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u/mind_bottle · 3 pointsr/Drugs

If you're seriously nervous, perhaps reconsider for awhile. There's a meme somewhere around here that's pretty spot on: If you're worried about having a bad time, you're going to have a bad time.

But here are some things that should reassure you: LSD is not dangerous AT ALL. It's by far one of the safest drugs you can ingest, so be comforted knowing that you are in no danger whatsoever. Anything that is happening that you are unhappy with WILL PASS.

That being said, here are some keys to having a good trip that I've found:

  • Have a good trip guide for your first time. Someone who's tripped a few times and whom you trust completely.
  • If you are unhappy about something, TELL THEM. Don't keep it bottled inside and pretend that you're having a good time. If you're uncomfortable with a situation, put yourself in a situation that will make you happier.
  • Trip activities are not the same as drinking activities. You're probably not going to want to go to a bar while on acid. Hiking is fun, being outside in general is fun, hanging out with other tripping friends is fun, drawing is fun, listening to music is fun, my friends say playing video games is fun but I disagree.
  • Don't mix it with other drugs on your first time through. Maybe smoke pot later in the trip if you're having a great time, but it will really intensify things and can cause more anxiety, so be aware of that. Also, you won't feel any alcohol you drink while tripping, but it will still give you a nasty hangover later.
  • Have anything and everything you might need nearby. Water, some snacks (fruits are good), some activities, maybe a fun book (check this book out when tripping sometime, it's intense). Definitely have a notebook and some writing utensils around in case you want to write down thoughts or draw.
  • Do your research if you haven't already. Read some trip reports. Don't redose after an hour because you're not feeling it. Either the acid is good or it isn't, redosing acid is at best a waste of time and at worst going to make you trip balls in another couple hours. (FYI 60-90 minutes is roughly the amount of time 1 hit takes to hit most people. Stronger stuff will take less time but your mileage may vary).
  • Absolutely make sure that you have some good music handy. I wouldn't recommend angry rap type stuff, but really just good music, you'll really appreciate what the artists were trying to convey with their music while tripping. I heard Strobe by Deadmau5 for the first time and was made speechless by how beautiful it was. There are a lot of trip music recommendations on this subreddit.

    That's all I've got off the top of my head, but I'm sure you'll have a great time. A trip report when you come back would be awesome!
u/PacificTwins · 7 pointsr/Drugs

As a tool for personal and professional success. I use MDMA, cannabis and psychedelics as tools for personal and professional success. I treat them like any other food supplement and use them judiciously as enhancers for meditation, business, creative pursuits, accelerated learning, networking, goal planning, visualization, yoga, exercise, sex, general mindfulness, guided meditations and visualizations, examining habits to break bad ones and form new ones, breaking out of routine ways of doing and thinking, connecting with people, nature, animals, wildlife and all that is. Now and then I do let loose and party like an animal - gotta nurture the hedonist and binge on the beauty and pleasures all around us.

I am currently experimenting with using these experiences to quickly make my first million. For example, a few months ago I dosed 50mg of MDMA at an important networking event and I made more substantive, meaningful connections that day than I ever have in similar events, and that has led to some incredible working relationships that I credit to the heart-opening presence I had with people. I always work on capturing the feelings and states during those experiences so I can access them during my sober times and make it a part of who I am.

Some resources:

Micro-Dosing: The Revolutionary Way of Using Psychedelics

Using Psychedelics Wisely: A veteran researcher explains how psychedelics can be used to give beneficial results

Cannabis Shamanism (free monthly video-streamed cannabis-guided journeys by an Ayahuasca shaman)

u/ZayZay48 · 3 pointsr/Drugs

It is best to learn about a substance before you put it in your body. You've come to the right place! Drugs can be used safely and responsibly when you educate yourself and learn how to properly use them. Websites, such as this forum and are great places to start.

In the case of MDMA, here is it's erowid page:

Use that page to learn about proper dosing, being safe while rolling, and what to expect from the drug.

As a quick overview, don't do MDMA more than once every 1.5-2 months, ideally three. It is neurotoxic and doing it more often than that has been proven to cause brain (serotonin receptor) damage. For your first time, assuming you don't have cut MDMA, which I'll get to, 100-125mg will probably get you to a nice place your first time back to the substance. Yes, wrapping it up in toilet paper (aka 'parachuting') is a good way of consuming MDMA, although you may have to split up your dose depending on how much you can swallow at once, no big deal. Stay hydrated during the experience(try to consume electrolyte drinks like gatorade), and watch out for clenching teeth! Have something like gum or mints on hand. Trust me, waking up the next day after taking a stimulant and having your entire mouth and teeth badly ache because of teeth grinding absolutely sucks.

If you want to go the extra mile, and don't mind spending a few extra dollars at a supplement store, then refer to this guide to further minimize risks:

After you have done all of that, buy a test kit.

It is always crucial to know what you are putting in your body. Even if you trust your friends, mistakes happen and there are combinations and other substances, which are also white/off-white powders or crystals that when taken in the 100-125mg range, are often deadly.

You can never be too sure about this kind of thing. Test kits have saved and continue to save many lives.

If you're in the US, here is a link to a reliable, popular test kit:

As long as it tests as MDMA, it doesn't matter if it's a crystal or powder, although if it is a crystal(s), crush it up before swallowing it. It goes down easier that way.

One more word of advice, which is not absolutely crucial when dealing with MDMA , but is still HIGHLY reccommended. (especially if you are planning on experimenting with more potent substances in the future) You should consider buying an accurate milligram scale. Eyeballing doses is never really that accurate, and using a milligram scale to know exactly how much you are taking is a smart thing to do. It's especially harder to eyeball with more potent drugs, where a few mg makes the difference between having a light headspace and having full-blown, earth shattering ego death experience.

EDIT: Forgot the damn scale link!
That's a reliable scale that me, along with many other people here reccommend. And it's only like $30 with shipping.

Finally, enjoy the experience! Don't be nervous, know it's a safe and highly regarded substance. You will have an amazing experience!

Have a good day!

