the one and plug in the new one and everything should go smoothly?

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Comcast

Exchanges are free. An HD upgrade from an SD box is going to cost you ~$10/month. Alternatively, you could get a cablecard from comcast possibly rent free depending on where you live and buy yourself a set top box that supports them. This set top box, apart from showing your channels (both SD and HD), comes with netflix, other apps, and media center functions.

u/yoti1988 · 0 pointsr/Comcast

The Arris SB6121 is perfectly capable of saturating your 100 Mbps connection. In fact it can reach up to 172 Mbps down and 131 Mbps up. Plus it's cheaper. But remember this has only 1 ethernet port. So you will need to supplement this with a dual band AC router that has 4 ethernet ports. If you are planning to upgrade your Internet connection beyond 172 Mbps, then you should get the Arris SB6183. Because the Arris SB6183 is capable of reaching 686 Mbps down and 131 Mbps up.

Arris SB6121 specifications:

Arris SB6183 specifications:

Cheapest brand new Arris SB6121 $37.99:

Cheapest brand new Arris SB6183 $79.99:

u/XxSliphxX · 2 pointsr/Comcast

I bought my own router and modem and get faster speeds because of it. I'm a heavy gamer so speed and stability across multiple devices is extremely important for me.

ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem :

Linksys AC2600 4 x 4 MU-MIMO Dual-Band Gigabit Router :

Also suggest investing in some good Cat6 cables much higher data transfer rates than the normal cat5 most people use:

May seem pricey to some people but this is something you will be using 24/7 for years so imo it's better to pay upfront for quality rather than go the cheap route and have nothing but issues. Also not renting equipment anymore pretty much makes them pay for themselves.

u/unixwizzard · 2 pointsr/Comcast

>Is the incompatibility between the gigabyte signal and the 3.0 modem actually such a big factor?

yes, it is everything.. the gigabit service will work only with a DOCSIS 3.1 modem.

>They also said that I would get faster speeds if I used a 250mbps plan with the 3.0, which I am skeptical of.

they are correct in that downgrading to the 250Mbps plan will get you speeds faster than the default 30Mbps you are getting now (provided the modem you have now can do that speed).

>Worth the 200$ for a 3.1 modem or am I better off downgrading and paying less.

Yes it's worth it, and is absolutely necessary if you want the gigabit speed.. Do you need a voice capable modem? if not I recommend going with the Motorola MB8600

I use one for regular D3.0 service (200/10) and it has performed flawlessly, and it costs a bit under $200..

u/mr_biscuits93 · 3 pointsr/Comcast

I just went through the same situation (except I don’t need 150). BUY YOUR MODEM AND ROUTER. I’ve rented the modem/router combo from multiple ISPs over the years and they suck (poor range, internet cuts out randomly, needs constant restarts, etc). Plus it’s $132/year that you’ll never see again.

I bought a like-new router and modem from amazon, optimized the channel settings and my setup kicks 5Ghz signal to the furthest reaches of my apartment, something my previous rented modem/router combos could never do consistently.

Edit: my Setup. I saved some money by not buying brand new. The only component you really need to double check is the modem. Make sure Comcast accepts it.
ARRIS SURFboard 16x4 SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem- Retail Package- Black

NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router, Gigabit Ethernet (R6700)

u/mbz321 · 4 pointsr/Comcast

Do you currently rent a modem? If so, you can buy your own for $ have probably 'bought' your current modem a dozen times over in rental fees.

There are benefits to a new modem if you are on a higher-speed package. That being said, the ones provided by Comcast now let you 'share' your connection with other Comcast users (which can be disabled, but it isn't well documented).
Comcast will eventually stop supporting Doscis 2.0 modems (which you likely have if you have not upgraded for a while), but you can simply buy one like this and be okay.

u/GoldenState- · 1 pointr/Comcast

Looks like the Netgear CM500 I saw on Amazon has that puma chip. Supposedly Motorola modems don't have that chip. Does this modem seem good? Right now I don't have access to the account so I can't see the Comcast modems page.

