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u/Looonski · 2 pointsr/CompetitiveHalo

When I competed in sports a coach had me read Body Mind Mastery and it was a pretty interesting read. I bring it up because it touches on this.

I form habits that help get and keep me in the zone, like a bedtime ritual that makes falling asleep easier. Things like posture, breathing, and a mental cue/phrase to help form habits over time of getting you calm, ready, and focused for your task.

u/soundfx127 · 3 pointsr/CompetitiveHalo

Yes, i got this recently:

Would highly recommend it, its the screen all the pros use (or some of them Ninja, heinz ect)

changes the way the game plays and feels 100%.

its the cdn amazon as im in Toronto.

u/rybl · 2 pointsr/CompetitiveHalo

I have been researching this for myself and it seems like this is your best option for $200-$300:

BenQ ZOWIE 24" Console eSports Gaming LED 1080p HD Monitor

If you don't care about the HDMI pass through or vertiacl adjustment, you could grab the cheaper version.

u/sherril8 · 5 pointsr/CompetitiveHalo

I really enjoy the HyperX Cloud headset which is around $68 on Amazon right now

You will need a newer controller with the 3.5mm jack or the headset adapter.

u/Tamrowski · 1 pointr/CompetitiveHalo

If by two bucks you mean used starting at 21.99!

u/ShotdowN- · 1 pointr/CompetitiveHalo

I think you are confusing a 1ms monitor with 144hz, here is a ZOWIE 1ms response with ultra low input lag this is more of a ZOWIE for console players specifically