I really do like stimulants :p

EDIT: Something to add. You asked about buying it in the thread title, if you're in North America, MDMA generally goes for $20-$45 (maybe $55 in some states) per gram, and not much more than $10-$15 a point (100mg). Don't pay much more than that, as you're probably getting ripped off unless it's some lab-tested, very pure, probably darknet sourced MDMA

u/47themessenger14 · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Lol, yeah. I'm apparently a glutton for psychological punishment. I had another unresolved BPM II type experience about a two years later, again completely by accident, lost my marbles while laughing at my cat. I discovered the BPM model a few months after that and suddenly a million light bulbs went off in my head. I tried to replicate Stan Grof's experiment's a year and a half after learning about it and AGAIN, unresolved BPM II experience, and that one was probably the worst because 1) I had taken a HUGE dose that time thinking it would help [IT DOES NOT, --just enough-- is perfect ~200µ] and 2) I fully allowed the LSD to work me over because that was my intention. Neither I nor my guides fully understood what we were doing and I experienced the most harrowing six hours (read: one million trillion years) lying on my bedroom floor. One of my guides claimed she could see my carotid artery just about jumping out of my neck quite rapidly.

Eventually I was able to bring an LSD session to resolution, but I used the Psychedelic Explorer's Guide by James Fadiman as the guide book. Stan Grof's work is excellent and provides a good model for interpreting the experience but is really written from the interior of the trip. The 6-stage model used by Dr. Fadiman is much more written for the guide and extremely easy to follow. The guide is 90% of the trip, only 10% the voyager.

Resolution of a high dose experience is more than worth it if you don't have a risk of serious mental health problems and have the balls to carry it out. Since I did it feels like the wheels of life have been greased. I'm much less liable to be angry, it's much much much easier to build rapport with people who believe differently than I, enjoying and staying in the present moment is much easier, and I feel like I understand my purpose in life.

Thank you so much for your interest. I think learning about the theoretical models used for psychedelic experience can vastly improve one's psychedelic experiences.

u/COSMICEYEFUCKOWL · 1 pointr/Drugs

I'm not into organized religion myself, however, if you like both psychedelics and Christianity, you might find this book very interesting-

The author, John Allegro, was a fairly brilliant linguist and I believe a Jesuit (though I may be misrembering), who had access to the Vatican archives and dead sea scrolls. He determined that Christianity originally started out as a sort of mushroom cult. Now Jesus was not a historical person, but a sort of collection of allegorical tales intended to teach moral behavior which was drawn from diverse mythologies that would have been known to those in Judea and the Roman Empire more generally at the time, such as the trials of Hercules (also the son of God/Zeus, begotten of mortal woman, and required to undergo various trials of the flesh in order to eventually attain apotheosis) and the resurrection of Osiris. And originally it wasn't a prudish belief system at all, it was in many ways a fertility cult.

While there is certainly a lot of nonsense that got tacked onto the collection of verbal traditions which became the Bible (New Testament, Old Testament is basically some Jewish texts that got tacked on), if one takes the more liberal/hippyish interpretations of it, it is rather reminiscent of the state one enters on psylocybin, no? John Allegro thought the mushroom (God's flesh as the early Christians conceived of it) was amanita muscaria (also featured in the color theme and a lot of early imagery involving Santa Claus, strangely, and Siberian shamans have reindeers eat amanitas and then drink the reindeer urine for a supposedly better, more concentrated effect)- which is common in shamanic traditions in much of Eurasia. I personally see the effects of psylocybin as much more likely to lead to a Jesusesque point of view, however; we are all one, forgiveness, a lessening of ego, pride, greed, and wrath, empathy, ect. Though psylocybin was widely used in Aztec rites and well, the Aztecs... so I guess societal reactions can vary- though to be fair, the Aztecs viewed their sacrifices as ultimately for the good as that was all that was keeping the dark ones from swallowing the Sun.

Also "St. Anthony's Fire", a manic state in which, according to the beliefs of the time (middle ages), the holy spirit would fill men and women, was caused by ergolines growing on grain. LSD was developed from compounds having to do with ergot, as you might know (those compounds are vasoconstricters and, in low doses, can be useful in the treatment of certain headaches).

Psychedelics, whether ayahuasca in the Amazon, various mushrooms in pretty much every hunter-gatherer society, the mysterious psychoactive vapors of the Delphic Oracle, cannabis in Hinduism and historically amongst the Scythians, peyote amongst certain Native Americans, and practices which can lead to psychedelic states such as fasting in the desert, meditation, yoga, solitude, vision quests, walkabouts, ect. are the original religion/spirituality. I did not believe that "sacred" was even a real feeling that actually existed until I experienced 4-aco-dmt. The spice must flow.

u/Certeis · 8 pointsr/Drugs

Let me start of with the legality of MXE. It seems that you are planning to buy it for consumption. You have to know that all research chemicals are strictly not for human consumption and only to be used in research environments with proper handling and care. They should NOT be consumed. If used in research and you are not administering MXE to an animal, you should be fine.

You can double check a trustworthy site by checking to see if it's a Safe or Scam. Google helps as well.
An acceptable price can range from $25 a gram to $50 a gram, depending on where you purchase it from (Domestic vendors generally are a bit pricier for the convenience).
Shipping shouldn't be an issue if it's domestic, if you are receiving it internationally there is always a chance for customs to open your package, deem it unsuitable for your purposes and send you a love letter. This does not happen too often though, but it's a risk.
Anonymity can be used by using Tor, if you really feel you do not want your actions traced back to you. PGP encryption for any email messages help with that as well. Generally though, make sure if you are purchasing your chemical on Paypal or something, DO NOT leave a message in the notes. Many vendors have been barred from Paypal due to dumb cunts putting "thanks for dat shit to git me high lgeally ;))" or other messages which reveal to Paypal what they are selling. Just don't.

