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u/LetThereBeR0ck 路 7 pointsr/Cubers

If your only cube is a 3x3, you might want to consider spending ~$20 on the MoFang Jiaoshi Cubing Classroom set. It includes:

  • 2x2 MF2S
  • 3x3 MF3S (if you get the stickered set) or MF3RS (if you get the stickerless set)
  • 4x4 MF4S
  • 5x5 MF5S

    The 2x2 isn't awesome, but it's good enough to give you a feel for the puzzle and is pretty similar to a LingPo which costs a bit more and still has catching problems. The 3x3 MF3RS (I got stickerless so I can only comment on that one) is a great budget cube that gets a lot of praise all over this sub, and for good reason. Some of the reviews weren't too kind to the MF4S, but I quite like it and given how the Wuque alone costs as much as this entire set and STILL isn't great out of the box, I'd say start with this for 4x4 and upgrade later if you want to get more serious about it. The MF5S is nice, and while it is the only 5x5 I've used I'm happy with it. All in all, great deal for the price and a nice way to try out several puzzles to see what you enjoy solving the most.

    The Cubicle


    Note: Amazon says it has the MF3S, and they're wrong. It's the stickerless set and has the MF3RS, just like The Cubicle says. A note of caution: I got the set from Amazon and the cubes we're scuffed up a little, so they didn't exactly arrive in pristine condition, but the price was good and they work fine so I wasn't going to complain. I wiped them down and they're fine.
u/TotallyNotAsian420 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

Firstly, I'd consider getting the GAN 356 X because money isn't a problem, as you said. Of course, if you have a reason for getting the 354 M (such as small hands), go ahead, but if you do not, then you should get the GAN 356 X.

Moreover, I simply do not believe that getting Cosmic or Supernova or whatever The Cubicle offers is ever worth it unless you do not have the time to set up the cube yourself. My reasoning is that all lube setups are temporary, and the lube will eventually dry out. With all of the money that you spend for someone else to set up your cube, you could easily buy lube for yourself that'll last you much, much longer. For example, check out this Traxxas 50K offer on Amazon:

50K is widely used as both a core lube and a piece lube (although, it's not that good of a piece lube imo), and this huge bottle costs less than $10. Adding this lube into your cube is extremely trivial as well, so I see no reason to let other people set up your cube, especially because it costs so much.

If you want a good piece lube, I'd recommend Angstrom Gravitas and Angstrom Dignitas ($10 as a bundle) from The Cubicle. Gravitas is a super long-lasting lube, and the combination of these two lubes in my Valk 3 M is the best lube setup I've ever tried on it.

TL;DR There is no need to pay so much for someone else to set up your cube (lube is temporary anyway) when you can just buy a whole bunch of lube and set up your cube yourself for however long you'll use it for.

u/PhantomToaster5 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Traxxas is a company that makes lube for RC cars, but it works amazingly in cubes. Traxxas 50k works great for lubricating the core, Traxxas 10k works great for lubing the pieces, and Traxxas 30k is a great intermediate lube if you know what you want to use it for. Here's a link to a bundle of the 3 lubes on U.S. Amazon. You should be able to view the link and get a feel for the product so you can find it on an applicable online store in your country for purchase.

u/LordGoji 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

Both can be great cubes. What is your preference? The Shuang Ren is a much dryer, faster feeling cube, while the AoLong is a smooth, clicky feeling puzzle. Performance wise, the AoLong is a better cube, but a Shuang Ren is better for people who prefer a cube that feels slightly more stable.

Oh, and for lube, Traxxas 50k weight Differential oil. Buy a syringe like this one and use it to apply the lube. Hope I helped!

Edit: You may want to visit this page to consider other possible options. There's a world of cubes out there.

u/Slicetre 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Couple questions about lube

Seems the general consensus is to go with the:

Is there anything else you would recommend that would go hand and hand with this?

Is Traxass50k ok for internals and plastic?

Will I need some type of applicator, or will the built in bottle dispenser be sufficient?

Any help is appreciated, thanks guys

u/Gigglingbuns 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

If you don't wanna buy the Traxxas 50k at a hobby store you can get a 2oz bottle (60cc) for about $7 which is cheap.

