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u/anoukaimee · 1 pointr/Decor

Boho, agreed. A lot of different styles there (that work great together, btw). With glam (colors/emphasis on gold metal) and shabby chic/rustic elements IMO.

A lot of what you have look like they were directly pinned from Urban Outfitters--do you have that store there? You're all set to outfit your place if you do (but join their discount club and watch for 30% sales).

Also you've got a lot of Ikea. That's hit or miss in terms of what you're looking for.

Agree with /u/buttplug_chicken that Anthropologie is the place to go, but is tres spendy.

If you were in the USA, I'd say Urban Outfitters, World Market, Crate & Barrel, Wayfair (if you have access there and haven't checked it out, you must--it is a goldmine of savings, esp. the closeouts/returns), Target (the quality isn't always great, but feature a lot of boho on the cheap) and take a peek at the Walmart Pioneer Woman line. You surely have Etsy available: it takes searching and can be costly (depending) but a lot of great stuff from individual designers with cool taste.

Also for dinnerwear and such, I've found great stuff at incredible discounts at the Lenox online store--they carry Dansk, and you've got some Scandinavian primitive stuff in those pillows. Monitor their clearance, I got a full Dansk Fjord Tweet set at 80% savings last winter. But I'm totally unfamiliar with UK retailers; barring the availability of these stores, whatever you can find at local thrift shops would be great.

One other thing: if you're on a budget, I'd also actually recommend Aliexpress for some stuff, especially window decor and peel-and-stick wallpaper/tile (I haven't bought bedding from them, but seriously doubt the quality you'd get). They're great for neat-o patterned fabric if you're crafty too, lots of African lace. Need to be very careful about buying from ppl w/ high ratings, because they'll scheme you like crazy if you're not careful. There are some good Chrome plug-ins that help you winnow out the bad sellers and find the best deals on the same merchandise.

Lastly, at least on both Amazon and eBay's US sites, you can get some neat-o Chinese stuff at a discount (altho there's a whole lotta crap you have to weed through): here's an example of a deep, deep discount over what US sellers would charge (on Etsy, etc.).

Good luck! Great ideas ;)

u/magzma16 · 1 pointr/Decor

You should get a kitchen table...a small one you can put up against that bare wall but with the narrow not long end.- stash the candle on it instead of the living room table. It can function not only as an eating space but for board game night table too! and a bigger rug in the living room in the future than the green one- it kinda looks a little small and could be placed under the desk/ dining table to break up the space.

-Living room rug idea- cowhide?

-I also would recommend some kind of art that makes you happy above the couch and all around. You seem to dig earthy colors and that windiness look.

Check this out-
-I've thought about that book shelf. It might work better on the other side of the desk and with something like a tall lamp on it. It might be a good spot to hang the antlers above that later?
-End table in between the bookshelf and couch.- try this one?

-Why not have an accent muted green or maybe this green wall on that "dinning room" wall?
you could extend it into the kitchen's back wall but leave the separator?- I can't decide.

-a curtain for the window- you can find curtain rods with that cabin feel but keep the curtain light- or the same color as the accent wall green

Ok Sorry that's a lot- don't really know why I put so much effort. Its cool if you don't like any of the ideas- it was fun anyways.

u/Miss_Forgiver · 1 pointr/Decor

Party Light - Set of 2 Fiber Optic Lamp with Chrome Base - Blue Steams with Blue LED Lights - Tabletop Centerpiece

These might look good, one on each side of your screen?

And definitely. Doesn't have to be canvas. Being as you have a white wall, you might wanna stick with the blue/black theme.

And depending on how that looks you could even hang a little knick knack between the two pictures like a galvanized letter or sheet metal carving of your favorite gaming emblem.

u/artyluxe · 1 pointr/Decor

Yes because its very economic this way, and it is also very easy to fill, so the best way is to buy the Polyester Cluster Fiber Filling near you at Amazon :

here is a video about how to fill it : just don't use your old clothes as she did in the video, use the Polyester Cluster Fiber Filling is much better and easier.

u/weluckyfew · 3 pointsr/Decor

$5 on Amazon or WalMart

If that's not cheap enough, go to a thrift store or a Goodwill outlet (if your town has one) -- but if buying second hand i strongly suggest putting those in a dryer on highest setting for a good long time in case of bed bugs.

u/Locust45 · 2 pointsr/Decor

I would get a high-texture, neutral duvet like this one:

(I love this brand!)

