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u/ehcu0d · 3 pointsr/DaveRamsey

Got it.. 1st, find out from your employer if they offer an employer match. Make sure you capitalize on that because that is free money. 2nd, 15% of your income should go into retirement (pref. after tax- better to get taxed on ex. $5,000 now, then to get taxed on $2 million when you retire and withdraw). There are two types of mutual funds, actively managed (have higher expense ratios) and index funds (lower expense ratios). Vanguard has tons of low cost index funds (thats what the author in millionaire teacher advises. He shows data in their also on how index funds have outperformed actively managed throughout history.

Dave recommends the current mix of funds:
Growth and income: These funds create a stable foundation for your portfolio. Brant describes them as big, boring American companies that have been around for a long time and offer goods and services people use regardless of the economy. Look for funds with a history of stable growth that also pay dividends. You might find these listed under the large-cap or large value fund category. They may also be called blue chip, dividend income or equity income funds.

Growth: This category features medium or large U.S. companies that are still experiencing growth. Unlike growth and income funds, these are more likely to ebb and flow with the economy. For instance, you might find the latest it gadget or luxury item in your growth fund mix. Common labels for this category include mid-cap, large-cap, equity or growth funds.

Aggressive growth: Think of this category as the wild child of your portfolio. When these funds are up, they’re up. And when they’re down, they’re down. This volatile growth usually accompanies smaller companies. "So small-cap funds are going to qualify—or even a mid-cap fund that invests in small- to mid-sized companies," Brant says. But size isn’t the only consideration. Geography can also play a role. "Aggressive growth could sometimes mean large companies that are based in emerging markets," he adds.

International: International funds are great because they spread your risk beyond U.S. soil. That way your retirement fund doesn’t totally tank if America goes through an unexpected downturn. It also gives you a chance to invest in big non-U.S. companies you already know and love. You may see these referred to as foreign or overseas funds. Just don’t get them confused with world or global funds, which group U.S. and foreign stocks together.


Hope this helps. If you would like more details on how to invest I'd be glad to send you millionaire teacher free ( Was actually written by a school teacher lol. I've been in your shoes and have always enjoyed guiding people. Seriously considering turning this into something I do on the side where I can help more people achieve financial freedom.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/DaveRamsey

Mood is intimately tied with thoughts, behaviors, and your environment. The most effective way of changing moods is to change the way you act and the way that you think. A lot of the suggestions that I have seen here are for actions that would likely improve your mood, and at least some are for ways of changing the way that you think about money which could also help improve your mood.

If you want to approach the mood issue more head-on (not via improving the money issue), I do have a suggestion for you. Read Mind over Mood by Greensberger and Padesky (here is an amazon link, or it might be available at a local library or used bookstore - I recommend the 2nd edition over the 1st, but the 1st is also great - I learned a lot from it before the second edition came out), and work through the exercises. I got it 8 years ago as a tool to use with cognitive behavioural therapy with a psychologist, and it is also great for working on by yourself. I still refer to it occasionally. Feel free to PM me if you have questions about the book or the method.

u/SgtJockMacPherson · 5 pointsr/DaveRamsey

The best thing you can do is read and then read some more! Find those articles about investing and start learning the language. You can probably find what you need from a couple of books at the library or you can find them on Amazon but if you need help understanding it, then get help. You can call an investment broker in your area and schedule a meeting. They will usually spend some time with you for free in hopes that you will invest with them in the future.

[Mandatory link to Bogle type book] (

u/whizzleforshiz · 9 pointsr/DaveRamsey

At first I had a boost at work, where I got a pseudo-promotion, basically took on a another person's duties. Originally it was only going to be a $.60/hour bump, but I appealed to management that my expertise was more valuable, so they bumped me up to $9/hour more. Then I got a new job where I was offered the $90,000 and an opportunity for bonuses. I also read a book called Overcoming Underearning which helped me to feel like I deserved more and to go after it.

u/For_Christ_The_King · 3 pointsr/DaveRamsey

>Should I like give advice to my dad or ask him about the situation?