Since you have all the different "weights" I can tell you will need to test them to see which one matches your style, then after that naturally you will be narrowed down to a few lubricants maybe even 2-3, as you will see what fits or doesn't. Traxxas lubricants are cheap and the standard bottle is 60cc for about $7 on Amazon and $5 to a online hobby store I use. However cubicle lubricants are still useful but if you need a wallet friendly alternative then Traxxas is the way to go. However I always recommend a bottle of 50k around you it's pretty much universal. Alot of people just lube the core of their cube with 50k, lube 4x4's with 50k (when you break it in it feels amazing), and 2x2's.

30k, and 50k and some thin weights is all you ever honestly need and since your getting Lubicle Speedy, you won't need 10k, but yea. Goodluck

That's my 2 cents.

u/PantsOfAwesome 路 4 pointsr/Cubers

I buy almost all of my cubes off of Amazon. Here's my favorites under $10.

I'm avoiding standard cubic / cuboid puzzles because those are easy to find.

Axis Cube: Cheap, fun, and difficult. It's also tiled, which is nice.

Mirror Cube: Turns amazingly well, and it's a challenge to solve the first time around.

ShengShou Pyraminx Clicky, adjustable, and fun to play with.

YJ Weel Puzzle A harder version of the 2x2x3.

u/yuxuibbs 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Ideal is 30k - 50k wt not 30-50 wt

It will work but you need something much thicker. This is shock oil. You want differential oil which is just really thick shock oil. 900 CST = ~67 wt and ideal is 30k to 50k wt (apparently ~1250461 to ~2291130 cst (accidentally said wt instead of cst) ).

I think if you get this, it will either be like water and do nothing to the cube or basically be like maru lube that lasts longer which can be a good thing (maru lube makes cubes super fast but doesn't last very long).

u/LifeinPablo 路 1 pointr/Cubers

In that case, I guess you could just buy a single bottle of 50k which will cost you around ~$20, which will still help you with the spring noise, but it is also the same price of the set in the regular amazon, so if you can source some from there, then it could save you some money than buying from (also people say traxxas lasts forever, which makes it a good investment)


But if you're r e a l l y tight on budget, people say Gan Magic Lube is pretty nice and costs around ~$6 on (idk about India prices), but won't really help with your spring problem.

u/PolaroidCubed 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

Get some cheap off brand speed cubes from Amazon. And a cyclone boys might be a good option if your looking for something that people have heard of.

HIG Rubik's Cube

Cube Precisely Super Durable Best selling Guarentee

D FantiX Cyclone Xuanfeng Stickerless

SKRABI Stickerless Rubik's Cube

u/superiosity_ 路 1 pointr/Cubers

As u/Zibani mentioned above it doesn't actually perform well. It's not just super tiny, but it is finicky about how it moves.

Still, it was a really thoughtful gift and makes me happy whenever I look down and see it.

This is the one she got me...Rubik's pocket cube

u/giorgiof18 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

I did tons of research today and I found from many many YouTube videos, Traxxis 50k is the best. It's cheap, and there is a lot of lube inside the tube. It works great for all cubes. I actually bought a tube for myself today. Here's the link. [Traxxas 50k Lube](Traxxas 5137 Differential Oil, 50K Weight

I hope this helps!

u/OMGIMASIAN 路 1 pointr/Cubers

I recommend This. It's a lot lot cheaper than Lubix, but it's pretty much the same thing. While you're at it, you could also get a cheap syringe and needle on amazon to help apply the lube as the bottle's nozzle is a little harder to use.

u/TKO-Cuber 路 1 pointr/Cubers

It's great lube but doesn't really last long and doesn't add that much feeling to a puzzle. I only use it for MoYu magnetic pyraminx tips to make them faster and less dry and on my X-Man Bell Pyra to make it smoother.

Most people prefer heavier weight lube. If you were to buy lighter lube than try Traxxas 30k. The Cubicle lube line is very overpriced. You can buy it [here] ( in larger quantities for cheaper. You can also buy bundles of 10k (very light), 30k (medium), and 50k (heavier) [here] ( which is probably your best bet if you want a lot of lube for cheap.

u/PotaToss 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Liquid silicone lubricants are more or less the standard.

