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u/acb94 · 2 pointsr/DesiTwoX

Haha I'm glad! :)

You can keep sentimental gifts, I keep my small sentimental items - like movie tickets and photobooth pictures in a small memories box. It's really fun to go through every couple of months.

If you're attached to the memories but can't justify keeping a sentimental gift anymore consider taking a picture of it and then letting it go (or like scanning cards). A picture still keeps the memory alive but clears out your storage space.

And yes actually I did a complete jewelry organization overhaul a couple years ago! For my desi jewelry I bought these clear photo cases from Amazon. They fit desi sets perfectly and stack on top of each other. Easy to store in a drawer, or you can buy this case box that holds all of them in one place.

Good luck! :)

u/larimari · 1 pointr/DesiTwoX

I had the problem of it feeling greasy the day after. I tried the method of over conditioning but it just left it oilier than it started. But most shampoos also dried it out. A shampoo with a good balance I've found is Aveeno Gentle Conditioning Daily Shampoo. Essentially I needed something that would remove the oils but do it gently and this is perfect for that. You have to really work it into your hair to get a good lather, but it's worth it.

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u/pharmersmarket · 2 pointsr/DesiTwoX

Hey :) I'm sorry to hear you've had similar experiences. Especially with both parents which must have been so difficult growing up.

Here is the children of immature parents one :

And a link to a free pdf of the abusive adults one: the chapter I mentioned was chapter 10

Also in my comment above to OP I added a few helpful links I've found. YouTube is also a really good source for some clarity because a lot of psychologists who specialize in these topics have consise advice to share.

u/MittenRaj · 1 pointr/DesiTwoX

I hate my under-eye circles also :(

I read some stuff online, have tried a couple of cremes:

u/popsiclesky · 5 pointsr/DesiTwoX

>Fatimah Asghar, 28, is the creator of the Web series Brown Girls, now in development for HBO. Her book of poems, If They Come for Us, is out August 7th.