Parents rarely want financial advice from their children.

The best thing you can do is find someone they trust that can help them out. Dave Ramseys book, Total Money Makeover is in Spanish if that helps. You could give them a copy.

u/iLoveSev · 11 pointsr/DaveRamsey

r/PlantBasedDiet - Great sub with good active members always willing to help!

The Starch Solution - I have read this and follow this. Losing weight constantly.

The Forks over Knives Plan - I have not tried this but the documentary they made is what changed my way of eating (hopefully for life)

Edit: I don't count calories, I eat what is allowed in the diet until I am full (ad libitum). I follow visual guidelines of how much food should be of each group. I try not to cheat except for special occasions. My lipid and Hb1AC numbers have come down to where I have never seen them before since I have started tracking them and lost 24 lbs in 3-4 months or so.

You want a weight loss and health-promoting diet which also is disease-preventing.

Good luck!

u/TheoTeach · 1 pointr/DaveRamsey

I am entirely self taught.

So the best advice I can give is to diversify your learning path. I used each of these resources:

  • (W3Schools)[]
  • (Free Code Camp)[]
  • Codecademy (I found this to be the least helpful and a lot of times quite restrictive).
  • (Colt Steele's Web Developer Bootcamp)[] on Udemy
  • (JavaScript and jQuery by Jon Duckett)[]
  • Also, any number of youtube JS tutorials.

    While I have successfully found employment, it did not come easily. I had to apply to several hundred different jobs and received three separate job offers. I had no experience and while the job market is booming where I am, there's a universal saturation of junior level prospects, which makes entry into the field that much more difficult. That said, I am not on my second job and I'm absolutely loving my work. If you're passionate about it, keep working but don't do yourself the disservice of underestimating the effort required. It will help you tremendously if you're in an area of high demand for tech jobs (more jobs == more opportunities) and even more importantly, if you know someone already in the industry that can give you a referral for an interview.
u/ZimbabweHeist · 1 pointr/DaveRamsey

The handle I find isn't as important as the blades. I bought two different ones:

Vikings Blade for $38, which is actually my favorite but I gave to wife:


And then I use this one that was about $20 it definitely gets the job done:


I've only used Astra SP blades and like them enough so I don't experiment with all the different types of blades out there. 100 blades for $8 right now on Amazon:

u/BlackwaterPark10 · 5 pointsr/DaveRamsey

Great job! Now go read this book, open a Roth IRA at Vanguard, and auto invest into VTSAX Mutual Fund for the next 40 years, and you will be unfathomably rich. Dont bother with bonds, simply VTSAX and maybe a spinkle 10% at most of VTIAX for some international companies.





u/LukeSwan90 · 1 pointr/DaveRamsey

The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins (book)

JL Collins - Stock Series (blog)

There’s nothing in the book that’s not in the blog. The book is just better organized since it didn’t come organically like the blog.

u/HotdogCaprecious · 3 pointsr/DaveRamsey

I strongly recommend this book. Its an easy read and it has solid, evidence backed advice.

u/paynie80 · 2 pointsr/DaveRamsey

Do something where your passions, and abilities overlap....and that gets paid well. Nothing wrong with staying at home to go back to school. Now here's a copy of Ken Coleman's book to get you started.

u/Eyimanewpizzaguy · 1 pointr/DaveRamsey

Heres what you want

You can be ultra Dave and pick it up at the library for free!

Or, consider FPU. Its $129 but you get a lot of bang for the buck. Its meant to be done as a couple. I was just fine reading the book but I pay for Every Dollar which is $100/yr (paid version). I might as well have done FPU. You can do the classes online if you dont want to go in person.

u/jl1159 · 3 pointsr/DaveRamsey

Common Sense on Mutual Funds: Fully Updated 10th Anniversary Edition

Definitely worth your time. One of my top 2.