Nothing else, MXE is a great RC to work with and I wish you the best of luck in your research. In regards to the mg scales, although I don't necessarily want to coerc you into buying a mg scale online, offline they are expensive. Headshops will carry them if you are lucky, and if they do they will be marked up. This is an amazing scale for the price, does everything it should.

u/ThisWontFrontPage · 1 pointr/Drugs

Please make sure to weigh your lines and know what you are getting. Just because somebody says it is MDMA, doesn't mean it is. I don't care if you order it from overseas, test it. The same goes for LSD, make sure that you are getting LSD (if that is your intended buy) and not a research chem. Testing kits are expensive but consider how expensive your life is as well before using. Here is a good scale for lines. Here is a good testing kit for LSD Stay safe guys. I enjoy reading stories here and sometimes providing my own but please, stay safe.

u/thrownfish · 2 pointsr/Drugs
  • Capsule machine - any size depending on what you want the cap size to be.
  • Mortar and pestle - used to pulverize MDMA
  • Micro funnel - cut the tip of the spout off with scissors and leave about 1/4" spout.
  • Milligram scale - calibrate and weigh out MDMA amount per cap
  • Small metal spatulas - really useful for scooping MDMA

    These are just the tools that I use, you don't have to use them but it makes the job easier.


  1. Fill capsule machine with empty caps. This one holds 50 shells. Put the tops in a bowl or glass to keep them from getting misplaced.
  2. Place the shortened funnel in the first cap that you want to fill
  3. Pulverize MDMA. It doesn't have to be perfectly smooth, but the less chunky the easier it is to weigh out.
  4. Put a plate under the pestle, scale, and capsule machine to catch any accidental spills that might occur.
  5. Using the spatulas, transfer a small amount of MDMA that has been pulverized to the scale. Add or remove MDMA as necessary till you get the weight that you want each cap.
  6. Transfer the weighed amount of MDMA and pour it into the funnel, hopefully filling the cap with MDMA. The funnel spout sometimes clogs,just use the spatula to clear the clog.
  7. Repeat these steps until you've filled all the caps you need to make.
  8. After you have filled all the caps you are going to make, use the shell halves to seal the caps.

    With this setup, I can cap over 100 caps an hour, each one weighed out to the same weight. Using #1 caps each ends up about 1/2 full, filled with .1-.15g of MDMA.
u/captainSketchyPants · 38 pointsr/Drugs

Okay ill dump this information on you then.

I think OP was referring to how MDMA has meth in it. In that MDMA stands for 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine and how people say because its has the N-methylamphetamine (Its the same as methamphetamine and technically more correct than methamphetamine (O-chem is hard and theres more than one way to write down things.(PEMDAS motherfuckers.))) that it has meth in it. that statement is true and false and hard as shit to explain.

On one side of this ignorance shitshow is that in the physical chemical molecule Methylamphetamine IS a part of the larger MDMA molecule which you can see from the picture above everything to the right of the red on the left image is the same as the right image. (thats the methmolecule.jpeg.) which means they are analogous chemicals which means they could (or could not) have some crossover in terms of effects.

On the other side many people think that there is methamphetamine mixed in with their MDMA. (which could also be true if you've experienced a methbomb but we're (for the sake of argument and making assumptions ( like assumptions they make my mind hurt less.)) talking about Molly (assume molly = MDMA) there shouldn't be methamphetamine in it.

all that being said OP could possibly be right or wrong idk that's up to you to decide. I just fucking love chemistry. that shits so cool. also awesome is that there are two different types of MDMA. yeah mind = blown (Boom). IIRC if you take the left image and mirror it you see that it is not super-imposable. so what you have are two MDMA optical isomers that are mirror images of each other but aren't exactly the same thing. think of how you have two hands but only one is your left hand and one is your right hand. the same goes for MDMA and most other organic compounds.

Well long story short they behave differently in the body. and very few people have studied it and now for the only link I could find to prove I'm not just a rambling idiot. Here is in my opinion one of the most brilliant minds to ever strut the title of chemist. The man you can thank for discovering MDMA, all of the 2-Cx chemicals and about 400 other psychedelic substances. Dr. FUCKING SHULGIN on the differences between the isomers in MDMA.

Sorry for the ramble I haz ADHD, hope you found my knowledge helpful?

TL;DR (ABOUT TIME): Meth is a building block in MDMA (like a lego.)
OP touches himself at night.
There's more than one type of MDMA
Read Dr. Shulgin's book. PiHKAL seriously This man is like the Einstein of Chemistry. cannot say enough good things about the man.

u/aaf3 · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I can't comment on n-acetyl cysteine, but whenever I don't take magnesium supplements with amphetamines I chew the shit out of my gums and cuticles. I still occasionally do it after taking magnesium, but the urge is mostly gone.

If you decide to try out magnesium, make sure you don't get magnesium oxide. It's not absorbed well and is pretty much useless. Magnesium glycinate, lysinate, and citrate are some of the best forms. This stuff is the best I've found, a 240ct bottle will last for ages.

u/Aquarius_Finch · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I have not tried 2C-I, but I hope to try some in the near future. I've read plenty of comparisons between -E and -I, but I'd like to experience it for myself. I'm not especially interested in a more specifically euphoric psychedelic, but I wouldn't mind if that's what it turned out to be for me. I'm mostly curious about my general response to the ridiculous variety of psychs out there and I have a deepening fascination with phenethylamines in particular.

Are you talking about this scale? I happen to own that model and I'm pleased with its effectiveness. It ought to be accurate enough for your needs assuming it's properly calibrated.

u/[deleted] · 9 pointsr/Drugs

P S Y C H E D E L I C S will get you clean off any other substance.

  1. Set an intention for your trip. "I want to get clean." Write it down. Put it in your pocket. This is commonly referred to as the Set, or mindset, of a trip.
  2. Bring an item of personal significance into the trip.
  3. Be in a comfortable place. This is commonly referred to as Setting of a trip. Take 3-5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, or 100 - 250 micrograms of LSD. Or more of either. These are minimums. I would start on the lower end, and take more later. The second dose should be equal to or less than the first dose, and should never be taken more than 2 hours after the first dose.
  4. Lie down, put a blindfold on, and put on your favorite music. Make sure it lasts you a few hours.
  5. Stay down there, blindfolded, as much as possible for 4-5 hours. Always go towards any fear, negativity, or darkness. Never run away from it. Always towards. Always towards. Always. Towards. Then come out and do whatever. Strongly recommend to do something creative.
  6. The next day, write about what you experienced.

