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u/Scribs88 · 5 pointsr/DMB

If you want a recent live album with the Sexy MF outro, check out the Wrigley Field show. The only caveat is they throw the Thank You outro in there as well (due to the crowd chanting it), but I personally like it - TONS of energy.

u/systemnorth · 1 pointr/DMB

LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 Super Multi Ultra Slim Portable DVD Writer Drive +/-RW External Drive with M-DISC Support (Black) GP65NB60

u/ace518 · 1 pointr/DMB

I mean, its not the video, but here's the CD if that info helps you. My first set of shows was that same caravan, but the NYC shows.

u/liog · 2 pointsr/DMB

$48.99 at amazon.

Not sure of any other way to get it but if you find a way please let me know.

u/JClarenceThornton · 1 pointr/DMB

I only have so much space on my walls, I have about 25 frames posters up at a time and once I have to switch any out they go into this art portfolio I bought on Amazon. I'll have to buy another one after probably one more year of shows.

u/Buggy412 · 1 pointr/DMB

July 15th! You can pre-order a limited edition 150g splatter colored vinyl from Amazon right now (

u/DuderVonDuder · 1 pointr/DMB

Not sure of the date anymore but there's an killer version of Crush on the "I Did It" single, that is one of the best. Tim and Butch are on the version and it's during that golden era of DMB in the late 90s. Link:

u/Gorgehead · 2 pointsr/DMB

Of course! One of the really cool things about it is that it is a very low start up cost art form. No expensive paints or canvases needed.

Just something like this
Wood Burning Kit, Wood Burning Tool Adjustable Temperature Woodburning Pyrography Pen Kit for Adults With Number Stencils 46 Pcs

And literally any wood you can find. When I started I can remember burning my rolling tray, my wallet (you can burn leather too), old guitar bodies, broken pieces of scrap wood. Although avoid pieces with stains and glazes, noxious fumes! Always work with proper ventilation. I even wear a glove and use a fan for smoke control in my immediate area.