[Motorola MB7420] (

Also any wireless router would work? How is this?

[TP Link AC1900] (

u/AlertThinker · 1 pointr/Comcast

MOTOROLA DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem, 6 Gbps Max Speed. Approved for Comcast Xfinity Gigabit, Cox Gigablast, and More (Model MB8600)

This is the best modem on the market.

u/philipjd_ · 1 pointr/Comcast

Any device that supports a CableCARD can be activated on Comcast and used as your own. CableCARDs start at $2.99/mo. and can be provided free in some instances.

This media player supports CableCARD as a cable box.

Note: Not every device that uses a CableCARD can access guide data and On Demand content.

u/SittingWonderDuck · 2 pointsr/Comcast

I too was looking for a clear answer. I did my research so here you go. This can support your 75 Mbps



NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router (R6700)



u/clocks212 · 1 pointr/Comcast

I've had solid performance with this one with the 1gb plan:

NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Cable Modem. Max download speeds of 6 Gbps, For XFINITY by Comcast and Cox. Compatible with Gig-Speed from Xfinity (CM1000-

Also had great performance from this one when I had the 150mb plan:

ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem - Retail Packaging - White

u/Gunny123 · 2 pointsr/Comcast

Don't rent a modem. Get a dedicated router and modem. If you can afford it, go with the SB6121 and a better router.

u/subverted77 · 1 pointr/Comcast

Specifically, this modem will ensure you are protected from lower speeds and future-proofed so you don't have to buy another modem again when speeds increase.

u/itrippledmyself · 3 pointsr/Comcast

You may get some more range out of an AC router, so that could be a small bonus.

You might also check on power line ethernet adapters, as they are cheaper than MoCa (This is not a product recommendation, but something like this

u/Dark_Alchemist · 1 pointr/Comcast

Buy an authorized modem Once you get it unscrew your rented modem and disconnect it. Cable from the wall to the modem. LAN from modem to router. Router to your devices including wifi connections. Call comcast and tell them you have your own modem now and they will ask you for information and numbers off of it. 10mins later your modem is up and running and your router will automagically handle it. From the router to your equipment read the docs.

btw, don't do cheap do approved and realize if you buy the lower tiered approved modems they are reaching EOL. For me I try and stay around 80 dollars new because at 12-13 dollars per month I break even in under 7 months.

I personally would suggest either of these two modems (stay away from Arris, or any other, with Intel inside) - or

If you are faster than 400mbps service skip those and go for a 32x8 or 32x16 version with a Broadcom chip in it not Intel.

u/HTWingNut · 2 pointsr/Comcast

Arris Touchstone TM822G here:

Purchased December 10, 2014.

I'm about ready to buy a new modem, walk into Comcast with a video camera, open it in front of them, have them agree that this is my modem, and read off the serial number and my name and scan it into the system. So ridiculous that you'd have to jump through hoops for something like this.

u/SaiyanOfDarkness · 3 pointsr/Comcast

If you wanna save a little extra each month, and have some cash.. get one of these.. ... since u are only around 90mbps it should have no problems keeping your max speed.

All you have to do is give them the MAC ID off the box and tell them you own it, and just have to return the rental box to them and if the rental fee is like mine u should save $10 a month.

u/Fearblade98 · 1 pointr/Comcast

alright thanks for the response. its only one tv since i have my pc connected to my tv and my monitor and the living room tv will be using the roku. I should also be good on devices since ill be using the proper modem and This router

u/xXxNoScopeMLGxXx · 3 pointsr/Comcast

I have a Cisco DCP 3008. It works fine for now.

As long as you have a DOCSIS 3.0 modem with at least 8x4 I'd hobble along with what you got until DOCSIS 3.1. At least that's my plan.