    This pretty much how psychedelic therapists run their therapy sessions. This method has shown positive clinical statistical significance of at least .7(compared to less than .01 for all other treatment methods) in all types of people(depressed, addicts, healthy normals, the dying, etc.).


    How To Change Your Mind - Michael Pollan

    The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide - James Fadiman, Ph.D.
u/social_norms · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Its still somewhat scientific, but DMT: The Spirit Molecule was written by a psychiatrist who was overseeing a series of experiments on the effects of DMT.

The guy writes incredibly well and delves deep into the mind and intense psychedelic experiences. He makes an excellent blend of science and spiritualism that might be what you are looking for.

Otherwise, I would try reading the personal experiences on Some writers are pretty detailed and capture the moments well.

u/__Vic__ · 1 pointr/Drugs

Citrate is good actually, too, along with malate. I use Magnesium Optimizer during the day and I'm about to start using Doctor's Best. The malate is good for daytime because it stimulate stomach acid (so good with food) and the glycinate seems the best for sleep or relaxation. Citrate is really good for the latter as well, I just thought I'd mention the glycinate as it has a nice calming effect. I like Naturally Calm, too, but found it was high in some heavy metals so I recently switched away from it.

u/weewow · 3 pointsr/Drugs

I really enjoyed the film - it was well edited and had lots of mesmerizing visuals. It serves as a great way of getting people more interested/informed about a substance which many people have never even heard of - it certainly would have made me want to try DMT. However, having already experienced it, I found that the movie did not have nearly as much to offer me. I would highly recommend reading Rick Strassman's Book as I found it to be much more informative than the movie.

u/vanderpyyy · 2 pointsr/Drugs

At the very least, try to get your hands on some gabapentin or its brother phenibut. Your doctor probably won't have problems prescribing gabapentin. They're like benzo-lite and great for preventing seizures and GABA downregulation related withdrawal symptoms. With benzodiazepines tapering slowly is really the best option. It has the harshest withdrawal symptoms when stopped cold-turkey. Valium or Klonopin for slow withdrawal.

DXM helps with dopamine downregulation related withdrawal symptoms and NMDA antagonism for general pain. Kratom to help with serotonin downregulation and black hole depression.

Take magnesium supplements, because amphetamines are known to deplete magnesium and most people are deficient anyway. Magnesium helps with anxiety, pain through NMDA neuromodulation.

Propranolol for adrenergic symptoms like sweating, heart rate, blood pressure etc.

Buspirone, a very light weight anti-anxiety drug can help because it is a serotonin 5-HT1A receptor partial agonist. 5-HT1A is responsible for modulating all other serotonin receptors and has been shown to increase dopamine as well. 5-HT1A desensitization is linked to increased serotonin from all sources and is believe to be the mechanism behind SSRIs and why they take weeks to work (time to desensitize the 5-HT1A receptor). The autoreceptors must first densensitize before the concentration of extracellular serotonin in the synapse can become elevated.

Finally, outdoor exercise.

u/4895203894572349085 · 1 pointr/Drugs

I was a daily smoker for around a year; currently down to about once every 2 weeks.

The thing that worked for me was a time-lockable safe (This is the one I got). I'd get high and then lock all of my weed in there for some amount of time. I started out setting it to 2 days, then 3, then a week, etc. Doing that, I was able to build up discipline for keeping sober. Eventually I didn't need to lock it at all during the week; just over weekends I've decided to remain sober. I'm hoping to soon get to a point where I don't need the safe at all to make good choices about when to smoke.

Good luck!

u/the-tripper · 1 pointr/Drugs

I would get two seperate scales. You'll have to spend quite a bit for one that weighs in milligrams up to an ounce. It would be cheaper to have two.

For a milligram scale, I have this one and it works pretty well. If you weigh anything under 20mg I would recalibrate it every time. If you are going higher than it should be perfect.

For a gram scale, you have tons of choices. Almost anything will work as many scales are accurate. I got mine in person from a head shop but here is one that looks pretty good.

u/needan_accounttopost · 1 pointr/Drugs

i just bought this one, works great so far i guess, and comes with a 10 year warranty. also, i got free 2 day shipping 'cause of this new Amazon Student thing! great deal.

u/PsychedelicSunset420 · 1 pointr/Drugs

Here is what I take, I would certainly recommend them, and if it's your first time you must do an allergy test! This involves taking a small dose beforehand to make sure you don't have a rare dangerous enzyme deficiency. After you perform that safety test, I would recommend 200-250mg combined with a ton of Cannabis. Each bottle has 300mg total.

Robitussin Cough Gels

u/MY_CUNT_HAS_WINGS · 1 pointr/Drugs

For those wanting more information regarding Alexander Shulgin, the wikipedia page offers some decent information.

Hammilton Morris' short documentary SIHKAL: Shulgins I Have Known And Loved offers a lot of great information as well.

The Los Angeles times published an interview with him in 1995, which is now available on Erowid.

His first book, PiHKAL: Phenethylamine I Have Known and Loved is available on amazon, and contains first hand accounts of the effects of, as well as information of the chemical structure of the drugs Mescaline, DOM, 2C-B, 2C-E, 2C-T-2, and 2C-T-7. All of these, apart from mescaline, are drugs created by Shulgin himself. The book also mentions and/or details the drugs PMA, 2,4-DMA, 3,4-DMA, MDA, MMDA, MMDA-3a, MMDA-2, TMA, TMA-2, DMMDA, DMMDA-2, and TeMA, as well as over 200 other substances, all first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin himself.

