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u/CandideConcepts · 5 pointsr/CustomerSuccess

Buckle up! In my teams, leaders are readers.

Here's a short list:

  • Getting Things Done - this our bible for productivity
  • Farm Don't Hunt - it's a good book for building an org or understanding how all the parts of your org work together
  • Customer Success - like it or not, it's the standard for an intro book into CS written by Lincoln Murphy
  • Mapping Experience - this is a great one for helping to define the customer journey
  • The Coaching Habit - I use this a lot with my direct reports but it's also really valuable for shifting your mindset for how you should coach or advise customers
  • The Effortless Experience - it's an eye opening read, backed by research that says you shouldn't be trying to delight people all the time

    Oh and here is Lincoln Murphy's book list.