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u/oneverybigcloud · 3 pointsr/DeepIntoYouTube

So I looked into the origin of this video, and it has nothing to do with the uploader (whose other videos are also pretty deep into youtube-- a highschool announcements video, some girls doing karaoke, a friend filming a close up of another friend's butt). I can't tell if they made the video, but the song comes from a duo called JewB and Milkywhite. They have an album available on amazon and honestly it is some of the most explicit trash I have ever heard. It's labeled as comedy, but it's a biiiiiig swing and a miss.

I only listened to a few of the 30 second samples, but there's bestiality ("Fuckin' the Dawg"), sexualizing infants ("Rape the Pie"), and extreme racism ("It's Only Getting Bigger"), and that's just three of the first five tracks. The album seems split into two 'parts', I guess, Debut and Castrati, and the Castrati part seems a lot more like this video's style, weird and synthy with modified vocals instead of generic mid-2000s fruity loops hiphop beats. But that half still features songs like "A.I.D.S. Maid" and "Got a Baby? (Get Rid of It!)" so it's safe to say it's not that different.

Still, I have no idea where this song came from considering the rest of their work, how it got on this high school girl's youtube channel, what she might have thought of the rest of JewB and Milkywhite's catalogue, nothing. I don't know what happened to the duo after their album came out way back in 2005, or how it got onto both iTunes and Amazon. Searching their name yields only two pages of google results, most of which are autogenerated based on their album's presence on those retailers. Truly deep.

u/Oreoloveboss · 0 pointsr/DeepIntoYouTube

I don't like trackballs, but I wish there was more effort put into mice like these: 1 and 2.

Having your hand flat on a mouse (or trackball) is not very ergonomic.

u/Plumpinfovore · 3 pointsr/DeepIntoYouTube

Not sure if you read but if not there's an audiobook too ... Since you like that show check out bc it's about Fukushima and there's an homage to the filing of elephants foot in the story ...and who knows you may enjoy the book

u/myliwG · 8 pointsr/DeepIntoYouTube

Not really sure what to make of this guy.

He claims to have produced over a hundred books, made documentaries, screenplays, dvd's and all sorts.

According to IMBD he worked on the Apollo moon landing. But beware the bio is entered by someone called Pat Roberts, who sounds like someone related to him. They also co-authored this book. I'm guessing wife.

Here is his animation test site. The most interesting thing I found on there is this web app he wrote to make alien names for sci-fi writers.

He has some just weird stuff too like this video of a roomba with him talking over it.

Books I could find on amazon are Yammer Starter and Space Cadets: Logistics.

u/kdsresearch · 8 pointsr/DeepIntoYouTube

The Meowmorphosis

"One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that he had been changed into an adorable kitten."

u/Hawest · 1 pointr/DeepIntoYouTube

Honestly, all of Dennis Champion's videos are perfect for /r/deepintoyoutube. He has 2 more videos where he rants about American English being "wrong", and the rest of his channel is a weird combination of cheap advertisements and videos from salsa festivals. He even published a book once, which, according to multiple customer reviews, is very poorly written and full of grammatical errors.

u/BakaDango · 99 pointsr/DeepIntoYouTube

This guy's uploads are absolutely insane, I have no idea what to make of this man. Here's a video where he discusses tips for travelling to the Philippines while he has some random Filipino girl (maybe his wife?) perform one legged balancing exercises.

He wrote a book in 1990 titled "Angels on the Ark" and I will just leave you with the synopsis:
> What if someone were to tell you that the entire [GREEN SIDE or the REVERSE] of the back of the ONE DOLLAR BILL, was in fact a perfect to scale replica, Of the Original Ark of the Covenant Given unto Moses from the Lord God and that somehow this replica has been placed on the back of the ONE DOLLAR BILL as part of a remnant society of peoples that coexist with our own society for some unknown reason?

u/peniscurve · 1 pointr/DeepIntoYouTube

If you wanna clean your carpet up, and not make noise because you will wake your roommates(parents), or neighbors try this.

u/vea138 · 2 pointsr/DeepIntoYouTube and yes it gets weirder as the movie goes on. made in 1976. I got it for 5 bucks at local used porn section without a box, but that title sold me .

u/davidd00 · 6 pointsr/DeepIntoYouTube

US Version

Its kind of expensive... a used version is more expensive for some reason

u/BreadtheWholeTime · 68 pointsr/DeepIntoYouTube

Yeah boiii, time to breakdown this 6-year-old video.


>You need more space

My ~20cm mousepad does not take up that much space.

>Moving the mouse by lifting it

Again, I don't have this problem, perhaps my desk is larger than most.

>Sometimes clicking will move the mouse

I don't have this issue, but this isn't even down to desk space.

>Constantly tugging on a cable

My computer sits parallel to my monitor so I don't have this problem either.

>Sometimes you move the mouse and the cursor doesn't move or moves to the edge of the screen

I can't remember the last time this happened.


Perhaps I am being unfair to an old video, but it was uploaded in 2010 and the optical mouse I use is only 1 year newer (2001/2002) than the mouse he suggested buying.

Regardless of opinion on the video this part is comedic gold.

u/notacrackheadofficer · 1 pointr/DeepIntoYouTube

History bro.
Back and forth Catholic.
Do you think that voodoo is based on Protestant saints?
Maybe you should read this classic.
Or you can start with this basic article.
I wonder why they have so many detailed subsections under Jamaica?
''Jamaica’s Obeah has a similar belief system and is widely practiced in rural areas as a form of sympathetic magic, despite the fact that a British-made law from the late 19th century means Obeah is actually illegal.''
Thus the ''mostly protestant'' bullshit numbers. Obeah [African Catholicism] rules the Island.

u/Syjefroi · 1 pointr/DeepIntoYouTube

I agree, CBT is the way to go, or DBT, a sort of cousin to CBT, depending on your needs. DBT works better for, say, someone suffering from narcissistic personality disorder or borderline personality disorder, which is often accompanied by some form of depression.

This book can work well if you can't afford a therapist. What state are you in? If you have some kind of health insurance, you can check Psychology Today's therapist search tool and find someone near you who takes your insurance. Search for your insurance and CBT/DBT specialists.

We've come a long way with understanding the brain and how it works, and CBT/DBT is the culmination of decades of good research and study. It's not a new-age-y get-healthy-quick thing, it's a real method for healing emotional unwellness and it's worth your time to learn about it.