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u/Pallidium · 2 pointsr/DrugNerds

You might want to read an introductory chemistry textbook. Here's the amazon page for the newest edition of the chemistry book I used. While many people don't like textbook reading, it is often times better than trying to learn things from online resources as it presented in an organized fashion to help you develop conceptual understanding of the topics. You don't need to buy the books necessarily (although that will support the authors!), there are places online where you can find books, like popular bays.

After developing a good conceptual understanding of ordinary chemistry, you should try an organic chemistry book, which will help in understanding (semi)systematic names, like 4-HO-DMT (although "tryptamine" isn't a systematic name). Systematic names are used because there are basically a limitless number of carbon compounds (aka organic compounds) which can be synthesized, so naming them with a system of rules makes it easier to share with other chemists (or those who understand systematic naming).

tldr textbooks

u/prying_open_my3rdeye · 1 pointr/DrugNerds

I haven't personally done DMT, I have only tripped on mushrooms and LSD, but my friend has experienced the same breakthrough DMT trip you described and said that after a certain point, your brain is so overloaded with sensory information that you reach a point which is called (as he described it) "The Ineffable". You are virtually unable to describe anything that is going on, you are constantly changing between intense emotional feeling, insane visuals, and profound and possibly life changing epiphany-like thoughts. While on shrooms and acid I frequently see fractals and amazing swooping mosaic patterns, and get the insane philosophic thoughts. Virtually every time I have done a hallucinogen it has changed some aspect of my life, I think it was my 3rd or so mushroom trip that was the most drastic. Anyway, there is a very interesting book on this sort of stuff that pays special attention to mushrooms called Food of The Gods by Terence Mckenna (psychonaut) and goes in depth to try to explain why humans crave these experiences of overwhelming ecstasy and how it has shaped our evolution over the span of time.

u/KeepBragginCom · 2 pointsr/DrugNerds

Ok this seems like a winner for anyone else interested

Omega 3 Fish Oil 3600mg, 180 Capsules - EPA 1296mg, DHA 864mg Fatty Acids - Omega-3 Burpless Pills - Highest Concentration Available for Joint Support, Immune, Heart Health, Brain, Eyes, Skin

u/Dimmo17 · 3 pointsr/DrugNerds

As a pure reference encyclopedia Rang and Dales pharmacology is an excellent resource. All information is presented clearly and has brilliant diagrams and tables which explains concepts well. It is a little large and heavy to carry around though.

I am currently reading Toxicology: Principles and Methods by M A Subramanian and I find it very well presented and concise, also fits in a bag easily and isn't too heavy so is practical to carry around.

u/MessingerofDeath · 1 pointr/DrugNerds

I always recommend A Primer of Drug Action by Julien, Advokat, and Comaty. This was my textbook for psychopharmacology, and I absolutely love it. It's a great textbook as well as an interesting read.

u/lighthawk6 · 1 pointr/DrugNerds

> Interesting, thank you for telling me. This is what I tried.

It's like comparing ALA to RLA. RLA is far superior. Or L-Theanine with DL-Theanine.

Hmm they don't say. It's an important question before buying any brand of SAMe.

u/Bukow · 2 pointsr/DrugNerds

I read Drugs and Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology 6th ed. for a Drugs and Behavior course. Great for an introduction.

For psychology I'd have to recommend Biopsychology. Had to read this one for Brain and Behavior.

I'll throw The Lucifer Princple in just because I love it.

u/fingerfunk · 10 pointsr/DrugNerds

I have always found it interesting that they created a special word for withdrawal in the antidepressant world. Of the handful of drugs from which I've experienced withdrawal (opiates, benzo's, anti-D's) SSRI's were definitely the the most bizarre/terrifying. Brain zaps, tremors, dreams as if from someone else's consciousness, restless legs/ankles/elbows, hollow/emptiness that led to suicidal indifference. <Shudder> Elated to have found other solutions for my anxiety and depression, personally(!)

It's nice to see they are actually studying this as well as using the word 'withdrawal' within the study.

As for how effective SSRI's actually are, this may be an interesting read for those interested in such research and analysis of the pharmaceutical industry: It's a hard science read with +/- 50 pages of footnoted research, including that of studies suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry.

That said, one would hope SSRI's are effective for certain types of depression and anxiety disorders, brain receptor configurations, etc. For me personally, there was a time where one in particular seemed to be helping but upon reflection later/after, it felt more like a chunk of my emotional being had been sliced out of my psyche/consciousness with a scalpel.. like a knife to a slab of meat. It no longer felt like a grenade was going to explode at any moment within the center of my chest, but with it came a numbness that was actually worse in hindsight..

Apologies for going a bit OT, OP.

u/cberra88 · 3 pointsr/DrugNerds

Here's a list of books that will help you.

Drugs and Human Behavior Not for the faint reader. It's technical yet understandable. It's a booked used for a college level class.

Illegal Drugs This is a more comprehensive book that tells you a lot of things.

Depending on the drug you're looking to understand there's various forums, wiki's and so forth you can use.

this is the great source

u/pylori · 1 pointr/DrugNerds

If you genuinely want something to look up specific information, then getting a textbook (even as a PDF) may be your best bet as a one stop shop for medications. Something like Rang and Dale's is pretty standard amongst medical and pharmacy students for example.

u/supernopantsman · 4 pointsr/DrugNerds

Take up meditation. Meditation is proven to change gene expression ( and certain techniques improve memory functioning up to 10% by relieving stress and encouraging the brain to rebuild neurons. Read How God Changes Your Brain ( for more information. Also an extremely informative book.

Taking supplements ALA/ALC has been proven to heal and stop oxidative stress in the brain, especially in the elderly where their body's natural production of Alpha Lipoic Acid has slowed. After taking these supplements for 30 days, there were noted improvements in mood and memory function, even in following months when supplementation ended. These two supplements, in my opinion, are critical to take when rolling too. Doesn't hurt to try them out, ALA even helps oxidative stress everywhere in the body, not just the brain.

u/wrathofoprah · 6 pointsr/DrugNerds

A rise in "chemsex"? The Greeks and Romans drank spiked wine and had giant religious sex orgies. You know, the good old days. I mean what else were they doing to do with all the opium, blue lotus, and half naked slaves...

The Chemical Muse: Drug Use and the Roots of Western Civilization

u/neuropharm115 · 3 pointsr/DrugNerds

There's a great book called The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology that would probably be right up your alley. I'm not sure if what I linked to is the most recent edition so look into that and maybe buy it or search for it at your university's medical library.

Have you looked into grad school? I know there are at least some places that offer Master's and/or Ph.D's in neuro(psycho)pharmacology.

The path I want to take (if my poor grades due to some mental health issues don't preclude it) is through an MD/Ph.D program. I know there exists at least one in the states in neuropharmacology. My personal aspirations are to do research for an organization anywhere between a university and the FDA.