His second book, TiHKAL: Tryptamines I Have Known And Loved, is also available on amazon, and contains several essays on the war on drugs, the prevelence of DMT in nature, psychoteraphy, and a number of other topics. The book also includes detailed synthesis instructions and chemical information regarding 55 different Tryptamines, including 5-MeO-DET, LSD, 4-HO-DiPT, 2,alpha-DMT, Melatonin, MiPT, and Tetrahydroharmine, amongst others.

u/dopamingo · 1 pointr/Drugs

I think psychedelics have great influence on many of our major religions. An example of mushrooms and early Christianity is talked about in John Marco Allegro's novel, The sacred mushroom and the cross. He talks about early fertility cults taking mushrooms and eventually turning into Christianity. Pretty interesting stuff.

u/Haaaiiii · 2 pointsr/Drugs

if you can find it buy these DXM capsule thingies , it works best. also, no alcohol and its always better to have a friend if your trip spirals out of hand.

u/just__cheesin · 3 pointsr/Drugs

This is the one I have been using for a couple years now, mainly with 4-aco dmt and molly. The one I bought was actually from for like $8 USD and it came in like 45 days from China lol. But it comes with a weight to make sure it's weighing properly. I've never had a problem as far as thinking the weight is any different than shown on here. I'd recommend.

u/ImmaGrownAssPigeon · 1 pointr/Drugs

Dope. This is what I was looking for.

I ended up taking 1mg of xanax and 30mg of adderall at 3, effects kicked in before 3:30. I took another 30mg of adderall and 1mg of xanax at around 4, then a half of an adderall at around 5 or 6. So that was a total of 75mg of adderall and 2mg of xanax. ....Possibly 2.5mg of xanax. Pretty sure it was only 2mg though.

I should also mention that I took phenibut at 11:00am this morning. Not sure what the exact dose was, but I took 4 of these filled with phenibut:

Overall I felt pretty damn great. I was still a bit too chatty, (even now, at 1:06am) but nothing too bad.

u/bodycounters · 1 pointr/Drugs

There is a lot of stuff in this book that supports the idea that psychedelics have a place in mental health treatment. A great read, I recommend it if you are interested in this topic.

u/rapey_tree_salesman · 1 pointr/Drugs

Good thing you got some rest and nutrients. Your poor poor heart lol. I buy my magnesium on Amazon Dr's Best. I can't imagine putting coke on top of all that. At least you've settled down. Life is short bro, you only get one heart.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 0 pointsr/Drugs

Here are some links for the product in the above comment for different countries:

Amazon Smile Link: Acid Dreams

|Country|Link|Charity Links|

To help add charity links, please have a look at this thread.

This bot is currently in testing so let me know what you think by voting (or commenting). The thread for feature requests can be found here.

u/bannana · 3 pointsr/Drugs

Erowid, MAPS are two sites that wouldn't seem odd to frequent, there was recently a long article about Erowid in The New Yorker. DMTnexus, bluelight. and shroomery all have a wealth of info along with forums. Use TOR, use incognito mode if it will make you more comfortable.

PIKAL and TIKAL by Alex Shulgin are books detailing drugs that go into quite a bit about the production.

/r/Psychonaut, /r/lsd, /r/shrooms, /r/MDMA, /r/RationalPsychonaut, /r/DMT, /r/Ayahuasca


ps don't make meth.

u/Archons_ · 21 pointsr/Drugs

The most important thing with scales is stated tolerance. If you have a 0.001g readable scale but with no tolerance than. 1mg may be off by upwards of 10mg! Now, most are not off by that much, but with no guarantee from the manufacturer, should you risk it?

The most common MG scale is the Gemini 20. A member on reddit with access to high grade lab calibration weights and equipment calculated the Gemini 20 has a tolerance of around 4 to 5mg, however it was a non linear error... Meaning that the tolerance changed based on the weight in the weigh boat.

There's also a pro version of the Gemini 20. It has a double calibration, a linear error, and a stated tolerance of +-2mg. It's what I use, a D what I would say is the best price for the features.

u/classical_hero · 1 pointr/Drugs

James Fadiman's new books is all about how to use drugs (mostly LSD) for creative and religious purposes. I would recommend it:

Unless you are mostly interested in using the drugs for personal development and changing your personality, in which case Neal Goldsmith's new book Psychedelic Healing might be better.

u/throwawayYOLO420SWAG · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Do you mean put the solid in the capsule, or the liquid? If you mean the solid I forgot to mention that I have an mg scale but I was told the ones under $100 are pretty inaccurate even if you use it properly and that liquid measuring is the safest method. If you mean the liquid will the capsule not dissolve?

u/KAAAARMAAAAA · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Sorry for the late response but I would recommend the Gemini 20

works great for me.

u/psyki · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Get a scale accurate to .001g, they're super fucking cheap online. Otherwise you're looking for trouble. Xanax is one of the fastest acting, strong benzos with a very short half-life.

This is what I have, works great and is $21.

u/gintonicisntwater · 3 pointsr/Drugs

I have the same scale and mine has been working fine for over a year now. From my observations I'd say it's exact to about 3mg.

It's unclear if this is really a knock off or just the same model sold under a different brand. That's pretty common for Chinese manufacturers.

The Gemini 20 costs around 23 $ as well. So no big difference there.

You can try buying a Dipse FB-20 or a G&G 20g scale for about the same amount. I've also had this G&G 50g/0,001g scale which sadly couldn't even stay calibrated within 5mg. I've recently looked at the JScale JSVG 20 for 139€ hoping to get better precision out of it. The GemPro 250 is also recommended in Psychonaut Wiki, but costs over 200€.

The truth is though, that these cheap scales just aren't very accurate. If you read the amazon reviews on any of these (US and Germany) you see that there are a significant amount people with broken or unreliable scales.

If you absolutely need better precision than 5mg, then you need to invest more than 1000$€ or rely on volumetric dosing. Also keep in mind, that the scales are more accurate in the middle of their range. So place 5g or 10g onto the scale when you weigh a substance.

