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u/EvilSardine · 13 pointsr/DobermanPinscher

If you're going to crate the dog, then I suggest this crate. It has a divider so that you can make the crate small for when he's a puppy and then slowly move the divider as he gets larger. As long as the crate has only room enough for him to turn around and lay down then he will not poop or pee in the crate. Fill the empty side of the crate with some cardboard boxes so that it feels small and cozy. This is by far the best way to potty train a dog. This crate size is perfect for my 93lb 4 year old and he has plenty of room in it to stand up and sleep in multiple positions.

Do not get him bedding with stuffing. He will most likely destroy it, eat the stuffing, and get blockages (same with stuffed toys). Mine did this to all his beds but luckily he pooped out the stuffing. Instead, I got him a big white IKEA comforter. It's a like a big blanky he can move around to his desire and he won't destroy it. Also, it's easy to toss in the washer.

Buy a Kong so you can stuff peanut butter, cheese, and other treats into to keep him busy.

These are the best dog balls I've found. My dog can't destroy them and he loves playing with them:

Also, do NOT cheap out on his food. Buy 100% grain free high quality food. Dobermans are subject to getting bloating and foods with grain can cause it which can lead to death. I suggest Taste of the Wild's Salmon puppy formula.

Good review site for dog food:

Lastly, socialize this dog like crazy. Take it everywhere and have it meet all sorts of people, dogs, animals, city life, etc. At first, though, since he doesn't have all his shots you might have to just stick to puppy classes where other dogs have their shots (so no one catches any illnesses). Don't take the puppy to random dog parks as they can be filled with diseases which your puppy isn't protected against.

Good luck!

u/thebossapplesauce · 1 pointr/DobermanPinscher

I had a similar problem except the cats in my situation were my other dog, a small, senior toy poodle who didn't like my dobie puppy since the minute I brought him home. The dobie would constantly try to play with the other dog and wasn't picking up any of the clear signals the other dog was sending that he did NOT want to play. It started to get really bad because my older dog is pretty vocal, so there would be constant growling and barking all day long. I bought a vibration/shock collar because a guy at the dog park told me about the great results he got from his and WOW! I never have to use the shock setting at all, I only use the vibrate feature and based on reviews I've read online, many dogs are the same. Anytime the pup got too rough with the older dog, I'd give him a buzz. He learned QUICK, and it only took about a day or two for him to leave the other dog alone. It's like he's a completely different dog now. I'd try that - anytime he starts to chase the cats or show negative attention to them, just give him a buzz. You'll be surprised how effective it is. I know that this isn't 100% positive reinforcement training because it does involve "punishment," but it yields fast results and doesn't hurt the dog in any way. Since getting the collar, my dog has perfect recall, walks on the leash like a champ and is just overall a much better behaved dog. I would sing the praises of this thing of a mountain top if I could! This is the specific model I have and it works great!

u/kokosnussjogurt · 3 pointsr/DobermanPinscher

Positive reinforcement training or "clicker" training. Here's a secret - you don't actually need a clicker. This dog will be very smart and will push back at forceful old-school training. But he will LOVE you and you will love him even more if you focus on the positive. Don't Shoot The Dog is the best book to get you started on this philosophy. And this is my favorite simple starter training book Clicking With Your Dog: Step-By-Step in Pictures (Karen Pryor Clicker Books)

If you can just wait two years (it will be hard, trust me) and keep socializing and positive training, after two years your perfect dog will begin to emerge. Until then expect lots of mistakes, but always use positive reinforcement. WORTH IT. You will never have to yell at your dog. I've trained both ways and I'm never going back.

u/Deliriums_antisocial · 1 pointr/DobermanPinscher

Amazon too.

Jolly Pets 10-Inch Teaser Ball, Purple

Edit: just make sure to get the Jolly Pets brand one, that’s why it’s so tough. (Jolly Ball and Jolly Pets are the same brand. Just one is for horses and one is for dogs or something like that.)

u/yerrbo · 1 pointr/DobermanPinscher

Bought this one on Amazon and my Dobies LOVE them, also they look good.

u/kneehigh4thjuly · 14 pointsr/DobermanPinscher

When my Doberman was between 1 and 3 years old, I had a Walky Dog on my bike and we'd go on rides multiple days a week. It was the perfect way for her to release her energy. She absolutely loved it and still gets excited when she sees a bike to this day. My only words of advice is to be mindful of the wear and tear running on concrete can do to joints. My girl is 10 now and has arthritis and leg tremors that's being treated with Gabapentin and Tramadol.

u/gmarsh23 · 2 pointsr/DobermanPinscher

I have this one:

It's soft plastic so it can handle being knocked around a bit - which is good, as Lucy has figured out the most efficient way to get treats out of it is to knock it down the stairs again and again. I think a hard plastic model would be smashed to smithereens by now.

It doesn't open up so it's hard to clean, I fill/drain it with water a bunch of times to try to get as much food residue out as I can, then pour boiling water into it every now and then to sterilize what's left.

u/Blondeambitchion · 1 pointr/DobermanPinscher

I like the Kirkland bed we got from Costco - if smelt bad for a few days so we left it outside to air out but it had held up decently - I know a lot of Doberman owners who prefer the elevated beds like this:

Memory foam also tends to keep its shape a bit better than regular stuffed beds

u/arose123 · 3 pointsr/DobermanPinscher

Amazon! I won't say it is the best cover but it helps!

u/turanaur · 1 pointr/DobermanPinscher

My Doberman as well as my parent's each have one of thease, love them, and are quite durable.

KONG Tug Toy Dog Toy, Red

u/Red_Tannins · 2 pointsr/DobermanPinscher

I switched to one of these Gentle Leader Headcollars, and it's just been amazing. I'm not a big fan of the "string in a reel" leashes, especially with a dog that likes to pull while leashed. With this head collar thing, I don't even need to grip the leash any more, just a light hold.

u/dougsee · 3 pointsr/DobermanPinscher

Hey! Started doing the same w our girl too. After 6-7 rides I’ve started using a harness + this guy (Walky Dog Plus Hands Free Dog...

After a few rides I’ve become a fan

u/harnickd · 6 pointsr/DobermanPinscher

Like I said, I’ve done my research and I know what I’m doing. It might look big in the picture but it’s really not. I bought it off amazon and checked the tags just to make sure. It is the 2-1/4mm
Herm Sprenger Pinch Collar, 12-Inch, 2-1/4-Millimeter, Silver, Small

u/Pizzaman725 · 3 pointsr/DobermanPinscher

Treat Dispensing Chew Ball, Large

Can't recommend these enough, my boy loves them and they can stand against his chewing for a good bit. I think kongs are about the only thing that we've bought that last the longest, we bought the large black one.

My wife bought the pup a tire and rope toy that lasts as well, but it's an outside toy since he flings the tire by the rope and it becomes a morning star.

u/Moustache_sally · 3 pointsr/DobermanPinscher

It's tough. I've seen many an advertised "tough" toy at a high price be obliterated in a matter of minutes. We had the best luck with a rubbery football with holes to put little treats. Similar to this by busy buddy:
Other than that, I buy $5 and under cheapo stuffed animals and replace frequently.

u/shanep35 · 3 pointsr/DobermanPinscher

They won't respond to a pinch collar nor a choke chain when they're that young. They have a lot of skin on their neck. The prong collar will poke their neck muscles, throat, and esophageal area. With a prong collar they know exactly how much space they have before they're hurt and from when they're comfortable. We use this one

u/dubbymcdub · 1 pointr/DobermanPinscher

Forgot to mention Bully Max (One a day, unless it is a rainy day and we have to stay inside)
Amazon Link