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u/Metsican · 3 pointsr/Cricket

>But i personally feel that India should not invite Pakistan after mumbai attack.

This is the accepted opinion. But the accepted opinion is a bit problematic because it suggests isolation is a solution, not an issue. Isolation reinforces divisions. Looking long-term, and not as a temporary fix, these two countries will get along better if two things happen together: if they develop stronger social and economic ties.

Cricket as a goodwill gesture between these two sides would emphasize overlaps in language, culture, food, and perspective in addition to wonderful cricket. That's a message worth repeating, because you don't bomb people if you share kinship. It's easier to isolate than establish ties but history shows only the latter leads to sustainable peace. That's the social side.

There's also the economic side - if the two countries are selling to each other in large quantities, they wouldn't want to bomb their own companies' markets or factories. It would also help economic growth in both countries.

I'm not just saying this in vague terms - research suggests this has been the case. This is a good read if you're interested.

More generally, South Asia's powerful - it just needs to get its shit together as a bloc.

u/afunky · 2 pointsr/Cricket

Friday Night Lights (H.G "Buzz" Bissinger) is excellent. It follows the 1988 Permian Panthers - an Odessa, Texas high school american football team. It inspired a movie and TV series of the same name.

The Jordan Rules (Sam Smith) follows the 1990/91 Chicago Bulls and highlights Michael Jordan's competitive nature and often dick-ish behaviour towards team mates - e.g. punching Will Purdue and deliberately throwing hard/difficult passes to Bill Cartwright to highlight his weaknesses

Serious (John McEnro) a great read that looks at all aspects of McEnroe's life. You get some great insights into his mindset during his career.

u/ChachaKirket · 3 pointsr/Cricket

You could buy him Imran Khan's, All Round View. Or anyone of his other books really...

But I like the jersey idea better. First off cause its an awesome shirt and secondly cause he can wear it in the stands and bring us good karma!

u/nazgulonbicycle · 3 pointsr/Cricket

Buy a Cricket Bat from your local Indian store or Amazon, don’t spend a ton, but make sure you buy a wooden bat.
Bat: Zeepk Sports Cricket Bat Net Practice Tennis Ball Tape Ball Handcrafted Kashmir Willow Wood Full Adult Size Model RED BABERSHAIR

Instead of tennis ball if you get these, they’re awesome Pro Impact Cricket Balls (Blue Windball (6 Balls))

Stumps (when you want to advance from chair)
Fortress Spring Back Cricket Stumps - Standard Size - Cricket Training Equipment

u/cithogsmoker · 5 pointsr/Cricket

Fire In Babylon (the book based on the documentary) by Simon Lister is excellent. It uses the interviews done for the documentary, as well as additional interviews done by the author. Great read.

It also contains my favourite ever Chappelli quote:

> You're either a good bloke or a prick, and colour's got bugger all to do with it.

u/happygolucky · 1 pointr/Cricket

Pundits from Pakistan

This is in my to-read list, has got good reviews:

u/UysVentura · 2 pointsr/Cricket

It's a great book.

Kimberley still looks the same as described in that book.

Edit: Hero of the Empire is about Churchill during the Boer War - if you enjoyed Diamonds, Gold and War, you may enjoy this too.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Cricket

Let's. The above book is a lovely read by the way, I highly recommend it if you haven't read it.

u/y2njoy · 1 pointr/Cricket

Seems it is, and way lesser price than on Flipkart as well > Link

u/the_outside_edge · 1 pointr/Cricket

Yes, but Amazon has given 12th Nov as the date of release, while Flipkart is saying 'early Nov'. The publishers have announced release on 6th Nov.

u/knovaa · 1 pointr/Cricket

Check [this] (
Contents and sample chapter here

I have not read this book, so can't comment on how good it is but looks informative.

u/Artaxerxes_IV · 1 pointr/Cricket

EXACTLY!!! A preposition can NEVER be a verb. For those that have made this error, please see Elements of Style

u/aussiegreenie · 7 pointsr/Cricket

The story is in Michael Parkinson's, "Parkinson on Cricket"

ISBN-10: 0340825081
ISBN-13: 978-0340825082

I can not find my copy to get you the page number though.

Parkinson tried all his working life to met "The Don" and never succeeded.

u/Brewer6066 · 5 pointsr/Cricket

Fire in Babylon: How the West Indies Cricket Team Brought a People to its Feet