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u/roland00 · 1 pointr/ENFP

Yoda is wise, but Yoda needs to practice what he preaches, yet to the INTP (that Yoda was), those things are the most scary, yet to other people the same forces would not be scary at all.


Relax, find your center, and realize that if its meant to be and often INTP and ENFP relationship can work, if the INTP wants to be happy with an ENFP and an ENFP wants to be happy with an INTP.

Well these relationships work for the ENFP and INTP often sees their "soulmate" ^(I do not believe in soulmate, but lets use that word anyway) their finance, their wife / their husband should take on the archetypal role of a Tribesman a person who share a sense of culture, but with different interests and abilities. Aka a playmate who does not mind that their playmate likes other things than they do, and in fact rejoices that their tribesman / playmate likes different things, and in the process some of the time they learn via the tribesman hey X is really fun, even though Y, Z, are boring, and Q, R, S, T, U, is definately not for me but I understand why my partner likes doing these things even if I do not like them, perhaps I hate them, I repulsed via them, or I am indifferent, but X is really fun but Y and Z are boring.


Now contrast this to when an INTJ and ENFP work out and they find each other soulmates. Instead of taking on the Tribesman Archetype, they take on the archetype of Pedadogue each is both the other's mentor and student: has a "parent to child" feel. Note this is not being deragtory when it says parent to child feel, but in some matters to the INTJ the ENFP seems so wise, so smart, almost godlike, like a parent sometimes seems to a child, but also not just parent, but also a mentor, or a wise master. And the INTJ feels like they can learn from the ENFP. And the same energy also works in other ways where the ENFP also sees the INTJ as their pedadogue but in other areas of daily life. And in the process of the marriage both of them feel reborned.


Now can you the INTP compare and contrast the difference between the INTP-ENFP Tribesman relationship with the INTJ-ENFP Pedadogue relationship? In both relationships when it works, there is a sense of continous rebirth, that grace happens, that a snake is like shedding his skin and is becomming younger when he does so, and thus he feels immortal. But how the process occurs is different. The ENFP finds the other energies the INTP does not possess, or the ENFP finds the other energies the INTJ does not possess via other people in their daily lives. Aka the friends, the family, and so on.

Maybe this link of a fictional ENFP I do not really like can help explain it.

Some ENFPs are attracted to the INTP, some are attracted to that INTJ, and others are attracted to another INTJ, and so on. There is no right match for all ENFPs, but instead each individual ENFP needs to find the right match for them, and who that right match may be different than another ENFP would have chosen.

If you are not familiar with the show, this ENFP ends up with the INTP (Mr. Big) and still keeps her bestie (The INTJ red head woman) even though she is not sexually attracted, they compliment their soulmate with other friends and family to provide the energy they need in their lives.

Oh the author of that piece (and honestly that is one of the worse Heidi pieces, but it was a good illustration of my point) is the author of this book

I would also highly recommend reading her free posts on that website. So go INTP and research.

Research and be smitten with your ENFP finance.


Be smitten and always asking Ne, aka Exploration, what could be while balancing it out with Ti why it is but do not forget that you need to learn more and incorporate more the 6 other functions in your daily life.

u/Ineverdrankcoffee · 7 pointsr/ENFP

Haha, I guess it was because all the girls were just jealous of me having longer hair than all of them (until last summer)...

On a serious note: percentually there are simply more female ENFP’s than male ENFP’s. The most prevalent male personalities are also S/T, and on average there seem to be more introverted men than extraverted men. So ENFP is almost the complete opposite of the male archetype.

Second question: I have a few female friends/acquinances that I get along with very well without wanting anything ‘more’ from them. Why do you think that is a typical ENFP thing by the way? I also have male friends who have female friends that they’re not into, and they’re not ENFP...

Third question: If I try to read between the lines of your post, you don’t really like the idea of the ‘classic male’, as I understand you apperently do/like things others would rather not see you doing/liking. That smells like inferior Si, aka “how everybody does things is exactly what I won’t be doing”. That would thus mean you’re more of an ENFP than an INFP. Another way to know is if you often do things without thinking them through first. That’s more of an ENFP thing, because we lead with a perceiving function instead of a judging function. Also remember that Ne is in many ways an ambiverted function. Your intuition is aimed ‘outwards’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be around people to do it. I can sit in complete silence and still think up crazy ideas and plans. That’s the reason ENFP’s are ‘the most introverted extraverts’. When I read through r/infp I can actually relate to a lot of their stuff too, so I think maybe ENFP and INFP might be a bit closer together than other types. If you’re still not sure, read this book.