This is a good buy. You get a pretty good amount of it, and you can mix different weights to get something you like.

u/runningsneaker 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

I got this set of 4 cube (

i have been doing some reading and I am trying to figure out how good that 3x3 is. It feels WAY faster than what I had been using - use thing with carbon colored stickers and corners that are cut which I picked up $3 at my local "deals and discount" on whim. As with all hobbies, I sense there are diminishing returns as you move up in price point - a $30 cube is probably 200% better than a $20 cube but 98% as good as the $40 cube - but I just dont know where this sits on the spectrum.

Any thoughts lol?

u/cyberole 路 5 pointsr/Cubers

If you want to lube it use this guide:

Best (for the price) lube:

Also do a bunch of solves, then try and take out the torpedoes and see if you like that feeling better (I do but some don't)!

Now go play! :)

u/snidely-whiplash 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

This is a great answer. Get these two and some differential oil from Traxxas.


Watch some videos on how to lube and tension the Zhanchi and it will be your best friend.

u/silyy097 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

If you don't have traxxas 50k, get that first just due to the versatility of it, being able to use 50k on both the core and sparingly on the pieces. You can get it over on amazon here.

If you still do have more budget, I would recommend lubes specifically for the pieces. Stuff such as TheCubicle's Silk, DNM-37, and Lubicle One, or Cosmic lube from SpeedcubeShop will do as well. These lubes are less viscous than 50k and are great for being used on the pieces.

u/nrubhsoj 路 1 pointr/Cubers

some cubes i can suggest

Thunderclap its a slowish cube that can be sped up once your faster

Tanglong high quality cube and good for a speedcuber but still slow enough for a beginner

Guanpo Cheap beginners 2x2, it has a clicking sound/feel that i really like

Maru Lube Just speeds up your cube and makes it a bit smoother, Not sure if this is a trusted seller but i dont think they can knockoff maru lube :)

u/itsmrmarlboroman2u 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

I'm still an absolute beginner (Still one algorithm away from learning the beginner method). I kinda did it backwards. I bought this ShengShou on amazon because it was crazy cheap. I bought a Rubik's brand cube last night because I wanted to feel the difference... The difference is HUGE. The ShengShou is leaps and bounds better, and is currently $2.55 on Amazon, whereas it was like $10 for the Rubik's cube.

u/MattDmann 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

I personally only use Traxxas 50k, I got a medium sized bottle a couple years ago, and haven't even used half of it. Really good, makes cubes smooth, and was great on my GTS2M

u/TheBrutux168 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Traxxas 50k is optimal for cubes IMO. Maru is light and doesn't last long or give as much of a buttery feel. It's good for short speed boosts, but I don't like it in the long run. 50k is pretty nice once broken in. It works for both the hardware and pieces

As seen it is frequently bought together with cubes

u/gimmick243 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

I'd recommend Traxxas 50k You can usually get it for pretty cheap at a local Hobby RC store or here on amazon

u/t1m1d 路 1 pointr/Cubers

The most popular seems to be Traxxas 50k. It's pretty cheap; I'd give it a shot.

u/ddaug4uf 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Thanks. I expect both to be an upgrade from my rebranded GuanLong, which I actually have really enjoyed. It has to be lubed pretty frequently but I鈥檝e never had any problems with it.

u/Mr_PancakeMaster 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Valk pieces only break if you take the corners apart other than that its a really good cube! I would recommend it, as for the lube I order Maru lube and

u/UncleVinny 路 1 pointr/Cubers

I'm new to lubing cubes, and so I got my feet wet by buying the cheapest all-silicone oil on Amazon I could find, this 1666 Traxxas oil.

How would this stuff compare to other brands? My cubes feel smoother with it, but they also are a little sluggish.

