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u/Matchi3291 · 2 pointsr/Diablo

Book of Cain is the official lore book. It came out around Diablo 3 so it has the D3 logo, but that's just for advertising the game. I got it a while back and it's pretty awesome!

Edit: If you want to save some money you could always see what offers there are on ebay. I got my copy there for like $6-7

u/Reptilesblade · 5 pointsr/Diablo

Before D3 it was fucking epic. Some of the best I have ever encountered in three plus decades of gaming.

After D3 it's still above average and very good, just a lot more cliche and a little less coherent.

FYI, get the giant Diablo Archive book of short stories. It is by far some of the best sword and sorcery I have ever read. Virtually nothing else comes close. Just the first story alone blew my mind the first time I read it and still ranks as one of my all time favorite things to have ever read.

u/anamorphism · 2 pointsr/Diablo

if you have a current or last-gen console, you might just want to wait for and buy:

the console d3 experience is pretty unique and fun. if all you care about is playing single-player, it's probably the better experience.

u/Nevalistis · 11 pointsr/Diablo

Without delving hugely into it, I'd like to recommend you check out Storm of Light by Nate Kenyon. It covers the events between Diablo III and Reaper of Souls and you get some perspective on what being the Aspect of Wisdom means through Tyrael's eyes (after he takes up the mantle at the end of D3).

It's not wholly unmaddening, and Tyrael spends a fair amount of the story attempting to piece together Malthael's thoughts and motivations behind his disappearance. Probably my personal favorite of the Diablo novels.

u/Rhykker · 27 pointsr/Diablo

I have the box set. There's an old video, somewhere, of me playing it online with someone. I got it when I was like 13, and it was my first real experience playing D&D. It was my gateway drug into D&D. I really enjoyed it and couldn't be happier that I got it all those years ago. Is it worth it for you? I don't know - I don't know you, what you like, or your experiences with tabletop RPGs, but for me, it was awesome. This is exactly what I have.

u/[deleted] · 28 pointsr/Diablo

Diablo has a surprising amount of lore, I've just recently started to dive in as well. Some really cool fully illustrated lore book can be found on Amazon and they're awesome.

The Book of Cain

The Book of Tyrael

The Book of Adria

u/djcahill · 3 pointsr/Diablo

LoD made huge improvements in the game like Runewords and other features. Although, as a 15 year old game, I'm sure both are on sale cheap somewhere. I see Amazon has both on sale for 13.60

I imagine you might even be able to find the battlechest cheaper at a place like G2A or other reseller.

u/DKSbobblehead · 2 pointsr/Diablo

As others have said here, PC version with the expansion is the way to go. Dunno if it factors into your purchase or not, but Amazon currently has hard copies of the base game expansion for 50% off. You'll have to wait for them until March 6th and 7th respectively if I read correctly, but that's a grand total of $40 and well worth it.

u/KroBa · 3 pointsr/Diablo

Diablo: Book Of Cain is an excellent summary of the lore of the Diablo series. It also sets the stage for Diablo III very well. It's written from Deckard Cain's perspective as a sort of compendium of Horadric knowledge, as well as tales from other scholars and scribes that he has sought in his lifetime.

Some of the wiki pages you can find on the 'net are pretty good but you have to remember that they're written by people interpreting things they've seen or read and are not always absolutely canon.

The novels are pretty good but they mostly don't really relate to the games themselves. The Sin War trilogy is probably my favourite story set in Sanctuary.

u/JayStax · -3 pointsr/Diablo

Today, Jay Wilson tweeted a photo of the "Real" Diablo 3 box. The thing is, that is the very same box Amazon has been displaying for weeks, if not months.

So I can safely say this is going to be the box for the collectors edition. It seems to fit the Tyrael theme, and contrast nicely with the Diablo box.

Here is the listing for Diablo III: Collectors Edition


u/Eaux · 0 pointsr/Diablo

The original list price of SC2 was $59.99. Foxtrot 56 was saying that some places will do sales for $15-20 off. I was agreeing with him on that claim. Many stores had SC2 at $39.99, a $20 discount, within weeks of the release. In fact, many people picked the game up for rather cheap a few days after release at Target.
The point he was making in his post was that if he waited a few weeks for a price drop, he could pick up the game at a highly discounted price, which is almost assuredly correct.

