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u/whoaitsben · 6 pointsr/Edmonton

There's really nothing too complicated about it. I assume you'll just be day-hiking, so just do some reading on bear safety, put some food, warmer clothes, and bear spray in your backpack, and start walking! Most official trails are well marked and difficult to get lost on. Hiking boots are nice, but absolutely not necessary.

These books are excellent resources and will tell you the basics, as well as the goods on all the trails:

Classic Hikes in the Canadian Rockies - Graeme Pole

Canadian Rockies Trail Guide - Brian Patton & Bart Robinson

You could also join the Alpine Club of Canada. They do a lot of organized trips, with a focus on mountaineering and climbing. There is also an Edmonton Hiking group on that does lots of walks in the River Valley with the occasional planned trip to the mountains.

Note that most trails will be snow covered until later than you might think (late June/early July) - check here for trail reports for the mountain parks.

If you need anything else, please feel free to PM me.

u/pienocake · 3 pointsr/Edmonton

If you are new and overwhelmed you should check out and look at their recommended devices. I have the A118C ("C" means it has a capacitor rather than a battery - I wouldn't bother with battery ones as they have lifespan issues) as it is a lot less conspicuous. Recommendation depends on your budget, but my budget preference is the A118C, you can get it off foxoffer on eBay for a bit cheaper than Other sellers may give you a different build which has some audio issues. All versions should be able to take the firmware updates that are listed on dashcamtalk.

u/pricecheckaisle4 · 2 pointsr/Edmonton

You might enjoy this - it was a fun read, full of great nuggets like the above.

u/forgingabetterman · 1 pointr/Edmonton

Banks and advisers from organizations like WFG are essentially just sales people for products. They aren't going to help you manage your money. Luckily, there's a wealth of information out there to help you do this, mostly for free. You will be surprised to learn that managing your money really comes down to very basic principles that can be hard to stay committed to.

Try checking out some of these great subs:

Also, you can check out these books. They sound gimmicky but they really do have good information about managing your money:
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
The Millionaire Next Door

If you're looking to hire someone, as others have pointed out look for a Certified Financial Planner, not an adviser.

u/Akat-tix · 1 pointr/Edmonton

The label should say deep or tall for sure. There are little straps you can get that affix under the corner that might help!

Kind of like suspenders for sheets lol

u/MercSLSAMG · 1 pointr/Edmonton

This is mine

Works good, wires are pretty well hidden with a little work, and was a good price for the features.

u/Tooq · 3 pointsr/Edmonton

Check these out:

Good price, has night vision and two-way voice. Bought one a few months ago after someone here recommended them and I'm very happy with it.

u/Kintaro69 · 9 pointsr/Edmonton

Back in the day, EPL had a great book, Get Even by George Hayduke:

In it, one of the ways to get even with tailgaters and highbeamers was to hook up a switch to your brake and reverse lights. Flick it down and your brake lights come on, even if you're accelerating, flick it up and your reverse lights come on - he said he saw guys swerve off the road when they saw that reverse light come on!

I don't know if something like that is possible in modern cars with their two dozen or so onboard computers, but it would be hilarious to see!

u/kicksoda · 3 pointsr/Edmonton

I can't speak for OP but it looks like this one.

u/making_sammiches · 1 pointr/Edmonton

Pick up a copy of Canadian Rockies Trail Guide by Brian Patton and Bart Robinson
or Don't Waste Your Time in the Rockies by Kathy and Craig Copeland

Both list and describe day and multiple overnight hikes, what makes them interesting etc etc and give plenty of suggestions for outside of Banff and Jasper.

u/densetsu23 · 9 pointsr/Edmonton

Wyze cam and a USB battery pack would be my suggestion. Throw in a microSD card (which you may already have), enable motion detection, and you're set.

It's cheaper than a trail cam and for most people you can probably find other uses afterwards for the Wyze cam and the battery pack. Trail cams have a pretty narrow use case.

u/MaximumDoughnut · 26 pointsr/Edmonton

I recommend the Wyze Cam. They're cheap but they work just as well as the Nest and others. I'm sorry this happened to you, OP

u/franchez · 3 pointsr/Edmonton

I know the creator, he's a tremendously gifted writer and really nice guy. If you like what he's doing with FoE, check out his book:

u/hunkE · 1 pointr/Edmonton

After reading this and the rest of the thread, I definitely will. Going into my car tonight.

It's this little guy btw. Incredibly bright, can even zoom in on their stupid little faces.

u/dingmah · 4 pointsr/Edmonton

Yi Outdoor camera for $120 from Amazon. It's 1080p and records to micro SD card. Notifies you when it senses movement, and doesn't require a paid subscription. You can sign up for a subscription, but it works totally fine without it. Has infrared LEDs for night vision.

I installed it overlooking the driveway, and tucked the power cable to the edge of the garage door. The facade of my garage is all thick ass brick, and I'm not about to try to drill through it. The cable is only about 10 feet long, but you can extend it with a USB extender, which is what I had to do to reach the power outlet inside the garage. Pic of my install

I've shown family members my camera, and they all want one now.

u/IntrepidusX · 6 pointsr/Edmonton

This is actually a common quirk of Canadian political culture. We don't really care about the municipal level of government we tend to be most engaged at the Provincial level followed by the federal level with municipal way way behind. I mean most people can't name their councilors.

What makes this interesting is Americans who culturally quite similar to us are all about municipal followed by state and then way in the back is federal level.


u/flynnfx · 2 pointsr/Edmonton

As u/kicksoda posted and OP u/FlyingSheng confirmed, this is the antenna feature in the video - about $20 off Amazon.

u/sseeeds · 10 pointsr/Edmonton

Sucks that you've had to deal with all this.

I definitely second the recommendation in the other thread that you should get a camera on that tree. They clearly want the tree gone, and once you say that you won't be removing it, they might try something else.

With all the money you've already spent, you could invest $60 to get a Wyze cam and an SD card, and just record continuous video from a window inside your house.

u/TheLordJames · 2 pointsr/Edmonton

I use this one: Amazon Link Here

I also get all 7 channels in HD, and It looks to be on sale today.

u/madin10 · 2 pointsr/Edmonton

I bought this

I get CBC, CBC French, CityTv, OMNI and YESTV. No CTV in my area. Cuts out sometimes when its raining and cloudy.

u/uhdaaa · 3 pointsr/Edmonton

This is the one I bought (for this specific purpose one time when I was pissed the fuck off) from Amazon.

I swear it could take down a helicopter. I haven't had the nerve to use it yet.