I have a DaYan Zanchi and a FangShi shuanren that I'd like to relube. My times are 60-90 seconds, usually. What would y'all recommend? EDIT: I meant to ask... what lube should I get instead of this stuff?


u/Stewy_ 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

taking it apart and cleaning the pieces with a cloth might help if there's any dust/dirt buildup slowing your cube down

otherwise i recommend buying something like lubicle speedy to lube your cube with, i personally use traxxas 50k but some people don't like the feel it leaves on larger cubes compared to a thinner lube like lubicle speedy

u/tinypixels1 路 4 pointsr/Cubers

If your just trying to find a lubricant for your speed cube. I think your better off with [traxxas 50k] ( Traxxas is good and plus its 10$.

If your settle on getting silicone spray. I heard you should get CRC silcone spray.

u/CubeTuristicOfficial 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

Your best bet is to order it online. It does depend on what lube you want, if you want the professional lube, get it from SCS or Cubicle, but if you just want some simple lube, get some Traxxas on Amazon.

u/ParadoxWatermelon 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

No, this is what many people use for cubes. It works great and it is a lot less expensive than other lubes. It is meant for plastic parts on RC cars, so it is completely silicone based. This weight is not reasonable for cubes, so many people use 50k weight. You can get some here.

Edit: Also, the 500k is going to be extremely viscous, don't use it for cubes. This person is doing it for fun, not to improve their cube.

u/Pocciox 路 1 pointr/Cubers

it depends on the lube, if you want a durable lube then i suggest traxxas 50k ->

it's a huge bottle and is cheap and is often used in cubing :) it will last you a year or more

u/Penguin236 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Ah, thanks. One last question, would you happen to know how much lube is in this bottle? I can't find an amount anywhere, but I'd like to get a ballpark estimate of how long it'll last.

u/FortunateNaruto 路 1 pointr/Cubers

This one here? if so it's to much, I only have 5 dollars 6 dollars max (It's from an Amazon gift card)

u/knocklessmonster 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Just get this One little dab (a little smaller than a pencil eraser) will do your entire 3x3, a bit more will do bigger cubes, it's confirmed safe for puzzles, and is pretty thick. If you use the right amount, you hardly know it's there, except your puzzle is a bit quicker and smoother.

I get that it's twice the price, but it's worth it, I think, to get something proven to work, than something that'll probably run like water (it's mostly Polyalphaolefin, which may degrade plastics, a cursory Google search tells me).

u/BoscoBA001 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

My personal favorite was the axel cube which after almost a week I was able to wrap my head around and figure out how to solve

u/glvangorp 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Well I wish I would've posted here first. This is what I ordered. Is this what you're talking about?

u/MsPenguinette 路 8 pointsr/Cubers

AkunDa 3D Puzzle

I bought this one on a gable that it'd be legit. I can say that it indeed it. It's not as pretty as Oskar's but the benifit is that this looks like a normal cube. I keep change in it on my desk at work. Glad to answer any questions or even take pictures or video tomarrow. I might have some pics of it, if I do I'll update this comment.

u/mike559 路 5 pointsr/Cubers

My windows laptop didn't have a dedicated mic input jack (only headphone), so I had to buy this. It works great so far :)

u/gpunotpsu 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Traxxas 50k from RC hobby shops or online is a popular choice. Or Lubix (direct or from specialty cubing sites) to get a very similar substance in a nice application syringe with a cool sticker.

Crazy Bad Cuber lubing video. I seems like the main mistake people make is using too much lube which slows down your cube.

u/tragedyfish 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

50K differential oil is the lube of choice for the core. You may want to acquire a syringe as it is very easy to over lube without one. If you intend to lube the pieces you will need lighter lube, around 30K.

u/frisbii 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

Can I use this cable adapter and this usb splitter? I'm planning to get a speedstacks timer and I want to connect it to my laptop (only unified audio jack)

u/harlolharnub 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

Got my traxxas 50 early :D

Still breaking in my yuxin little magic since people reccomend not to lube until it's well broken in, so rn using my good ol' qiyi warrior that got lubed up. It's turning pretty darn well now (was kinda gummy before idk why, didnt lube it before), but how long does lube last?

I got this btw

if that changes anything (like different types of traxxas 50k? idk)

u/rpelkey13 路 1 pointr/Cubers

For a megaminx, the stickerless Dayan is possibly one of the best there is, if not the best.

u/cutelyaware 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

That's good to know. I just got a transparent Yulong 3x3 and it looks fantastic but I think it's going to get scratched up. Do you know much about such plastics?

u/rubixcuber 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Is this it?