So coming back to the feminine/manly and ENFP/INFP thing at the same time: it seems like you want to achieve things verbally but aren’t able too (e.g. convincing someone of something, making new friends, I don’t know?). I honestly didn’t have a great time in high school, and I felt a lot of anxiety just like you do.

First tip: start walking upright! Point your toes in-line with your knees, slant your hips forward, lift your sternum up, push your shoulders back, straighten your neck and keep your chin down. Boom! Instant self-confidence. Practice in front of a mirror and don’t ever walk like a hunchback EVER again.

Second tip: stop feeling embarassed for the stuff you love. Do you like crocheting? Own it! If people ask you about your hobbies, just tell them straight up what you like. show no fear. If somebody is calling you feminine, buy yourself a really girly phone cover or an agenda for pre-schoolers. Stick it in their face as if it were a big middle finger. Would you mess with a guy who tattooed disney princesses on his arms?

Third tip: use your Fi and ask yourself how you truly want other males to perceive you. For example, read through r/seduction and ask yourself whether or not you would be comfortable behaving yourself like the folks on there. Do you want to be the cool guy picking up ladies like they come out of a vending machine, or do you want to stay 100% true to yourself and keep your every bit of your ENFP discussion style (seeing everyone’s perspective, nicely asking everyone for their opinion before doing anything, etc.). If you’re anything like me, you’d want to be somewhere in the middle. It’s the same for other aspects of your life other than dating. At some point I realized that it’s simply quite annoying to people to be the guy who always wants to weigh in everyone’s thoughts and wants to be accepted by everyone. If you want others to respect you, sometimes you just have to say stuff like “I want to...”/“I’m going to...”/“Come on, let’s...”/“I have other plans” etc. In short: society’s cruel, and will be like that forever. ENFP’s are prone to being used by others because they’re always willing to help, and because they see mostly good in others. Stop wanting validation for everything. Start setting healthy boundaries for yourself, and the rest will fall into place.

Fourth tip: generously sprinkle some Si over your life. Don’t try to be ‘different’ just for the sake of being different. Wear some decent looking clothing during the day, you can still wear whatever you’d like to when you get home. Make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Sleep consistently, exercise consistently. If you feel like you need to put up a mask around some people to keep your life moving forward, just go for it. You’ll find enough people around whom you can be yourself along the way, just don’t bother so much with the rest.

Stay strong brother ;)

u/ginjasnap · 3 pointsr/ENFP

/u/jugglegod, are you female? I ask because female ADHD plays out a lot differently than what has been generally assumed/stigmatized as typical symptoms. Here is a helpful article discussing the gender bias in diagnosis & how many go undiagnosed under the radar-- like I had!

To answer your question, I am an ENFP with diagnosed female ADHD. This was a good read for me yesterday that /u/sonofkratos submitted to the subreddit-- its about ENFP but you will be able to draw some similarities between behavioral attributes in this article and attributes of female ADHD.

I wasn't formally diagnosed until 2011 (age 21), so I have only been on medication for it since then. It has been extremely helpful in addition to methods I use to approach my symptoms.

  • I am somewhat glad that I did not take Adderall during my teenage years-- although I would have greatly benefited from it with regards to my academics, home relationships, goal setting, and depression; stimulants are pretty hard on the body, fuck with your sleep/eating habits, and can be easily abused. As an adult I am able to distinguish my personal limits and truly use it for my disorder, and not just heavy studying/partying :)

  • I'll add that if my child were to have it too, I would focus on more cognitive therapy in place of initial medicating during their developmental years. (my opinion) Not only to encourage healthy coping mechanisms, but there are none, if any then not enough, long-term studies that have been released about ADHD medication (stimulants) and the effect on the developing brain/body.

    A really important point I want to make clear is that in NO way did a diagnosis give me an excuse to use in my interactions with others for the way I am. It empowered me to approach my behavior (INTERrpersonal reactionary & INTRApersonal empathy) with cautionary methods to keep me on track.

    The diagnosis helped me understand WHY I was frustrated/depressed--

  • I wasn't reaching the goals/expectations in work/school/extracurricular that I had all intention and motivation to complete because of my inability to focus and stay on track.

