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u/sArmington · 2 pointsr/EDM

A lot of good points from other people in this thread. I’ve been to Echostage probably 30+ times in the last couple years hopefully I can provide a little more insight.

General things about Echostage,
If you’re planning on driving there’s a bunch of lots around the venue that are $15-30 dollars depending on where you park/who’s playing that night.

Uber/Lyft is ideal. After the show most people walk down to the gas station to call their Uber’s, the actual road in front of Echostage gets blocked off at the end of the night so you can’t call your Uber directly there.

Like someone else said if you’re drinking don’t get too drunk, it’s your first show you’ll want to remember it. If you don’t want to pregame too hard beers and cocktails are $6/$13 for the cheapest. Honestly pretty cheap.

If you plan on doing drugs, bring your own tested stuff and just be smart.

A lot of people suggested ear plugs and are definitely worth it. I always suggest these ones to my friends, they’re cheap, prime shipping and get the job done. Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

Timing. Ideally Club Glow/Echostage/Garrix will post set times the day of the show, so check their social media accounts or the event page on Facebook. The later you get there the longer you’re gonna be in line. Most headlining sets are between 1 hour 15min - 2 hours, openers are typically no longer than an hour. Last time Garrix came he played a 2 hour set, I’d expect about the same. This is a sold out show I’d allocate 45 minutes to get in to be on the safe side. And if it’s your first show plan to be inside like 45min-1hr before he’s supposed to go on. Gives you time to check out the opener, go to the bathroom, hit the bar, find a good spot with your friends.

As for how long it last Echostage should be open til 4 but he won’t be playing until then most likely they bring out like a House DJ after sometimes but since it’s a Thursday it might just be done once he’s done.

Like someone else mentioned they give out free water, there are two long hallways that go by the bathrooms on either side of the venue go up there (instead of trying to push past people at the bar) and just ask the guy standing behind the rail for a water and throw it in your back pocket. Repeat as your run out of water.

Last thing, take this crowd with a grain of salt. The least garrix show was pretty oversold, and the crowd wasn’t great a lot of pushing, no respect for personal space, a bit confrontational. You’ll always see this but that show it was much more obvious.

But have fun, be nice and come back for more shows. I’ll be there too. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try and answer them.

u/NightlifeNick · 1 pointr/EDM

The biggest thing is you'll need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). This is where the magic happens. I could go into plugins for it, but that would be a wall of text. There's a bunch of different DAWs to choose from such as Logic Pro, FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, goes on and on. As far as hardware goes, a MIDI keyboard is helpful, but not needed right at the beginning as you're still learning how to use your DAW. The best piece of hardware to invest in would be either some studio monitors, or monitor headphones. These allow you to hear everything very clearly with a very even EQ, and hear every little detail. Check out these Audio Technicas. They're generally regarded as the best monitor headphones for beginners. I have a pair and I love them. I'd also recommend checking out the r/edmproduction subreddit and check out their FAQ. A lot of good info on that subreddit for just all about all levels of producers.

u/frajen · 2 pointsr/EDM

This is a bit outdated but it's still useful from a historical perspective (came out in the early 2000s). The text comments might be a bit snarky but just listen to the music to get a feel for how sound has progressed.

There are a lot of rave documentaries from the last 20 years, a few of my favorites:

  • Pump Up The Volume: The History of House Music
  • Modulations: Cinema For Your Ear
  • Better Living Through Circuitry

    There are a lot of genre-specific documentaries out there as well.

    If you're into reading:

  • Altered State is a classic read on rave history
  • Technomad is probably the most comprehensive (although wordy) academic overview of many different kinds of dance music cultures

    If you really get into the culture, you'll learn that there is more to it than just music. ofc the music is the most obvious unifying element to everything, and people who really don't dig the music won't keep going to shows, but within dance music culture A LOT of different perspectives exist. Hip-hop itself is a part of electronic music culture, so you probably already know what I'm talking about.

    For a local perspective: Australian Electronica: A Brief History

  • /r/electronicmusic is a good place for ALL electronic music
  • /r/aves is good for talking parties/events/festivals

    IMO many key historical points in EDM history revolve around technological advances (e.g. the invention of the phonograph; innovations in recorded sound - including tape, stereo, and digital recording; invention and adoption of analog/digital synthesizers). Although there are specific time periods where EDM culture "explodes" (e.g. around 1988-89 (in the UK), 1996-2001, and ~2008-present)
u/TheTrueDeerLord · 1 pointr/EDM

You do know house music was created by African-American people in Chicago and Detroit who made music out of disco and soul records that white Christian America deemed as evil and bad, right? House music was originally played in clubs that mostly catered to the African-American and LGBT communities in the Chicago underground because it wasn't considered radio-friendly at the time.