I am definitely going to get this if I can. Also, do I lube the exact way J perm does it in his How to Lube a Cube video?

u/Alpha-Pancake 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

It's a fully functional 3x3. when it is solved, you can open the top. It's a bit pricey tho.


u/inanimatus_conjurus 路 1 pointr/Cubers

I have a theory about that price markup thing. Cubelelo has an Amazon store where they sell a lot of the same products as their website. By showing the MRP as much higher than it is, they can claim to have a 50-60% discount on the products. Example.

I assume this boosts the hit rate for Amazon searches, and definitely promotes impulse buying when the general public sees such large discounts. Not the best business practice, but lots of sellers do this.

u/RAHDXB 路 5 pointsr/Cubers

Seems to be one [here] (

Edit. There's also a Vietnamese shop that has a few, but seeing it on some actual pictures , makes it look a LOT less cool than those renders from GAN.

u/infernon_ 路 1 pointr/Cubers

I recommend 30k or 50k and some of this (350 cst which is the equivalent of 0.35k)

u/DrinkMe101 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

I'd say all you need in life is this traxxas kit. it'll last like 5 years. 50k, 30k, and 10k. 150cc's total


u/perogne 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Google gives what appears to my untrained eye as the same cube back so different name? I dunno. Maybe it's like calling something a Cubicle cube. I don't know, I don't even know what d'fantix is.

u/PurnurplePanda 路 1 pointr/Cubers

I started cubing 3 weeks ago with a pb of 38.47 on my 3x3... which 2x2 would you recommend? I'm thinking about the D-FantiX 50mm Cyclone Boys 2x2 Speed Cube Stickerless

u/Somebody__ 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Right now the 4x4 is my favorite cube (PB 3:26); I got a stickerless MoYu Aosu on Amazon for less than $20 because people said it was a good one - and it so buttery smooth with no lubing.

Since you have the 3x3 solution down you might want to try a Megaminx, the solve is extremely similar but much longer which makes it so satisfying. I got this one; it turns just-okay with no lubing, I got it because it was only $15 and stickerless. If I were to get another one, I'd probably go for one with ridges that's a little bigger.

u/epic4evr11 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

The Thunderclap v1 is excellent, especially for the price. Shipping isn't fast, but my last order went from Minnesota to California in a week. Also, the cube only costs $11.

u/ChronistGilverbrind 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

From what I can tell, on my MacBook Pro, the headphone port is just that. A headphone port, with no microphone adjustment. I could only make it work with my desktop.

EDIT: What you need is a USB mic-input. Something like this should work just fine.

u/FalconNine 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

Is this it? (I'd prefer to buy it on Amazon because I have a giftcard to spend.)

u/Akrod2725 路 1 pointr/Cubers

D-FantiX Speed Cube Bundle, Moyu Mofang Jiaoshi MF2S 2x2 MF3S 3x3 MF4S 4x4 MF5S 5x5 Stickerless Magic Cube Set with Gift Box

I know it looks the same but for the sake of being redundant is this the same one?

u/Cyotheking 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

It is possible that you need a USB adapter. I have a video coming out next week that is very in depth about getting CStimer to work with a stackmat.

You can buy one cheap here:

For combined audio ports this will likely solve your issue.

u/twos-company 路 1 pointr/Cubers

The full set can be bought for only 20 quid which isnt too bad.

u/topppits 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Also check amazon or ebay, I got mine here (Amazon Germany).

u/kappakelele 路 1 pointr/Cubers

I bought it off of amazon, from here
and I noticed that the sticker on the white center piece was kinda different from the ones i see on youtube and stuff, so i was just wondering if any of you could tell me if it is counterfeit

u/niknik2121 路 3 pointsr/Cubers

Traxxas 50k is one of the most common differential oils that is used on cubes. Lubix is a differential oil with a huge markup. You don't need much lube at all to get one properly lubed. CBC did a video on how to lube a cube, it's a Zhanchi but you can apply the same thing to all cubes.

u/GeoCuber 路 30 pointsr/Cubers

THIS is one of the worst descriptions I've even seen from an amazon seller.