Then I'd buy a twin-sized velvet burnt orange throw blanket for the foot of the bed, and a couple of throw pillows in burnt orange and brown in different textures.

u/IDCDesigners · 3 pointsr/Decor

I’d go white also. I nice , large fluffy white bath mat: Kangaroo Plush Luxury Chenille Bath Rug, 30x20, Extra Soft and Absorbent Shaggy Bathroom Mat Rugs, Washable, Strong Underside, Plush Carpet Mats for Kids Tub, Shower, and Bath Room, White

And maybe a simple shower curtain with a white and black geographic pattern to draw the eye up: VIS'V Shower Curtain, Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain for Bathroom - Black and White

u/mrfunktastik · 1 pointr/Decor

Personally I'd start with a long shelf along the wall there behind the table. What's nice about these is you can start out slow by putting out knick-knacks from around your house you already have. And you can even stand up framed pictures on it, leaning against the wall. That was you get to try out and see what art starts to feel good without hammering holes into the wall and committing.

Oh and put some curtains over that glass door. Something colorful or patterned, like this maybe :)

u/kevinBrandin · 2 pointsr/Decor

if you looking for a rustic look.
this [barrel] (
is great.
my walls are white and all my furniture are woody.

u/Kittiecat4000 · 3 pointsr/Decor

Have you thought about mounting the guitar on the wall with something like is?
Would theme the wall, keep it off the floor and could be a conversation piece.

u/redblueorange · 1 pointr/Decor

If you're just looking for privacy maybe
Rabbitgoo 3D Window Films Privacy Film Static Decorative Film Non-Adhesive Heat Control Anti UV 17.7In. By 78.7In. (45 x 200Cm)
Rabbitgoo Privacy Window Film Frosted Film 17.7 By 78.7 Inch No Glue Anti-UV Window Sticker White Frosted Window Cling Non-Adhesive For Privacy Office Meeting Room Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room

Or try looking for kitchen curtains
Blackout Window Curtains and Drapes for Kitchen - NICETOWN Window Treatment Thermal Insulated Solid Grommet Blackout Drapery Panels (Set of 2 Panels,42 by 45 Inch,Cappuccino)

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain - Tie Up Shade for Small Window (Rod Pocket Panel, 46"W x 63"L, Platinum)

Mysky Home Fashion 3 Pieces Jacquard Kitchen Sheer Tier Curtains and Valance Set, Grey

Curtains are among the easiest thing to sew. If you know anyone with any sewing ability they probably would not mind making some for your. It's a sewing machine and less than an hour of their time

u/SentientCelery · 2 pointsr/Decor

I have an old house with small rooms and odd windows. I hate that window treatments add bulk and weight to a room so I bought the static window cling stuff below. It’s amazing - easy to use, temporary, impossible to see through, lets a ton of light in while blocking the heat from the sun. I have it in my kitchen, bathroom, and on my front door. It’s been up 6 months now and is as good as the first day still.

Rabbitgoo 3D Window Films Privacy Film Static Decorative Film Non-Adhesive Heat Control Anti UV 17.5 x 78.7 inches (44.5 x 200cm)

u/jamwithjelly · 3 pointsr/Decor

I did a reverse image search too and went to the Pinterest link, and under this one it said "home decorators collection," which is a Home Depot brand. Unfortunately I didn't see this exact basket, but there were a few somewhat similar ones. None with the random weave, though. Here is a link to the wicker baskets they have.

After doing a few searches I found similar baskets under "casus basket" and "water hyacinth basket." Here is a link for a casus basket I found. It does have the random weave although it might be smaller than what you're looking for.