Maybe you can return yours under warranty.

u/fuct_up_penguin · 3 pointsr/Drugs

For those who are interested, this book is one of the best, if not the best single resource regarding lsd psychotherapy. It's a very interesting read if you want to know more about the clinical application of psychedelics.

u/DankMasterTripper · 1 pointr/Drugs

I bought this one because it was the cheapest i could find

It wont give you a reading until your weight goes over 10 milligrams (because it centers to zero by program so the numbers don't constantly shift) and every time i weigh something and shit it around the little weighing pad it differs by 2-3 milligrams. i use it often and it works for me very well since i never had to weigh anything under 12 milligrams but i wish i got something that i could use more comfortably for weighing nugs. it weights up to 20 grams but even with a small piece of cardboard on top of the weighing pad its bothersome to weigh more than 4 grams in nugs. but its surprisingly accurate once you figure out how to work through its kinks.

u/charmreduction · 1 pointr/Drugs

It always amazes me how clueless psychiatrists are about SSRI withdrawal. I'd like to see one of them go off 20mg of Lexapro in 2 weeks and see how they like it. Get a Gemini 20 digital scale and a pill splitter and go down 10-20% per month depending on how you are tolerating it. It look me about 6 months to go from 10mg to 2.5mg, which is where my sweet spot seems to be.

u/reader_writer123 · 1 pointr/Drugs

Could you please supervise me on this, is it safe? I already ordered. Thanks a lot!

u/Behemoth_psy · 2 pointsr/Drugs

For that price i wouldn't trust the accuracy of that, I, as well as most others would recommend getting this scale:

It is well worth the money and its not worth risking an inaccurate dose of something highly dose sensitive. Just because a scale says it can measure 0.001g increments doesn't mean its exactly accurate to 1mg. I find the gemini 20 is usually accurate within 2-3mg.

u/EuphoriaFail · 1 pointr/Drugs

2C-I as a chemical is highly promising in my opinion. It's being touted as a potential nootropic. It has a small enough dosage profile that it can be measured out by consumers.


You don't need to spend hundreds and hundreds on an expensive milligram balance--just get a cheap milligram scale, such as the gemini-20:

It's VERY accurate. The 10g calibration weights you're given weighed out (once cleaned and wiped dry) to be 10.0002g and 10.0001g out of 50 measurements for each of the two weights. A standard deviation showing a linear plot, and the average of all measurements was taken. The highest weight taken was 10.0004g and the lowest was 10.0000g. These measurements were taken using MY exorbitantly expensive 0.1mg balance.

I did the exact same comparison experiment actually weighing product. I calibrated with the 10g weights (really 10.0001g and 10.0002g) then went to measuring. Weighing out 0.0207g (20mg) heroin with the 0.1mg balance turned up 0.021g (21mg) with the Gemini scale. All further weights were accurate to ±0.003g. Weighing out 1-8mg for 2C-I nootropic dosage is simple and can be done cheaply with this superb scale. /sales pitch


In your opinion though, how is 2C-I? I've never used it myself, I've only read about it. I've used MDPV, mephedrone, methylone, and many in the NBOMe family, but never the 2C or DOx families. I've been meaning to try, but, you know...

Gotta wait until the storm passes... the waters are not calm. One of the reasons I can't find shit. I'm not gonna go around campus asking people for drugs, that's just silly. I'm an active member on campus and a huge figure in the chem club. Nonono.

Ah, 2C
and DOx... One day, you will be mine. One day.

u/MaxxtheWolf · 1 pointr/Drugs

There's a good book out there called "Drugs Without the Hot Air" by David Nutt. It's based out of the UK, but it was very informative, might be a good sister book to you own!

u/GeneralStarkk · 1 pointr/Drugs

Firstly, if you had a picture it couldn't possibly hurt, if anything you would get more accurate answers. I'd also like to add that if you can afford drugs you can afford a scale. I own one of those, there cheap, sturdy, and accurate. I don't want you to feel like I'm lecturing you, but I strongly believe that drugs arn't worth damaging you're health over.

u/drugtemphfpar · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I've heard horror stories about this - but I've had this scale from amazon for a while, used it for this and that, and it's supposedly pretty solid with the calibration weight it comes with, am I right?

u/Owsley_the_Bear · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I don't know why no one's mentioned Be Here Now yet.

Tripping is an interesting anthology of real-life psychedelic experiences.

Shroom is a cultural history of magic mushrooms. Real interesting stuff here.

u/Redditor11 · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Oh, shit, I'm glad you asked that. I could've sworn they had changed the platform on the Gemini-20 to a wide, flat design since I had bought mine. Looks like I was mistaken.
This (amazon link) is the one I have for reference. DON'T buy a scale with a platform like that if you want to weigh more than a few grams. For bud, you can fit one large nug. If you have small/medium sized nugs, you can only fit around 1.5-2g on there at a time. And even for powders, you can only fit a few grams as well. There's no way I can imagine that little bowl holding more than like 3g of anything at a time unless it's insanely dense, like some heavy ass metals.

You could buy some plastic/disposable weigh boats to give you a larger bowl to work with, but I haven't actually tried that, and it's not exactly the best solution.

u/wibblett · 1 pointr/Drugs

Just get chelated. I was getting crazy headaches from Vyvanse but I didn't want to give it up because it's a miracle drug for me so I went online did hours of research (thanks ADHD!) and found out that magnesium chelated is the way to go. I personally buy this one: Link.

u/JustAnotherUsernam3 · 1 pointr/Drugs

i would be careful with the doxy man, theres a good chance 148mg is gonna cause some unpleasant feelings. But yeah just get some stuff with straight dxm. I got a link right here.

u/snake1118 · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I use this one

Not sure if it comes in powder form, but you can find it as a supplement. It would be written somewhere what Kind of magnesium it is, if not I assume its Oxide and avoid it. If you can't find it anywhere, just grab the magensium oxide and a multivitamin / and Vitamin C.

u/MuteSecurity · 6 pointsr/Drugs

terence mckenna states that psilocybin mushrooms give heightened visual acuity. he believes this was used to gain an advantage when hunting. it's all in his book, Food of the Gods.

most likely lsd has the same effect, or same kind of effect.

u/mossyskeleton · 8 pointsr/Drugs

OP are you reading Acid Dreams? I'm reading it right now... seems like every page there's multiple mind-blowing TIL's like this.

u/BringBackMXE · 1 pointr/Drugs

I recommend this one more. The weigh trey is bigger which makes measurement easier. I've had both, this is worth the extra 3 bucks (They're almost identical otherwise)

u/I_Name_Your_Bong · 10 pointsr/Drugs

Mankind did not get their "intelligence" from psilocybin. But it is theorized that the ancient hunter gatherer civilizations 10,000+ years ago got their "consciousness" from mushrooms that grew mainly on cow dung. There is an interesting book about this called Food of the Gods in which the author traces back thousands of pieces of archaeological history to make the connection between magic mushrooms and consciousness. It also delves into the topic of this thread and the idea of religion and spirituality coming from these mushroom experiences. I recommend this book for anyone wanting to know more about the first mushroom experiences of mankind and throughout civilized history.

u/oswaldhuxley · 1 pointr/Drugs

A link from my original link will take you here. Get a scale. Eyeballing doses makes it easy to convoke yourself to take more leading to black outs.

u/a_person_like_you · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I've heard a lot of good stuff about these. While I don't have this particular item, I purchased a .01g American Weigh brand scale about three years ago, and they still read accurately.

