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u/CaptainComedy · 1 pointr/Costco

I wouldn't do OLED over 65. Price point makes the price/value ratio drop like a rock. I know it's weird, but consider a projector once you're thinking $2500 and up. If your space is somewhere you can control light pretty well, you can have a 150" screen for 300 bucks and a decent projector for $750!

If you wanna get into the early stages of researching projectors, definitely check out Wirecutter. Their TV review articles are stellar too.

As for Costco, I'd honestly say you can't go wrong with LG at the large sizes, but depending on how picky you are about visuals, you might not want to go with "entry level" (clumsy term, but the quickest) ones like the Samsung 6/7 series. I also don't know that Vizio is that unreliable of a brand. With the warranty, you practically don't have to worry about it, but if you're swearing them off, you've probably got good reasons.

I'd start with checking out the cheapest LGs at the size you like at your local warehouse. If you want to get really bold, ask for a remote so you can poke around the settings menu and see what the TV can do when it isn't in stupid, bright, saturated, overblown "Standard" or "Dynamic" mode. But keep in mind, for the price you'll spend on an 82 inch TV (they don't carry 80s), you could do a mid to high-end projector and make it as big as you want. Just something to think about! Does that help at all?

u/dulun18 · 2 pointsr/Costco

AMAZON is eating away a chunk of my would-be-purchases for Costco now a day. I earn about $300-$350 in cash back a year from Costco/Citi.


I got a year membership from Sam's club for $25 (Groupon deal) but i will not be renewing it.. I bought the membership mainly for this product but now it's the cheapest on Amazon


My cousin's yearly expenses for his business is usually around six-figure number. He is spending more of his money on Amazon as well -- they are offering lower price + save and subscribe (additional 15% saving) + next day shipping! It's hard to beat when you need something in bulk, fast and do not want to wait in line.


so if you have each member spending $500+ on Amazon instead of will add up..

u/hellz4bellz · 2 pointsr/Costco

My store used to have the trough /u/caecus mentioned but we switched to a new type of steel so there was no place for the trough.

Honest suggestion? Get with your sup and have them move all the repeater boards to the center of each aisle. If the cat 5 cables don't reach to the panel there you'll need to convince them that running new cat 5 cable (and leaving a few feet of slack on each end) is cheaper than having an entire department waste hours of their time, and is cheaper than a whole box of new 25' hdmi cables.

Then convince someone (I wound up buying it for the department) to buy THESE and make sure everyone doesn't just cut them open.

In a trough or under the steel ideally you'll want to separate the power cables and hdmi cables into separate bundles but TV's move often enough that it won't be very practical.

Sauce: My warehouse/sup didn't even bother to listen and bought $500+ in cables instead (Sapphire corporate account). Don't be like us.

Protip: Replace the vga adapter (edit:for the computer monitors) with a cheap HDMI splitter

u/NewtonGimmick · 2 pointsr/Costco

They were blue.

I ended up switching to reusable incontinence pads for humans that could be washed in the washing machine as disposables were too costly in the end.

I moved and it's better/safer to take him outside more often so we don't use anything like that anymore, though.

Edit: These are the human version I'd switched to.

Edit 2: I also had switched to the human ones because I sometimes feed messy food/treats and it made it easier for him to have a dedicated place to eat it on. So a couple were dedicated only for potty and the rest for other stuff. Worked really well for us.

u/MilesMayhem · 1 pointr/Costco

For knives just get the Victorinox ones with the fibrox handles from Amazon.

Consistently rated best buys by America's Test Kitchen. Often recommended to new culinary students because of their value.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife, 8-Inch Chef's

Edit: I have many "expensive" kitchen knives, Global, Shun, henckels, and a couple of handmade ones from a local bladesmith. My wife and I are the only ones allowed to use all those. The knife block on the counter is full of Victorinox ones.

u/tunersharkbitten · 3 pointsr/Costco

the guava nectar is ok, but you can get better with Kerns

u/charmed2 · 8 pointsr/Costco

Got 4 pack of 21 oz Christmas hand soaps in decorative bottles for $9.99. Scents were pine forest, candy cane, and two holly berry. Similar to these Costco sold last spring\_=ast\_bbp\_dp

u/Ski-gal · 1 pointr/Costco

Traegers, and in my experience most smokers, do rust. (except maybe the enamel green egg). Sand it and spray paint it with a high heat bbq paint. I do live in a high humidity area and I always keep mine. covered.

Rust-Oleum 7778830 High Heat Enamel Spray, Bar-B-Que Black, 12-Ounce

u/Shaw-Deez · 2 pointsr/Costco

Do you now, or have you ever worked in retail? If so, you need this book. “The customer is always right? A cynical take on consumer relations” chronicles my 13+ years of retail experience. Inside, you’ll find detailed accounts of confrontations with Karen’s, the rules of tipping, and a comprehensive chapter regarding shopping cart etiquette. A must read, even for people who don’t like reading.

The Customer is always right?

u/theweasel2345 · 1 pointr/Costco

That is kind of weird because this craftman set
"Craftsman 154 pc Mechanics Tool Set # 35154 "

Is made in the USA and it seems very similar to the Kirkland one.

u/mbz321 · 1 pointr/Costco

Was it this? (Amazon link as I can't find a working listing on They were sampling it in my store a few days ago. It's also one of my favorites...when it goes on sale I always stock up. Costco has a couple of other granola type cereals too, so I may be wrong.