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u/theodore_boozevelt · 18 pointsr/EDanonymemes

Okay it’s super super expensive so please know I haven’t had a good leather jacket in years and I keep buying crappy ones and they disintegrate in 6 months so I finally accepted that I should pay like good money for a real one and also I need it to be long and cinch the waist because of body image issues! So that’s why it’s $400! My mom bought it for me okay!

BGSD Women's Madison New Zealand Lambskin Leather Coat Black Plus Size 0X Short XX-Large Short

u/That1weirdperson · 8 pointsr/EDanonymemes

Lol, why can't there be a happy medium?

And guess who took a sip o' dumb 🅱️ juice, and decided to order 8 packages of those from Amazon?

Why am I like this???

We stan The Black and White Thinking Gang 😩👌🏼

Edit: It's usually safe when I get 1 bag at a time for like $4 from an expensive local vegetarian store (the price dissuades my parents from buying it for me often), because the worst I can do is eat the whole bag in 1 sitting, which is 300 calories. But now my dad is ordering me 8, and if 8 are in the house, nobody is safe. Well, at least I won't be 😬

u/dmmge · 7 pointsr/EDanonymemes

Here you go!! You can get a better deal at the grocery store probably though.

If I’m feeling extra I add some of these. Again, they’re prob cheaper at the store!

Also note there’s two versions of the hot chocolate: no sugar added and reduced calorie, no sugar added is 60 cals per packet and reduced calorie is 35 cals per packet. The boxes look very similar so make sure you double check you’re getting the one you want!! Tbh they both taste the same so I just get the reduced calorie one.

u/katebishophawkguy · 18 pointsr/EDanonymemes

those carrot/fig baby bars are good as hell, a really good source of potassium, have 0 added sugar, and are way cheaper than rx bars

u/morose_adipose · 2 pointsr/EDanonymemes

I use this stuff. It has a slightly salty taste to it but if it’s diluted enough you probably won’t notice.

Trace Minerals 40,000 Volts, 8-Ounce

u/oopswellfuck · 22 pointsr/EDanonymemes

Found inside the wrapper of this (90 cal) fruit jerky

u/Nicolo_Ultra · 6 pointsr/EDanonymemes

Yeah wtf you know how broke I'd go within a month there??

OP, since those look like dollar signs I'm gonna assume you're in the US (apologies if you're actually in Australia or something) so yo check this out.