Reading through the reviews, it looks like the recess that the dish sits in is too deep and causing errors, and people suggest gluing a dime to the bottom of the dish to keep the rim of the dish from touching anything. They still seem very much worth $20 (~£13).

u/openbluefish · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I have this one and it works great. I tested its accuracy and it is accurate within 0.01g.

u/treectma · 1 pointr/Drugs

I use this scale for mg measuring. It's good quality and reasonably priced. Beware though, fitting a full g worth of weed/shrooms on the weighing dish is going to be a challenge (with this, or any other mg scale).

u/PsychedelicSemen · 1 pointr/Drugs

Get yourself a Gemini-20 scale from Amazon for 18.99

Its officialy accurate to 0.001g but more like to 5mg.
But that's accurate enough for most substances.

For a reagent test for MDMA you'll need a Mecke or Marquis reagent. You can get them from ebay or at bunk police website.

u/Remriel · 1 pointr/Drugs

This is what you're looking for. Least unpleasant method of ingestion I've found so far and accurate dosing. They sell gel caps in most pharmacies as well under their own generic brands.

u/AwkwardCow · 1 pointr/Drugs

I dunno man, I literally typed "milligram scale" on Amazon and this was the first result. Pretty much suits your needs and it only took 5 seconds to find and an extra 15 seconds to look at the reviews and see that it was spot on in terms of accuracy....

u/SmaltedFig · 13 pointsr/Drugs

We had some of those flavor pills that changed acidic foods to tasting sweet (made lemons delicious). That's worth looking into

u/TookFiveMarijuanas · 1 pointr/Drugs

First of all you don't even know for certain if it's MDMA, you really should consider buying a test kit to make sure. For that matter without a scale you have no way of knowing if it's actually 1g of product.

Eyeballing drugs that have small effective doses by crushing them up into lines like you describe is just a bad idea in general. You can buy a milligram scale for less than $25 on amazon and get 2 day shipping if you really don't want to wait, this is the one I have and seems to work fine:

The only really "safe" way to eyeball drugs (once you have a known quantity, so you should still get the scale) is to dissolve it in some kind of liquid and do volumetric dosing. For example, if you know for certain that you have 1 gram of molly and completely dissolve it in, say, 100mL of liquid, then each 10mL of that liquid will contain 100mg (of course that also depends on having a measuring cup or test tube or whatever that measures fluid volumes precisely enough). That said, I have no idea what MDMA would actually dissolve in.

I know that MDMA is active orally considering that it often comes in pills, I have no idea if it can be insufflated or not.

u/scalehelpyo · 1 pointr/Drugs

Also had my eye on this scale:

Looks solid, but i'm not too sure about it.

Also, not looking to spend anymore then $50


u/Bishoppeter78 · 10 pointsr/Drugs

Highly recommend some of these. Hopefully none of your friends have lice so they don't mind sharing.

u/Jeff_Albertson · 3 pointsr/Drugs

If you enjoyed The Doors of Perception you should check out Food of the Gods by Terrence McKenna. He was a pioneer.

u/willis7737 · 1 pointr/Drugs

I've started reading DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman a few times but never really finished it. From what I've pulled from it thus far there seems to be a big role of your pineal gland in your brain that has to do with producing DMT and giving somewhat of a spiritual experience during near-death, or death experiences. Definitely rides the fence between science and spirituality. The tough part is knowing what's real, although I like the way you framed it.

u/wave_hello · 4 pointsr/Drugs

Surely someone's crazy enough to try this. I'd do it for sure.

Also, you might want to check out Terrence McKenna's book: Food of the Gods, for it's from where Hicks probably got the idea for the evolution of mankind from.

u/tdolsen · 2 pointsr/Drugs

If you want something a little more in-depth, can I recommend The Psychedelic Explorers Guide by James Fadiman.

u/confetti27 · 1 pointr/Drugs

Is this the best type to get? I'm trying to do it for the first time and want to make sure I'm getting the right thing.

u/kung_fu_hippie · 1 pointr/Drugs

look for milligram scales where you live?

waterbeds n stuff and/or puff n stuff should have .01 accurate scales ready to walk out the door. outside the US? the internet.


u/ineedmymedicine · 1 pointr/Drugs

Most of my books I have read are about mushrooms or psychedelics in general. This one seems rather popular, though.

u/fsu_sketcher · 1 pointr/Drugs

I have this scale btw you don't even know how important it is for foxy.

This was just a one off mistake. My boy got a little over excited at the prospect of having MXE.

u/Hachiiiko · 3 pointsr/Drugs

I recommend this book. You'll probably know most of the information in it, but it's a good excuse for knowing a lot about drugs. I correct my parents when they spout bullshit about drugs, and as far as they're concerned, I got it all from that book. Even if it makes them question whether I use drugs as well, at least they know I do my research.

u/g0rth · 1 pointr/Drugs

Nope; wrong scale. Almost certain it's from this one.

u/throw_this_away_aftr · 0 pointsr/Drugs

so you missed the entire part where i specifically addressed wanting it before amazon could ship it to me?

besides, if i had time to ship... $11 on amazon if you have prime... which everyone should

u/BLamp · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Ok, pay attention. First you take the graham. You stick the "chocolate" on the other graham. Put the pieces together and then you scarf.

u/PsychonaticInstitute · 3 pointsr/Drugs

Pick up a [milligram scale] (, pop open that capsule and measure out a smaller dose! Try 20-50mg and see what you think.