  • I was negligent in my friendships with others (has to do with ENFP qualities too) because it was hard to organize myself in a way that kept my committed plans and maintained reciprocal contact

  • I learned to map out micro-goal setting on a structured timeline, and to be forgiving with myself if I still didn't reach it-- more focus on staying on the track, not as much on hitting benchmarks

  • A lot of post-it notes, scheduling reminders (Apple iOS Reminders app is super annoying, but annoying in a way that is effective for me-- features that remind you of certain things when you arrive at certain destinations)

    TL;DR I guess my coping methods are ways of constantly nagging myself-- but my biggest gain has been in developing personal empathy and emotional intelligence. As an ENFP, we're highly emotional/passionate, overthink things, and have trouble with relationships by reacting poorly to those that are close to us when we hold them to our often high (and perhaps unrealistic) expectations.

    These two books (here) and (here) have recently helped me a lot in the areas where my ADHD and ENFP collide.

    Good luck and sorry for the lengthy post!
u/midnightlover9 · 4 pointsr/ENFP

Ok, take this suggestion with a grain of salt since I haven't read it yet, but it got good reviews on Amazon so I bought it, I Am That Girl. Of course, it's mostly directed at girls. :x

I also started partially reading The Happiness Project, which was rather interesting about one lady's attempt to improve one area of her life each month. Although, some of her tracking seems kind of tedious--I think I could do it for a short time, but then it would feel like a lot of work, but it did seem like an interesting theory to have a theme each month.

u/Byeka · 11 pointsr/ENFP

I'm going to suggest reading this book. I just got it last week and have been going through it. Just read the chapter on ENFP dating and it was a tremendous insight into some of the problems I've encountered, which are similar to yours.

The gist is that we are excitable and that's a good thing. We just need to find someone who can appreciate it. The other thing is we have "the grass is always greener" symptom, where we're always on the lookout for the next best thing, which can make it hard to commit.

Our enthusiasm is one of our best assets and the right person will appreciate that. There is a difference between a "healthy" and "unhealthy" ENFP though, and how we focus our energy and enthusiasm.

u/Pentacat · 17 pointsr/ENFP

Actually I have been feeling the same for a few months as well, probably even for half a year. I wasn't really sure what triggered it as well, I just became quite moody and frustrated. There are only very brief moments when I return to the "good days me" like you.

But I think I might have some idea why. What's happening is the inferior cognitive functions of the ENFP taking over (I recommend reading Heide's book on ENFP). This is a result of certain stress that forces us to shun away from our primary cognitive functions - the instrumental parts that make up ENFPs like you said.

I attribute my stresses to the accumulation of my anxiety of the uncertainty, of the worry I have about what the future holds for me. I'm just entering this adulting thing and it is a pretty rough entry. So maybe you could think if there are any worry or stresses you have with your current life. But I mean, stress is inevitable in our daily lives, so you (we) must try to find to work around it so we don't feel so stressed and still get shit done. Is there anything you are holding back? - The fear of certain failures, not meeting certain expectations, not giving yourself enough space and alone time.

I feel like I need a breather, a respite from all of what I have lived with for the past 21 years of my life. And that is why I decided to take a 50 day backpacking trip like a true ENFP and meet people and hear stories from other people about their lives and share mine. I am really hoping that would help me; even if it doesn't, at least I come back with great experiences and even more stories to tell.

I know this travelling to "find yourself" thing is getting very popular and losing its meaning, but I'm sure I can learn a lot more about myself compared to just staying here at home doing the same things I have been doing.

This is getting long, but I really have to thank you for allowing a place for me to finally write down how I feel about myself right now, seeing that there are other ENFPs out there feeling the same thing as me. I hope I have been of help and perhaps you can share some of your insights with me as well :)

u/ssulim1 · 2 pointsr/ENFP

I feel you. I'm in a similar boat. I graduated in May with a Pre-Med Nutrition degree and a Biology minor. I never wanted to go to med school, but I switched from pharmacy to education to pharmacy to pre-med nutrition because I was interested in holistic treatment. But my love for nutrition died because the program at my school WAS TERRIBLE, so towards the end of my degree I hated school and was totally unmotivated and I was blind to the future. I considered med school but a life of diagnosing, treating, and saying bye to patients I wouldnt see for another few months or years was not really appealing to me. I had a mental breakdown my senior year of college because of all the adderall I was taking and it took a tole on my personal life too. I would LOVE to travel and chill for a while but the reality of being broke and in debt after college is way too real. I want to go into the mental health field, but that means Ill be broke and in debt for like a decade, but I would love mental health way more than medical school. I want to surround myself with more disciplined creatives too, but most of the people I knew like that are moving away after school. Its hard to not let anxiety overcome me some days, but at least I know there are other people in the same boat. I recommend reading the book