Based on this thread you need to go watch some documentaries and do some research, because you just sound incredibly ignorant with your "my genre is the holy grail of genres and is immune to criticism" shtick. Could the criticism have been more civil? Yes, but it doesn't mean that you should ignore it without consideration.

And while not all big room ever was made for strictly commercial reasons, you can't discount it as a factor for many of the producers who got into the genre later. Sure, the original artists who created big room house weren't necessarily aiming to be millionaires when they made the first tracks, but after so many tunes from Spinnin', Musical Freedom, and Revealed sound the same, you can't help but wonder if some of those songs were simply made because the producer knew they'd be successful if they followed the pack. I think this infamous clip is enough to prove that I'm not entirely full of shit. Sure, not all tracks sound like this, but a lot of them sound way to similar to seem like original art and not cash grabs.

u/ArchReaper · 2 pointsr/EDM

I mean, those work as earplugs, and will help prevent ear damage/strain, but they will drastically reduce sound quality.

It is absolutely worth getting something like these - $20 may seem like "a lot" for earplugs, but the difference is night and day. Etymotic's also has a $12 version as well, I haven't tried those, but they are supposed to be good, too.

If you want to splurge, I highly recommend Earasers, but those come in at ~$40 a pair.

u/Distance_Runner · 3 pointsr/EDM

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are the most recommended pair of headphones at this price, and well deserving of such accommodation! Sound quality is absolutely fantastic! They have a heavier' base than most studio-quality phones making them great for EDM, but not overpowering or distorting, and retain a great range for other genres too. They compete in terms of sound quality with plenty of more expensive sets of headphones on the market. I've had them for years! Highly recommended!

u/weedwhacking · 3 pointsr/EDM

I have these, I swear by them 🙂

Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs, ER20 ETY-Plugs, Standard Fit Blue Tip, 1 Pair

Very clear audio, even clearer than without them if the venue is too loud or harsh. Very comfortable, I never feel the need to remove or adjust them for comfort. And they have a nice cord connecting them so you can rest them on your shoulders and not loose them when you’re not using them and want to talk

u/limiter303 · 1 pointr/EDM

Downbeats are good, they are the only ones i've tried but they work perfectly.

New Years was the first time I wore earplugs at a show and honestly it was better than shows that i've been to without them, you can obviously still feel the bass and the music sounds loud but you don't hear any distortion and you don't have any hearing problems after the show

u/i91809 · 1 pointr/EDM

Wear earplugs!! I have these Etymotics and they do a great job of protecting your hearing without making the music a muddy mess. Doesn't matter where you are in the venue, his system is INSANELY loud. imo the best spot is near the back, I like being able to see all the visuals and have room to dance/jump around

u/ride365 · 26 pointsr/EDM

Imma go ahead and be the old man that I am - Earplugs! Don't fuck up your hearing - you never get it back. I love the bass and loudness as much as anyone, but don't be dumb - tinnitus is no joke. pack something like these so you don't lose fidelity, just volume -

u/Kapsize · 1 pointr/EDM

V-MODA LP2's are my favorites for EDM because they've got really profound bass without muddying the entire sound spectrum within a track. They run for $150 on amazon or at a local guitar center... I'd also recommend the $20 XL Ear-Pads for them, they add so much comfort!! You can also purchase customizable ear-shields which add a more personal flavor to your headphones if that floats your boat :)

u/bonestamp · 5 pointsr/EDM

I assume this is what he's talking about, but you can get special earplugs for concerts that still lets some sound in so that it still sounds good:

u/RiceeFTW · 1 pointr/EDM

Just be comfortable and wear white clothes you don't mind getting rid of. Dress according to weather/venue (indoor/outdoor heat), in regards to earplugs, Etymotics I've heard are great:

u/goodguygleenn · 4 pointsr/EDM

I think it was these. Well worth the cost. I have worn them at rock concerts and races and they worked perfectly for those as well

u/georgiapeanuts · 1 pointr/EDM

This book is one of the best for laying out the rules and reasoning as to how you build counterpuntal melodies, and build harmonies in musically sound way.