I actually like 20mg more than the 30mg I was originally prescribed, but I have ADHD, and I use it as needed to do my homework (not everyday).

u/Enlightened_Ape · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Dude, just buy this scale from amazon for $20. It's well worth the money and waaaaay more accurate than trying to weigh with a scoop. Scoops are quite a poor measure.

u/somehugenerd · 1 pointr/Drugs

It's a theory, hasn't been proven yet, especially since it is extremely difficult to get permission to do legitimate studies on the psychedelics.

Most interesting take on it I've read so far has been DMT - The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman.

u/3meopcpnumberonefan · 2 pointsr/Drugs

DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences

u/digitalbath · 13 pointsr/Drugs

Any health food store or vitamin/supplement store should have them. They're used legitimately by people who buy their own vitamins/herbs/etc in bulk. Nobody would look twice at you.

You can also get them on amazon for cheap:

u/dsfgsad · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I dont really like this scale that much because it is hard to grab stuff off of it. I prefer this scale because I can just grab the tray off of it and pour the contents into a small bag easily.

u/Oiloi · 1 pointr/Drugs

If someone wants to learn about the harms associated with drugs (legal and illegal), and/or how to minimize those harms - they could read this book by David Nutt, the scientist sacked from the UK Government's drugs advisory council for stating the best science we have on that issue.

If someone just wants to put you down, you will not change their minds. In that case, just smile and nod.

u/cyrilio · 1 pointr/Drugs

The Gemini 20 is the most popular scale around on /r/drugs You can find it on Amazon, but there might be other places that have it too.

I don't know how good this scale is so can't really comment on that.

u/xYaldabaoth · 2 pointsr/Drugs

This is the cheapest one, it's what most people use. It's not perfectly accurate, it's off by at least +/-2mg usually. It worked well for me when I was into RC's. A few mg won't make much of a difference in effects anyway.

u/gloria_snockers · 1 pointr/Drugs

the most extensive and expansive book I've found is acid dreams , It describes the scene in real detail.

u/FlyingOmoplatta · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Prove it. The last Dmt study was by Dr Rick Strassman and it shows that peoples experiences were extremely similar to eachother Not just random hallucinations but similar experiences in almost every patient. You can read the book for yourself.

u/Kirkayak · 1 pointr/Drugs

His book (which is decent) is called Drugs Without The Hot Air.

u/JuliaCthulia · 1 pointr/Drugs

I think he meant empty gel capsules. It's the same basic idea as pressing a pill, you just don't have to actually press the pill.

u/jubilly · 1 pointr/Drugs

It's 6 tablets altogether during the span of the roll.


brand: Doctors Best

u/ALLCAPS_POTATO · 1 pointr/Drugs

I'll probably just end up ordering this one.

u/DrugsAreMagic · 1 pointr/Drugs

If you are in the US, you can have this in 2 days:

u/knowledgeispower1 · 1 pointr/Drugs

Scale rules, been using it for awhile and it's cheap.

u/nahmsayin · 3 pointsr/Drugs

I personally use this model and it hasn't failed/killed me yet, though by the looks of it it might actually be made by the same manufacturer, just under a different brand name.

u/xsoccer92x · 2 pointsr/Drugs

If you're choosing to buy Magnesium, just make sure to avoid Magnesium Oxide, because it has a poor bioavailability (~4%), compared to better forms, such as Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Glycinate Good Example

u/thirdegree · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I'd recommend 1) getting some help because kicking addiction on your own is incredably difficult, and 2) getting one of these to stop the binging. This is going to suck. It will be ok.

u/zikzak00 · 1 pointr/Drugs

Get a 0.001 scale NOT a 0.01...
This one is good for the price:

Measure the weight several times to get it correct. Only mess with this stuff if you're ready to experience some intense shit. Always have a sitter if you go for bigger doses..

u/skippitybob2036 · 1 pointr/Drugs

Smart Weigh GEM20 High Precision Digital Milligram Scale 20 x 0.001g Reloading, Jewelry and Gems Scale

Despite what the other redditor said...I've dosed things such as moxy and 4-acodmt on numerous occasions within the range that I originally said with this particular scale no problem. Use at your own risk but this is what I use

u/Aquareon · 2 pointsr/Drugs

You could've just told me to read this. No need though, I'm aware. Your views and mine are very much aligned on this matter. Although I think Jesus was a real person, as I know of very few end of the world cults that were started by nobody.

u/CannabisChameleon · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Check out this one. It has been consistently rated as one of the most accurate milligram scales available for a reasonable price.

However, I cannot conclude without this warning: any scale that is not laboratory grade will have an unpredictable margin of error. Never use it for substances that are potentially lethal at milligram doses. If you are worried, measure slightly under the dose you want to take.

Also, here's a life pro tip for these scales: measure your substance while leaving a calibration weight on the weighing surface (after first calibrating, of course). It will reduce the margin of error and allow a more accurate measurement of milligram doses, but always err on the side of caution and remember that scales are usually inexpensive OR accurate.

u/ravage037 · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Many people think the forbidden fruit is the Amanita muscaria, Id suggest reading the book [The sacred mushroom and the cross] ( by John M. Allegro if you find it interesting he spent 14 years of his life deciphering one the dead sea scrolls and went on to write this book. Oh and heres a pic of [the tree of knowledge] ( from 12th century France you tell me what it looks like

u/Certified_Rhino · 1 pointr/Drugs

$10 and works fine people have OD'd on 1g before. Remember that a cup of coffee is around 80mg and work from there. I don't like to orally take more than 250mg at any one point. Too much makes me really uncomfortable.

u/PapaSom · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I've used this milligram scale, American Weigh Gemini-PRO with no problems and its more accurate than the $20 version American Weigh offers. It maxes out at 20 grams, so if you want to weigh out more than that, I would buy a second scale for the heavier things.

u/c0nstant · 1 pointr/Drugs

Use this, OP. I have used it countless times without error for a multitude of substances. No complaints.