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u/AFTERWAKE · 2 pointsr/Dirtbikes

It would help if you could identify the specific joints that are the noisiest. It's likely a combination of your rear shock, your swingarm's connection to the frame, and the subframe joints. Sometimes you can't do much with older bikes short of replacing the parts, but cleaning and greasing it should help you.

WD40 is simply a water displacement. It doesn't grease anything, it just helps remove the water, and it's especially helpful if youre trying to unscrew or pull out something and it's stuck, as it will temporarily lubricate what you spray it on.

If you want to get rid of squeaks in the joints, either get some spray lubricant(like a silicone based one, something like this) or you can tear the bike down and apply grease(just get a tub of it and it'll last you years, something like this) to a lot of the moving parts. The rear shock is something you definitely don't wanna be taking apart unless you know what you're doing, so try just putting grease on the outsides of the joints or getting spray lubricant and spraying it in the joints.

I recommend the grease method, as the silicone spray often doesn't do a long term job and it isn't nearly as water proofing. Try to find some videos of how to take apart dirt bikes, and apply those concepts to your bike. Every bike is different, but if you watch some klx 125 teardown videos, you'll catch on. Pretty much you can take off everything except the rear shock/swingarm and still be able to put it back on easily.

u/Trevor2497 · 2 pointsr/Dirtbikes

Dango Designs Gripper Mount
I’ve seen a lot of youtubers promote these and they actually are really good! I made a short vid with my hero7 on YouTube that shows off the camera angle here . I love it!

There is also the Pro Shot
People also really swear by these. The reason the dango is cool is that it clips onto your mouthpiece so there’s no Velcro or anything once you remove it.

u/Nik_tortor · 1 pointr/Dirtbikes

It uses two types of oil. One you mix directly with the gasoline to lubricate your cylinder( like a weed eater or chainsaw). And the other type is transmission oil, like a car and exactly like your CBR600 you put it in your transmission and you have a small oil filter as well.

When I had a YZ250 I would run "Rotella-T 15W-40 (non-synthetic)" in my transmission, and I would use "Lucas Oil Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil" in my gasoline and I mixed it 38:1 sometimes 40:1.

edit: keep in mind that as a new two-stroke rider you really need to make sure you're mixing the oil in your gasoline correctly. I would go pick up a Two-stroke measuring cup and a nice 5gallon(18.9L) Gas can that won't spill while mixing.

u/Crash217 · 1 pointr/Dirtbikes

If you want to get rid of those front turn signals for something more stealth try these turn signal hand guards

Zeta XC Flasher WHITE Hand Shields (Pair) for Armor Handguards

u/NeedmoarCCs · 3 pointsr/Dirtbikes

We use these and just hang them from the chest straps of our hydration packs. It's nice for the "hey you guys alright back there?" When you get a little bit ahead of the group. Or for helping set up photo ops. Obviously, you have to stop and use your hands as is, but they do have headsets that work with them. Mostly just a nice thing to have when you're in the middle of nowhere. Just in case.

u/splitaffinity · 1 pointr/Dirtbikes

Its easily removable, leaves no mount stickers on your helmet and captures the bars and gives a better feel in the video imo. I ride with it now and am sold(used to just clip it to helmet visor upside down, which works good until you are annoyed looking at it). I will be posting a lot more videos with it , just getting used to editing right now. Hours of content but I don't think people enjoy the strait up riding and only enjoy the hillclimbs and more technical trails. Not the dusty meh stuff around here.

u/wintyfresh · 6 pointsr/Dirtbikes

I also ride a WR; a few recommendations.

Combo Axle Wrench

Motion Pro Multi-Purpose Metric Tool - Add a few commonly used sockets such as those needed to fix your hand guards

Motopump inflator

Endurostar Trail Stand

Beyond that I carry a leatherman, some spoons and misc tools in a rollup, a tube, a bead buddy, a first aid kit, spare batteries and a PLB.

u/ManintheMT · 1 pointr/Dirtbikes

After you get it as clean as possible, spray it with detailing spray, it works wonders. This stuff; Maxima SC1

u/AmericanHawk · 1 pointr/Dirtbikes

Thanks for the advice! I bought these odi bar caps that are meant for bicycles but they should work!

u/SkorcherX · 2 pointsr/Dirtbikes

I would invest in one of those ratio rite cups. They take all the thinking out of it.

u/sendtitsapplebits · 1 pointr/Dirtbikes

This thing is more of what i'm talking about.

u/suicidaldeer · 1 pointr/Dirtbikes

Buy this and cut a 2x6 to length