Edit: I see your modem only has 4 DS channels. You can hobble along with that (though you might not get full speeds) or pick up the cheapest 8x4 DOCSIS modem you can find (something like this)

Alternatively, you can go balls to the wall with DOCSIS 3.0 if you really want to.

u/IamAbc · 1 pointr/Comcast

What's your guys opinion on this? It's like the cheapest one on Amazon with the highest stars and reviews. My router is this guy

u/ELS · 2 pointsr/Comcast

My modem of choice:

Pretty much any $30 wireless router will work, just get one from a reputable brand. The $130 Asus router is one of the best routers, but overkill for a lot of people. Consider

u/realbbbb · 1 pointr/Comcast

Yes, you can purchase your own modem/router but there are only a few models in existence that offer the voice service.

Here is one ->

Also if you go here -> and put in your zip code (and select an internet speed), then select "Voice/Telephone Enabled" it should show a list of compatible modems as well.

The 2 it returned in my area were this -> (equivalent to the first link I posted)
and this ->

u/Veloreyn · 4 pointsr/Comcast

Similar to what crashbandit posted, it's pretty unlikely to be your modem. If you want a cheap method of checking, see if there are any thrift stores in your area, as older model D3.0 modems aren't hard to find (I'm using a SBG6580 that I paid $5 for, and I have a backup SB6121 that I paid around $1.99 for).

There's a small chance a defective modem can cause packet loss, but there are quite a few mainline issues that are far more likely than a defective modem. In fact, with the weather getting colder, I'd put money on the fact that it's very likely a DC power pack inside one of the hardline amplifiers feeding signal to you. I was a line tech for a couple years before leaving Comcast, and this is about the time of year we started having them blow (seasonal changes cause the capacitors inside to crystallize, and eventually they don't hold a charge anymore... first symptom is packet loss). Unfortunately Comcast trains reps to blame a customer-owned modem before anything else, regardless of anything they see on their screens, so I'd say you're right not to trust them. Even if I'm right though, you'll likely have a fight on your hands. First you'll have to convince them to send a tech, and the tech they send won't know what remote measurement equates (roughly) to packet loss (that measurement being DS CER, or DownStream Codeword ERrors). Even if he sees what I imagine he would see, it'll be hard for him to book a referral ticket to a line tech, then you have to hope you get a line tech out there that knows to check for it, because half the guys I worked with wouldn't jump to that immediately.

So best I can say is good luck.

u/AfterShock · 2 pointsr/Comcast

If you can swing it, I'd put in for this beaut. You're Welcome.

u/nerdburg · 1 pointr/Comcast

The Zoom 5341J offers the same # of bonded channels, has a better chipset and cost $69.

u/randomdude21 · 1 pointr/Comcast

That FW update pushed that branded the UI as Arris ruined it, it was perfectly fine before they pushed untested code.

A client has the same issue so I've got them the CM500 + Asus AC68U going in this weekend. Should be unfathomably different.

u/Ponyoponyo2021 · 2 pointsr/Comcast

I've set up router/modem combos for a family/friends and the one I like the most (and is the most cost effecient) is TP-Link router + TP-Link router. (AC1750) (TC-7610-E)

My connection is 100/5 mbps and I get about 120/6 mbps down with that setup.

u/jbuschini18 · 1 pointr/Comcast

Thanks for the advice-- speaking to the coaxial, we only have them on our first floor, with one near the staircase. Really the idea is that the two spots that need the WiFi most is the living room and then close to the upper floor living space. By moving the router/modem to the coaxial by the stairs, we'll likely see a flip in what we're experiencing (upper floor probably will have better WiFi, with living room now vice versa).


I did attempt to setup the modem/router inthe coaxial in the room by the staircase, but it comes up with this lovely error message, which we had in the living room too until the tech came and fixed the cables outside. So it seems that the wiring doesn't work for it.


As of last night I did notice an old looking ethernet port built into one of the walls in my room, but not sure if it will work with how this house's wring has been. Going to attempt that tonight and see if it'll run. (Will plugging in an extender to a wall outlet provide similar speeds to the downstairs?)