Also: Amazon $49.99. If you're buying a game from Best Buy or Gamestop, you should expect to be overcharged. Games from 5 years ago still sell for $35-50 at GameStop.

u/humbuggery · 2 pointsr/Diablo

To be fair, expecting to play a game you just purchased doesn't make you entitled. It's not like Blizzard doesn't have any experience for massive release days (WOW). If you sell 12 million copies and aren't able to support that many players after touting online only as some great (non-DRM) feature, maybe they should have limited the amount of copies sold. If this were any other company (or industry) you'd get the same feedback. Also, lol, it's rating went up to 2 stars.

u/forthewarchief · 3 pointsr/Diablo

Offline play

Local Co Op

You can dodge


More hackers online; way slower patches afaik

Your choice, OP.

You can also sell or trade it, and it's probably WAY cheaper than Pc though
(or bring it to a friends house to play)


looks like 22 used and 30 new.

u/Vladamar · 1 pointr/Diablo

Thirty bucks on Amazon is the best I could find in a couple minutes of checking:

u/Sharohachi · 1 pointr/Diablo

I have the logitech g700 and I like it a lot. I don't know about it for CM wiz specifically but I really like the feel of it and the button layout.

By the way, you probably already know this but just in case you don't: for a CM wiz you can just hold down the keyboard buttons for freeze, armor, and the explosion rather than pressing them repeatedly.

u/knightangel12 · 2 pointsr/Diablo

If you want some more on the development of Diablo I highly recommned the book Stay Awhile and Listen. It goes really in depth on how the game was made and the relationship between Blizzard North and Blizzard. It's a really great read.

u/drusepth · 1 pointr/Diablo

They wanted to introduce new lore to the world of Sanctuary. It's traditionally known that the paladins (D2) pushed westward under Rakkis in a crusade to spread the Zakarum faith and ended up founding Westmarch. Crusaders are a special forces unit of paladins that instead pushed east on their own mission to become "pure" (and rid the taint left behind by Mephisto) in faith.

I'm interested to see the banter between the Crusader and the Templar, whose order was basically risen from the ashes of the Paladin order (and they view themselves as a "pure" continuation of paladins), but is not officially sanctioned by the Zakarum church.

More information in the Book of Tyrael.

u/statikuz · 1 pointr/Diablo

Yeah that's a little rough. Would be nice if the battlechest was like $20 and you could buy it digitally but that's life I guess.

You can get it from Amazon and just activate your CD keys with your account, that'll let you download it digitally in the future.

u/CarbonatedFalcon · 2 pointsr/Diablo

I have another Logitech mouse that I like, but it's getting a bit worn out after a couple years now. I'll probably get a Logitech G700 shortly before or after D3 releases. Plenty of buttons so I could keybind everything to the mouse if I wanted to for ease of play.

u/LunaWolve · 7 pointsr/Diablo

You are!

I can only RECOMMEND the Sin War book series. It deals with the whole stuff that is referenced in the game (Sanctuary, The Sin War itself, Angels, Demons, Lillith, Inarius, etc.), that can be found in the Lore Books in Act 4.

It's really an amazing read, not expensive and also not that long.

In addition to that, it would be a great preperation for Reaper of Souls, as Tyrael and Malthael are also mentioned in the books!

Book 1 - Birthright

Book 2 - Scales of the Serpent

Book 3 - The Veiled Prophet

They really are an amazing read! Also check out Storm of Light , the Bridge-Book to explain what happened after Diablo 3 and before Reaper of Souls!

u/suejak · -2 pointsr/Diablo

You act like SC2 beta is ancient history. Honestly, I think most of us have played since beta. The outcry was humongous and constant, especially on the official forums and other public forums.

Check out the page and count the 1-star ratings:

However, I think D3 does actually have more outcry than other highly anticipated games, to be honest.

u/aeclasik · 2 pointsr/Diablo

You will get legendary that matches your level, but honestly it's not worth it. Just get to max level ASAP. The end-game meta is highly dependent on level 70 (RoS max level) gear. These are specific items/sets that you do not get in original Diablo 3. But if you've played any Diablo games, you know that getting to max level is really when the game starts. With 2.2 on the horizon, the amount of new 7 piece sets and legendary items will keep growing and you will be missing out on an insane amount of content w/o the expansion. Just found a link for RoS which is currently on sale at Amazon for $28

u/415PHANTOM · 1 pointr/Diablo

Make sure you buy the new version. Amazon

u/FuryanRage · 7 pointsr/Diablo

The Sin War trilogy is indeed a nice intro, as it details the creation of Sanctuary. After you've read those, I'd recommend reading the Book of Cain and Book of Tyrael, as they formalize the entire lore a little bit. All other books are stories set in the Diablo universe and more or less unrelated to the games, albeit they are great reading. My personal favourites are The Black Road and Moon of the Spider.


