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u/motku · 8 pointsr/Denver

Ethical Concern: The GMO corn is trademarked by <insert well known chemical company here> and the seed is sold to farmers who invest in it. Corn propagates by wind, neighbor farmer did not buy in but now his seed stock is infiltrated and the trademark owners sue him for stealing seed stock or some other violation of copyright. Local farmer caves to relentless legal pressure, soon all food stock is owned by corporations. This could get really wild (The Windup Girl), but so far that's still sci-fi, right?

Environmental Concern: Most GMO crops are created by chemical companies who in turn make products effective on plants that were not created by them. Rather than taking time to work with the environment these companies amass petrochemical sprays (a further economical cost to the farmer as well) and bombard regions so their plant survives. This chemical mixture goes into the soil and water where it in turn effects us; you do know that ALL drinking water is recycled I hope.

So you might be right, there might not be concerns on the healthy diet level (though we all know how wonderful the American diet is for us all). But there are larger socioeconomic issues here as well. To lock this only on a healthy for diet issue is absurd. I highly recommend Botany of Desire (book or PBS) as the potato chapter is enlightening on this measure (from an economic standpoint). Basically; organic food is far more economic in terms of space, maintenance, and profit per square foot.

u/clymber · 2 pointsr/Denver

The best way I've found to discover good National Forest areas is with a Delorme Colorado Atlas and Gazetteer

Even with all the great resources online it's easy to page through the maps and look for the "dark green areas" which are National Forest.

I believe REI still sells the Atlas as well.

u/Ririkkaru · 4 pointsr/Denver

I recommend this book.

Someone mentioned Cheesman Park, and the 1980 movie The Changeling is actually based on the Henry Treat Rogers mansion in that neighborhood.

Crooke Patterson Mansion in Cap Hill also has a creepy history.

This website has a few good leads.

Personally the only inexplicable things I've ever experienced were at the Stanley Hotel like /u/Shelbie007. My father's band was doing a concert up there in the Concert Hall (which is a separate building from the main hotel) and one of the members made a joke about ghosts and literally right after a large light fell from the ceiling above the stage and barely missed the guys.

I also recommend getting some drinks at their amazing whiskey bar and trying to get the bartenders there to tell you their stories.

u/a_park_bench · 2 pointsr/Denver

I can recommend this one. Fairly cheap, just buy an extra SD card for it. The video it gives looks like this. There's some music at the beginning then silence. The camera records audio and YouTube was going to put ads on my video because of the radio playing, so I used a custom song then muted it.

Though I don't know if there's better now, this was a really good one for the money when I bought it about a year and a half ago.

u/reinhold23 · 2 pointsr/Denver

Other than getting out there (I learned firsthand that FS-601 is gawd awful this past summer on a camping trip to the Flattops -- had to turn tail at a creek crossing/mud pit), I study maps quite a bit. Pick a cool place you'd like to visit, and plan your route, rather than outsourcing your brain to Google :)

And buy a good road atlas! I recommend the DeLorme one.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/Denver

I have the SpyTec A119. It's pretty popular and has great reviews. Seems to be mentioned every time someone asks for a recommendation too.

u/pspahn · 1 pointr/Denver

Best Option

Second Best Option

I used the second one for a long time. I've gone through probably 5-6 of those. Picked up the first one a few years ago and I like it much better.

They're also wireless and don't need batteries.

u/oznobninja · 2 pointsr/Denver

+1 on this. I have one I love for $70. Installed in my windshield behind the rearview mirror and hardly remember it's there, blends in well.

AUKEY Dash Cam, 1080P Dashboard Camera Recorder, 6-Lane 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens, Supercapacitor, G-sensor and Clear Nighttime Recording

u/inexplorata · 1 pointr/Denver

We're on year 3 of owning and running this one all winter. I like it because we keep it in the kitchen (the entire house is humidified equally), roll it over to the sink and the detachable faucet reaches it, fills up nicely.