Things like avoiding parallel fifths etc.

u/mattfromjoisey · 3 pointsr/EDM

Honestly, quality earplugs don't really diminish the quality imo, rather the opposite. Gets rid of the harshness of high pitches and after a while I don't even notice that they're in.

I've got tinnitus and minor hearing loss (around 15% I think) as a result of concerts and frequent ear infections (more so the latter I think). Definitely invest in some ear protection my friends, tinnitus is a terrible thing.


These are what I use, make concerts (and the day(s)) following much more enjoyable.

Etymotic High-Fidelity Earplugs

u/GDIBass · 5 pointsr/EDM

Bring ear plugs, people! These are pretty good, and not obvious to anybody hanging around you:

u/davepl · 1 pointr/EDM

PLUMA is a new artist - a recent graduate of the ICON COLLECTIVE in Los Angeles, California, and is pleased to announce the release of his first EP, "Bipolar"! Here are the links to the EP on the various other services:

Apple Music (iTunes):


Amazon Music:

u/x1009 · 2 pointsr/EDM

I use earasers I've taken them to numerous festivals and they've always treated me well.

u/eth0ng · 3 pointsr/EDM

I've used Downbeats for about two years and they get the job done real well. They stay in my ear canals well and have never fallen out so bumping into people shouldn't be an issue. They block out the highs and mids a bit too much and make the bass a bit overwhelming so I'm looking into other options.

I've been recently thinking of trying these out: [Earasers] (

I've read good reviews about them so hopefully they're an upgrade but the Downbeats have been solid.

u/moose1199 · 1 pointr/EDM

Can’t agree more, I got these from amazon over 2 years ago and they still work and can have a normal conversation with them on without yelling.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs...

u/Theso · 11 pointsr/EDM

Earplugs. Seriously, get some nice earplugs. It's loud as fuck even with them in... and the important part is the tactile sensation of the bass anyhow, which is unhindered by them. You don't need the loud hissing high-end that just grates on your ears all night. You'll thank me when you don't hear ringing for three days after, and when you don't develop permanent hearing loss from going to shows. It's really important and I can't believe more people don't care about it...

Check out something like these (they're designed to not muffle anything):

Edit: Oh, and stay hydrated. Don't wear heavy clothing, because you will overheat.

u/herro_kitten · 2 pointsr/EDM

I feel the same about Galantis/Illenium/Chainsmokers (yay!)

Also first time festival goer, but I've been told to invest in some decent earplugs esp if going for all three days. Try these:

u/kynisara · 1 pointr/EDM

DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection: Ear Plugs for Concerts, Music, and Musicians (Clear Ear Plugs, Black Case)

u/lazyzbeetle · 1 pointr/EDM

I own both the Audiotechnica ATH m50s as well as the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 headphones and I've found that the Crossfades actually have a more suitable bass for listening to genres like EDM, Rap/RnB, and Trap. The ATH m50s are a GREAT pair of headphones for balanced listening, but I much prefer the bassy punch of the Crossfades for bass heavy music. Amazon is actually having a sale right now for them! Right here 140bucks!

Edit: I'm actually hella mad cause I bought these like a week ago when they were 180... curse my greed hahaha

u/FranksRedHotOriginal · 1 pointr/EDM


Are what I’m currently using to go to events and I have no complaints. I think I got them for like $20 though

u/hxphy · 7 pointsr/EDM

Try high fidelity earplugs. I have tinnitus too, and also photograph EDM shows for a living. I usually keep two pairs of Eargasms off Amazon in my tour bag at all times. I no longer have tinnitus post shows and the ringing has severely decreased.


u/wemmettb · 2 pointsr/EDM

There are some pretty good earplugs that lower volume rather than muffle it. Highly recommend for festivals/raves. Some people simply want to just muffle and block it out, you can still make out the music fine but I personally think it kills my vibe when its muffle'd out.

u/girlieq3 · 1 pointr/EDM

Pro-plug. Decent ones, not the cheap foam ones. They're only a few bucks. I don't always wear them, but I always carry them. If it gets a little loud, I pop them in. No more ear ringing. If it's a quieter shows they usually stay in my bag. I really should wear them all the time but I don't always think of it.

... I'm only 24 but I've been to plenty of shows in the last couple years and my ears are already starting to ring, DAYS after shows, just at random. That's already the start of hearing damage. I've only had the earplugs for the last couple months.

I also use these plugs other people have mentioned. Absolutely no effect on the quality of music, unlike foam plugs.