"Super Sticky Sticker"


u/bluuit 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

I'm a fan of the traxxas 50k (but I might try 30k) I've used it probably 30 or 40 times and only used about 1/3 of it so it will last you forever. It's longer lasting than silicone sprays so there is more consistency over time.
It also seems to spread itself throughout the cube better, so you don't really need to disassemble, spray, then reassemble to get an even coat.

Also, many of the silcone sprays can damage the plastics, slightly melting or eroding the surface. Some even say on the packaging they are not safe for use on plastic.

u/Elf_Portraitist 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Do you want a physical store, or is Amazon an option?

u/sandknot 路 4 pointsr/Cubers

If you can buy this Traxxas 50k from amazon

If you only want to buy one tube of lube, buy 50k. It's the same as weight 5 on SCS but you get more for the price.

u/killer4u77 路 1 pointr/Cubers

This Stuff?

Which weight gives it a lighter, faster feel? 50 or 30k?

u/jscoppe 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

You're getting 5cc for $3.89.

A bottle of Traxxas, which is largely the same stuff, at 50cc (or 10x as much) for $7.99 or less in some places.

You're paying 77 cents per cc, whereas Traxxas is 16 cents per cc.

u/musicalboy2 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

You can get it from amazon, but I got mine from speedcubeshop. It seems the price has gone up since I bought it last (which was years ago, and it has literally lasted me this long even with a lot of use). It also seems speedcubeshop is out of stock...

u/w00tious 路 1 pointr/Cubers

I believe Amazon beats SCS on price if you're in the US (I'm not).

u/Sol_Sanctum 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Get a Megaminx! I got one before my first 3x3 and loved it!

This is my current Megaminx:

u/CucumberGod 路 1 pointr/Cubers

I have that! It's a Y&J MoYu 3x3 1 X 3x3x3 YJ Yulong Stickerless Cube Puzzle, Transparent.

Here's the link:

u/boogyyman 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Guanlong that was repackaged I believe as The Cube

u/ItsmePhoenix 路 1 pointr/Cubers

You can get it here. It's licensed by rubik's so I doubt any cube stores will have it.

u/rhythmicidea 路 1 pointr/Cubers

I believe it is this one. Not the same as ghost cube I don't think.

u/sergeantloser 路 1 pointr/Cubers

No. WD-40 is known to harm cubes. I'd suggest checking out any cubing store for specialized lubricant. Personally, I use Traxxas differential oil and I heard that it's basically the same as other lubes. Its pretty cheap, especially considering how much they give you.

u/ATriplet123 路 1 pointr/Cubers

Amazon. Used to be on Gancube shop but out of stock now (limited to 999 pcs) Also, correction, $70 not $90.7

EDIT: There's also a Christmas Red and Green Limited Edition but I wouldn't recommend buying it since it's UKCubeStore which has a very bad reputation for shipping and customer service (I, personally, have sent them multiple emails about my cube which I wanted to return and they've never replied) - also, it's $117.54 lmao. Third most expensive 3x3, by the way.

u/bubbagrub 路 10 pointsr/Cubers

Ooh... I can try...

From biggest to smallest:

u/Peanlocket 路 1 pointr/Cubers

This is the one I ordered:

It was out of stock earlier in the day but it appears to currently have one available. I didn't pay extra for shipping though and it'll take about a month to make it's way here from China :(

u/Tonker_ 路 1 pointr/Cubers

A lot of people use Traxxas lube (myself included). Maybe 10-30k on pieces and usually 50k on core.

Anybody use this shit though? Like damn. Some thick ass lube.

u/RedshirtStormtrooper 路 2 pointsr/Cubers

One of my students thought I was cheating every time I solved a cube. She took it upon herself to take a piece out of the cube and move them around... It's nothing expensive:

After having fixed it, it moves like shit. It never was a great cut anyway (well, when I first got it... it was like heaven compared to my Rubiks). I've been eyeing a GTS M, but I don't think I am good enough or can spend $50 for that kind of cube.

But, I really hate how it moves now, it makes me want to move back to the clunky Rubik's