To be more disciplined and creative I suggest meditating daily. the app headspace is AMAZING, no hippie buddhism is involved, it just really works to help strengthen our pre-frontal cortex's, the part of the brain that adderall works to stimulate. I found meditating REALLY helped me handle the reality of my situation, and be easy on myself while going in a good direction.

but yeah I definitely feel similarly to you. Im babysitting for the summer to calm my nerves after school, but I have nothing planned for the fall yet and im freaking out. I really want to work in the mental health field but its been impossible to find a job and Im terrified of being broke come the fall.

u/TaaBooOne · 3 pointsr/ENFP

Read about attachment theory. You seem Anxious attached and your girlfriends are Avoidant attachment types. The theory will explain a lot about attachment in relationships and how to improve on it in the future and pick a right partner that fulfils your needs in a relationship.

Read this book and it will cool down your attachment system and allow you to think clearly. It did for me

u/jessyunako · 1 pointr/ENFP

I'm not sure if I can phrase it better than this list can - here's a screenshot/excerpt from a book I read recently that gives you a better of idea of healthy/mature behavior vs unhealthy/immature behavior.

It's from the book The Comprehensive ENFP Survival Guide

Hope this helps give you a better idea!

u/calskin · 2 pointsr/ENFP

>I am sentimental and over value people to such an extreme level that I can't see when people are treating me bad even when they are.

Then I recommend you stay out of a relationship until you figure that out.

A long term relationship hinges on two things. Love and respect. Everything can be covered under those two words. You don't belittle a person you respect. You don't disrespect a person you respect. You show affection for a person you love, etc.

This goes two ways. Never ever put up with disrespect from your SO and never put up with disrespect from yourself towards your SO. This doesn't mean disrespect warrants a fight, but it does warrent a serious discussion, and if your SO thinks that you're being too sensitive, than perhaps it's time to look for another SO.

Some will probably disagree with me and say that sometimes you need to suck it up, but I disagree. If you allow disrespect in any relationship, it's going to fester into resentment and your relationship will be doomed sooner than later.

>No one expects to be a villain yet I think of myself as the worst badguy of them all. I just play my part the worst. I dont know what to do HELP!!

Work on changing your thoughts so you don't label yourself like that. Doing a few shit things doesn't make you a villain or a black sheep. It ignores the fact that you do some good things also and a bunch of neutral things just like everyone else. You wouldn't label yourself a breather simply because you breath and you do that a lot more than anything else.

I think you need to learn more about yourself. I realize that being alone sucks. I've been through that myself, but running into another relationship will likely not help.

You need to be able to respect yourself and it sounds like you have a lot of guilt. My best advice is to get a book called feeling good ( or get it from the library) It's an amazing book on cognitive therapy which gives strategies to analyze thoughts and deal with guilt. It's a very interesting and easy read. It's helped me. I think it can help you too. Honestly, I think everyone can benefit from it.

Sorry if this sounds rude. That's not how I meant for any of. It to come across. I'm laying in bed after a night of lightish drinking.

EDIT: spelling and autocorrect.

u/PatricioINTP · 3 pointsr/ENFP

I plugged a few books a month ago over at our subreddit.

Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey – he is the one who introduce temperament theory (SP/SJ/NF/NT) and very easy to read, providing a good starting point to MBTI.

Personality Type: An Owner’s Manual by Lenore Thomson - Instead of going by the 16 sets of letters, this is a pure Jungian book to the MBTI. It is noted to take a few stabs at Keirsey and for filling itself with pop culture references known for its time.

Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery, by Riso and Hudson – While I am not as much of a fan of the Enneagram as I am the MBTI, I still pull this book out on occasion. It is a nice, complete overview of it. What I like about it the most though is it breaks down the 9 types into 9 levels of mental health. When you go from peak to valley, it is like reading a personal psychological horror story. For that reason, I often use it when discussing psychological and personality disorders as it relates to personality typing. Speaking of which…

The New Personality Self-Portrait, by Oldham and Morris – If you have any interest whatsoever in the DSM-IV personality disorders, but don’t want to read the whole thing (of which the PDs are a very small portion), GET THIS BOOK. It is not just a brief summary of each, its main focus is to go in the opposite direction of my previous recommendation. It views each personality disorder as an (unhealthy) subset of a larger personality style – of which one might have several – and then ask the question, “What will _____ be like if they were more mentally healthy?” It turns each disorder on its head by doing that.

Neuroscience of Personality, by Dario Nardi – I just finished this book. It takes each of the cognitive functions and explains what exactly your brain is doing when using them. From that it shows how each personality type’s noggin works. And despite being a book on neurology, it is very easy and quick read compared to all the above books. But the price tag IMHO is a bit steep. There is a 90 minute YouTube video out there of the author giving a lecture if you search for it.

u/vileeh · 3 pointsr/ENFP

[This book] ( might help.

Believe it or not, you are addicted to the strife. It's what makes you fall in love with someone and bond. You say the comments hurt you a lot and then in those small moments of connection your body releases so many chemicals to your brain that this surge is addictive.

You can heal it, and it takes a lot of effort. Good luck!

u/cher_horowitz · 1 pointr/ENFP

My introduction to the topic was Do What You Are which I found very insightful and helpful in my first few years out of college. I'd like to learn more about temperament theory though, so I'm going to check Keirsey out. Thanks for the recommendation!

u/exoskull · 2 pointsr/ENFP

you should definitely check out his books! still life with woodpecker is a good place to start if you find the time.

u/mde132 · 2 pointsr/ENFP

Get the survival guide for ENFPs. It has a whole section on what adult ENFP wish their younger selfs knew.

The Comprehensive ENFP Survival Guide

u/jlai92 · 1 pointr/ENFP

It sounds like you're letting your predictions of the future desperately hurt your present. I would recommend this book:

I've been suffering with anxiety on and off the past few years, and this book helped me out immensely. Another great book to read and directly help out your situation would be this one:

I have the PDF for the second book, let me know if you would like it, and I can PM it to you.

u/goofygrin · 1 pointr/ENFP

If you read it discusses how people change and how many enfps emerge as they mature.

u/Dahija · 1 pointr/ENFP

Have you read "Quiet" by Susan Cain? She talks at length about about what you mentioned above.

u/anreywang · 6 pointsr/ENFP

The one that changed my life the most was Getting Things Done by David Allen. This book taught me how to turn all of my various ideas into concrete actions.

u/krazyken04 · 1 pointr/ENFP

You might dig project or product management then! Both would use the CS knowledge, but product management is still a new discipline and the requirements are nebulous. Intercoms guide to product management was an excellent short white paper, and the product managers survival guide (amazon) was a killer read and basically the cliffs notes to the giant desk reference.

u/VonStraussKoc · 5 pointsr/ENFP

The Power Of Habit. Seriously, ENFPs need to fucking read this book cause we're generally shit at staying on task and focused. After reading this, i'm a little less shit at it and I should probably read it again.

Also Russell Brand's autobiography My Booky Wook. A wickedly funny and heartfelt insight into someone who is a complete off the wall ENFP.

u/a_bitch_on_a_mission · 10 pointsr/ENFP

Oh yeah, I know that feeling. I was stuck in that hell for years. My escapes were Netflix binges and unfinished craft projects.

I read a ton of self-help books over the years trying to find a way to overcome this. Some were helpful to me, some weren't. What I learned is first, you need to figure out what is behind your actions, or lack thereof. Once you figure this out, you can take steps to overcome it.

Is your inability to finish things due to perfectionism? Fear? Avoidance? Shame? Self-hatred? Lack of discipline? Try and work out what underlies your issues with completing things.

Here are a few books you might find helpful.

Break Free: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in 3 Steps

Beat Fear: The Science of Overcoming, Managing, and Using Fear to Live on Your Own Terms and Break Free of your Mental Prison

The Science of Self-Discipline: The Willpower, Mental Toughness, and Self-Control to Resist Temptation and Achieve Your Goals

The Disciplined Mind: Strengthen Your Willpower, Develop Mental Toughness, Control Your Thoughts, and Get Rid of Your Inner Critic