I'll never invert a reservoir again!

u/rijnzael · 11 pointsr/Denver

This is the dashcam:

And I got this SD card per the recommendations I got from the reviews:

The camera is pretty awesome. It's motion detecting, so it begins recording automatically once I start driving, but it will turn the display off after a little bit to help prevent distractions. It also comes with a 12V socket adapter, which I use.

u/GenericName72 · 6 pointsr/Denver

Pepper spray is totally legal in Colorado if you're using it in self-defense. It's legal to carry and you don't need to warn people around you that you are in possession of it-- in other words, you can conceal carry it legally. I believe it's also legal to brandish it. I carry this with me at all times. Important to use pepper gel and not pepper spray, as it's more wind-resistant and less likely to blow back into your face.

u/Zoztrog · 1 pointr/Denver
There is an another volume that covers northern CO.
Not every trail but good information on the ones they have.

u/idontusejelly · 3 pointsr/Denver

Its just local broadcast channels that are already free through an antenna which can be had for the same cost as one month of the service.

u/upvotethepunx · 2 pointsr/Denver

Any trail in the foothills.

EDIT: Here's a sweet book that is exactly what you are looking for, LINK, they also sell it at REI.

u/DoctFaustus · 1 pointr/Denver

I got Going Solo in the Kitchen years ago. It's a great guide to cooking and meal planning for one or two people. It really helped me cut down on costs.

u/koick · 2 pointsr/Denver

I'm going to echo the other two responses: although I did it for years, free cable from the coax wall jack is impossible anymore (it's now encrypted and requires a tuner box). However, you can get ~40 channels OTA (over-the-air) including the major networks by using an antenna (go here and put in your zip code). For ~$50, you can get one that works and looks good. For ~$10 you can use some "bunny ears". And for ~$5 and half an hour you can actually build your own (and it works amazingly well!). I've done all 3 and had no problems getting enough channels in the metro area.

u/DayMan4224 · 2 pointsr/Denver

Also if you have a car that's big and has hard to reach places, do not use a broom to clear the snow off! That will scratch the paint. Either stand in the door ways or get one of these

u/thebabaghanoush · 3 pointsr/Denver

I got this one:

This is one of the recommended models on /r/Dashcam

u/JingJang · 5 pointsr/Denver

Get yourself an Azound bike horn:

That and a few loud "Coming through on the bike lane"!, usually clears it out.

u/DayMan4334 · 2 pointsr/Denver

Get a sno rake instead, since a broom can scratch paint

u/toxicomano · 3 pointsr/Denver

I bought a spy tec a119 and you can barely see the thing even when you're looking for it. Put it behind your rear view mirror and you're golden.

u/McBadass · 1 pointr/Denver

Probably this one or similar:

Dash Cam

u/Reedpo · 2 pointsr/Denver

You might enjoy this book. Or hate it... The prologue is titled: "Why I Became a Late Merger (and Why You Should Too)"

u/math_teachers_gf · 3 pointsr/Denver

I do still sell them, although very rarely, as I do not self-promote on this sub unless called out for a link. Again, rare. I think at one point I was on the sidebar, maybe? Etsy and Amazon price difference is because of seller fees and Amazon having a shittier margin.

u/Cybersecurityfart · 3 pointsr/Denver

I forgot that Earth has gotten progressively more violent since the creation of the gun. OH WAIT, that's not true at all and currently, the world is more peaceful than it's ever been. Here's a book on it.

u/pizzaazzip · 1 pointr/Denver

G1W. There is a newer version of this thing which is why this is $49 on amazon currently (I paid $67 back in February). As you can guess, low light isn't as great, 1080p is essentially upscaled 720p, and the menus are somewhat in broken english. Overall I highly recommend, watch out for the fake ones if you plan on buying one. There are youtube videos going over the differences, many of those speculate they are probably made in factories not too far from eachother but the fake ones don't have as good of quality and lie about the specs.