May need to purchase our own equipment...currently renting the Xfinity modem/router they gave us it would seem.



This is what we have from Xfinity supplying our internet. Assuming this isn't a rental, and just part of the package, and that additional routers would be considered the rentals?


u/Prentz · 1 pointr/Comcast

Just FYI, Those N numbers are not really model numbers. They just indicate combined wifi speeds.

Here's an "N600" and here's another "N600".

Actual model numbers are WNDR3700 and C3700.

u/yuckchan · 1 pointr/Comcast

Correct, I am in California.

My current modem is:

I signed up for the package through the My Account -> Upgrade feature. Did not have to talk to any agent, though now that I'm bringing it up to the agents, they're acting like the package, as it was advertised, doesn't exist (although I still see it on the site today.)

u/Palteos · 1 pointr/Comcast

You would need to buy your own EMTA for phone service (you would keep your current modem for internet). Problem is, it's really rare for customer to own their own. When I was a rep I was told customers couldn't own their own. Yet I had one caller who did. They're also quite expensive. (Notice in the item description it says Comcast may not activate in some regions).

Honestly I would just go with MagicJack and that be the end of it. But if you really want comcast for some reason tell them you want to use your own modem for internet and rent an EMTA for phone. There's really nothing to configure from a user stand point on an EMTA so Comcast having control of it doesn't mean much.

u/SolaceWithin · 2 pointsr/Comcast

Many areas don't, if you want home phone you're pretty much stuck with the gateway.

You could bridge it and use your own router, but you'd still be stuck with the gateway.

In CSG markets you can add a modem but the system wont easily allow you to add an EMTA, I'm not sure about Comtrac or Vision systems.

Best to call up and speak with a supervisor to see if you can own your own emta, not only that but there's a lot of shady shit on ebay when you try to buy an EMTA. People selling their rented EMTAs and then when you get it Comcast will tell you it's bound to an account, it's a rental, and it needs to be returned.

If you go with a more reputable dealer, such as Amazon, you're looking at ~$180

u/STODracula · 2 pointsr/Comcast

Stay away from SB6190. If you want future proof then go all the way to DOCSIS 3.1 using the SB8200.

u/SkidFireX · 1 pointr/Comcast

Off topic but if i wanted to but my own modem for only data and voice (i'm thinking its VoIP), would this one work?

would they even let me activate it?

u/Solowing13 · 3 pointsr/Comcast

Let me clarify as to what my device is. It is the Netgear N600 (c3700) DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem router. First available in 2014. NOT the old N600 router.

u/caulkbite · 2 pointsr/Comcast

give this one from tp-link a try.

u/Curiouscustomer1 · 1 pointr/Comcast

If you decide to upgrade get a Docsis 3.1 modem it's new technology. NETGEAR CM1000 Ultra-High Speed Cable Modem - DOCSIS 3.1 certified for XFINITY by Comcast (CM1000)

u/bbalfour82 · 1 pointr/Comcast

Here’s the link:

Next-Generation ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem - Retail Packaging- White

I see some used or refurbished for $140.

u/mttechdude · 5 pointsr/Comcast

So there's a few things in play here...

  1. Your triple play bargain, the way the biller is structured, depends on you having all 3 services. If one is removed, the offer is invalidated and a new rate code has to be put on, otherwise service is disconnected.

  2. In order to have a voice rate code on the biller, you must have a voice modem. There is no way around this. No equipment, no service. No service, no special price.

  3. Some markets allow you to purchase your own eMTA. Others do not. Most national techs (on the phone) have no idea whether your market does or does not. The easiest way to get an answer to this question is to ask in your local office.

  4. The only telephony modem that's really available for consumers to buy is this one from Arris. It costs $180, compared to about $69 for a regular cable modem.