I would read the books in the following order:

The Sin War Trilogy

  • Birthright
  • Scales of the serpent
  • The veiled prophet

    Lore books

  • Book of Cain
  • Book of Tyrael


  • Legacy of blood
  • The black road
  • Kingdom of shadow
  • Moon of the spider (this features a char from Kingdom of shadow, so read that first!)
  • Demonsbane (short story, can be found in this omnibus)

    I can't speak for any of the more recent books, as I have not read them yet :)

    Enjoy lad!
u/Doomscream · 1 pointr/Diablo

You want his blood type info and dick size while I am at it? Geez... Sorry to rain on your Wyatt Trump rant. The best answers to your question could possibly be found in this book

" On August 1, 2005, Blizzard Entertainment announced the closure of Blizzard North. A key reason for the closure was Blizzard North's poor development of what was to be Diablo III which did not meet the expectations of Vivendi. Former Blizzard North staffers including Joseph Lawrence, Wyatt Cheng and Matt Uelmen subsequently appeared in the credits of Blizzard's next retail release, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. The work of former Blizzard North artist Phroilan Gardner was also featured in editions of World of Warcraft: The Trading Card Game around the same time. "

u/digitald17 · 0 pointsr/Diablo

You can purchase D2 and the expac separately, but still direct from Blizzard Or get a battle chest from somewhere like Amazon:

u/mattzach84 · 0 pointsr/Diablo

Amazon's marketplace vendors have them starting at $31.99, if that's any help.

Link to prices as of the time of this post

Many of them will have an additional shipping charge, but you may be able to shave a few bucks off even after shipping.

u/jamesj · 1 pointr/Diablo

Depending on where you are located outside the US, you may still be able to get release day shipping. To check, you have to sign in to amazon and there should be a link just under the price on the amazon page for Diablo 3 to see if there is release day shipping at your location.

u/qetuop1 · 0 pointsr/Diablo

I used this when I was trying to get the base game cheap. Add a watch price and it will send you an email when it hits it. It is just the Amazon site though.

u/nilleftw · 1 pointr/Diablo

This is the cheapest I've found.

I bought my key off some shady site for less way back when the new launched. Key still works and I payed under $5 for it.

u/hypermog · 11 pointsr/Diablo

Amazon had listed them as sold out, but apparently they've now got more allocated to them.

u/stniesen · 1 pointr/Diablo

Used ones are as low as $15. I'm sure you could scrape some spare change to get that amount of money.

u/Thelgow · 1 pointr/Diablo

No. Amazon UK doesnt seem to show it but on US site, [Link](
It shows the option for physical then for digital code. Digital code shoots up to $40 whereas the physical is still less. I dunno man. Same with Xbox1 games. I got the Bestbuy membership, 20% of physical games, no discount on digital.
You would think there would be incentive for less overhead but it's not there.

u/Flippi273 · 1 pointr/Diablo

Does anyone know if it we pre-order it at Amazon or Gamestop will it be sitting for us at home on release date or will they not ship it till the release date. Along with that would I be able to just pick it up at Gamestop?

u/Zenigen · 1 pointr/Diablo

D3 for $20.

D3 RoS for $35.

Protip: Blizzard store is almost always the most expensive price. Search around before buying from there.

u/khakimage · 1 pointr/Diablo

All I'm finding is the standard Diablo 3, not the collector's edition.

edit: Apparently I am an idiot.

u/SirFragsMore · 1 pointr/Diablo

Was looking for the same thing, you said you wanted it for under $20 here it is for $13! I'm still looking for a cheaper option as I don't need/want the box but may go with this.

u/Zortje · 2 pointsr/Diablo

There is the Book of Cain ( and The Order (, there are some other books, but as far as I know they are not related with Diablo 3 specific and some lore may have changed in Diablo 3.

u/wormfist · 1 pointr/Diablo

Guessing it's this (also at Amazon).

u/trimpage · 1 pointr/Diablo
That's a link that shows all the people selling it. If you scroll past the featured merchants until you hit the "New" category, the prices start at about $39 with $4 shipping.

u/adamzl · 1 pointr/Diablo

blizzard has "end of lifed" diablo 1 which means they no longer support it on current hardware and no longer sell it. this is especially evident after they reworded the collector's edition of d3 to remove d1 from the package.