    So unfortunately, yes, you need to either rent a telephony modem or purchase one if allowed, or switch to a double-play deal. The system will not let you keep the current price without phone service, and it won't maintain phone service without a telephony modem on the account.
u/GamingWithBilly · 1 pointr/Comcast

the 4/4 on the SB6121 is sufficient up to 172 MB speeds. Even the lowest package of 75MB is enough for most people's home use. But I only offered the SB6121 as cheap option that works. OP said he/she will get Google Fiber sometime next year. But if OP wants more speed then OP will need to get the SB6141, 8 channel that works well up to 343MB speeds. Buuuuut the SB6141 is not on the compatibility list with Comcast. They want you to buy the SB6190, which sis a 32 channel down, 8 channel up modem - at $144 ( ), or buy the SB6183 that's 16 down and 4 up at $99 (

All the choices are in OP's hands now

u/Sankyou · 1 pointr/Comcast

You will need to unplug the other modem before this one will activate. Usually this will result in the other modem not working as well.

I would sell your modem and get one of these:
TP-Link AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit, up to 500Mbps (TL-PA4010KIT)

u/Klorontix · 1 pointr/Comcast

Yes, it is a PC Game. I have ban evaded on it over 100 times before but I just realized from reading the comments that I need my own modem and I have a rental. So I plan on buying one tonight.

Thinking about this (

u/pickinshed · 2 pointsr/Comcast

Oh, sorry! I didn't make that clear. It's a modem and router all in one package. They said they owned the modem. You can find the item here:

They refunded me today after speaking with 5 people about the issue.

u/Neomeir · 0 pointsr/Comcast

I'm testing wirelessly however I know good speeds are reachable (I've gotten UpTo 90mbs) and have had slow downs with techs here. I've tried bridging the signal to another modem because I'm using an older ARRIS gateway. Same issues... The worst part is I don't have any PC's in my house to test a hardwired connection. But I have proven that it isn't a wireless signal issue. When dealing with techs they told me that it was my modem at first. Then I had a level 3 communication tech come out who told me it wasn't my modem signal. He tested for wireless interference and checked the lines from my modem to the box and found 3 potential issues which he resolved two of (arcing connector's). This level the signal strength issue which they send out a crew to fix. However it is actually worse now. I'm almost willing to get their modem (however I have had horrible experiences just like this with their modem years ago).

Arris TG862G DOCSIS 3.0 Residential Gateway with
802.11n, 4 Port Router and 2 Voice Lines

u/cncking2000 · 2 pointsr/Comcast

Zoom 5341J

Asus RT-N66U

If you have a use for AC wireless, you can upgrade that Asus to the RT-AC68U or similar. I've had the Zoom modem on an APC for over a year, no reboots, no resets required. A very solid modem.

u/vocabularian · 1 pointr/Comcast

Arris is not the best quality modem - any DOCSIS 3 modem is capable of the same speeds. Comcast leases these kinds of modems to consumers and they are very common to go bad.

Try this:

It's brand new, reliable (I have had the same one for many months), and just $5 more.

u/namtaru_x · 1 pointr/Comcast

You'll want to stick with a SURFboard modem, they are the most used modems out there.
You linked a black SB6141, which is $30 more than a white one. Did you need black?

If you're willing to spend the $90 on a modem, and have it be white, i'd get the SB6183, since its a better modem (16x4 instead of 8x4). To expand even further, if you are willing to spend another $20 you can get the SB6190 which is 32x8.

Routers are highly a subjective topic, but I would go with the Asus over the others. The TP-Link's imo are great on the routing side of things, but shitty on the WiFi side. I personally use one but have the WiFi disabled and use a Ubiquiti AP for my wireless. And Linksys has just completely gone to shit, again imo.

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I went with the Zoom 5341J. No problems in the past 7 months (and it paid for itself!) as well as consistently seeing 175+ MB/s even though I'm on the 150MB/s plan.

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I got an Arris 1.4 GB on Amazon. No problems at all.
ARRIS SURFboard (32x8) DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, 1.4 Gbps Max Speed, Certified for Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, Cablevision & more (SB6190 White)