you can find it on amazon but it is absurdly priced:

u/Jehoel · 3 pointsr/Diablo

Amazon has the battlechest for $30, but note that this is the 'new version' that does NOT come with the original Diablo. Link Sadly, I've not seen any for $20.

u/Dolkthor · 3 pointsr/Diablo

The game is currently on sale at Amazon for $20 base game and $20 expansion. I think this is the lowest it has been.

u/adoorbleazn · 2 pointsr/Diablo

I don't really think there was a lot of story in the older Diablo games, especially if you didn't go looking really really hard for it. A lot of the things referred to in D3 are detailed much more in the book series, though, in addition to the Books of Cain and Tyrael, which I see you've already been referred to.

u/JHoNNy1OoO · 2 pointsr/Diablo

Seriously? A check on Amazon quickly disproves this. Not to mention it was $30 in January on Newegg.

u/tehghost · 1 pointr/Diablo

Check Target, Walmart, or Bestbuy. I see Diablo Battle Chests (D1+D2+LOD) every time I am in one of those three stores and I think they even brought the price down.

u/Bonta-Kun · 2 pointsr/Diablo

The battle chest is available on Amazon for $29.99.

u/flying_roomba · 2 pointsr/Diablo

I would say yes. I started with Diablo 2, had a great time, then tried Diablo 1. D1 I think is much more difficult, and more scary to me because of the dark graphics. You can still purchase Diablo 1, but I don't know how it would install on Vista or 7 (at the time I had XP). You probably would want the Diablo Battle Chest.

u/Glowinglight · 0 pointsr/Diablo

Same shit happened with starcraft II
People started to band together to try to offset it though.

u/thenonhacker · 5 pointsr/Diablo
  1. Yeah but they are kidding themselves if they revamp core parts of the game during the beta.

  2. Blizzard is known for releasing games "When it's ready". Diablo 3 is Not this. It was released prematurely.

    And so May 2012 to December 2012 became the real beta-testing. Obviously the game's Not ready.

    First days of Diablo 3, the Always-Online requirement failed many players because they cannot login the game "they rented". It sent them to rate Diablo 3 in with lots of ★☆☆☆☆
u/strike05 · 1 pointr/Diablo

Ehh, I'd rather pay $30 dollars than risk my account getting perm ban.

u/LuiSP · 1 pointr/Diablo

When I got D2 I wanted the first game but I also wanted the expansion. I had to buy it on ebay as the only way to get it new was to buy the battlechest but the price was too much and I already owned D2.

D1, on it's own, is still available and it isn't too expensive.

Hellfire, OTOH, is a bit too expensive for a non-canon game but that's just my opinion.

The sad this is that there is a set of used bundle right now being sold that costs about as much as I paid for a slightly used version. Only consolation is that I got the Prima guide.

I'd pick this one up if I were the OP and wanted to get the first one for the collection.

u/legayredditmodditors · 13 pointsr/Diablo

$60? FUCK NO.

You can probably find it in most stores much cheaper. I don't play PS4, so I can't say how big it's pop is atm.

But no reason to spend $60 for a download.

Currently $50 on amazon for the disc, or $30 used. much more reasonable (it's currently $30 for pc - new)

u/IAM_Awesome_AMA · 0 pointsr/Diablo

People are upset because this game was hyped up so hard and when it launched, it was imperfect. It had a metacritic user score of like negative twenty on the first day because the midnight launch didn't go very well.

It's not just Diablo 3, it's just about every other hyped up game there ever was, ever. Except Skyrim.

It's not that those games didn't have their flaws, but seriously, "I ONLY PLAYED THIS GAME FOR 300 HOURS, IT IS TERRIBLE AND MADE BY THE WORST GAME STUDIO ON THE PLANET" is getting old.

u/hiyosilver64 · 13 pointsr/Diablo

Not anymore it doesn't:

>Includes games Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion and strategy guides for both games. Diablo II - Diablo, the Lord of Terror, has fallen to a brave hero beneath the church of Tristram. Now that hero is gone, replaced by a Dark Wanderer who roams the world of Sanctuary leaving death and destruction in his wake. As a hero of humanity, you must face the minions of Diablo’s evil brothers and stop the Dark Wanderer before he fulfills his terrible destiny. Diablo II Lord of Destruction - The expansion to Diablo II adds a host of new features to the game, including two new playable classes -- the shapeshifting Druid and the cunning Assassin. Explore the snowy homeland of the Barbarians, face fiendish new monsters, and arm yourself with thousands of new weapons, armor, and magical items in the fight against the last of the Prime Evils